; NI 109 Delivery of Sure Start Children Centres
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NI 109 Delivery of Sure Start Children Centres


NI 109 Delivery of Sure Start Children Centres

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									                                                                               Annex 2: Children and Young People | 107

NI 109: Delivery of Sure Start Children Centres
Is the data provided by the LA or a local    Y          Is this an existing indicator?                       Y

Rationale         To measure progress against the national target to deliver 3,500 Sure Start Children Centres
                  – one for every community – by 2010.

Definition        Total number of Sure Start Children’s Centres designated as a percentage of the total number
                  of centres required to reach all under 5s in a local authority area.
                  Children Centres provide integrated services for under fives and their families. These services
                  include (depending on local need) integrated full day care and early learning, health and
                  family support services, outreach to the most disadvantaged groups, links with Job Centre
                  Plus, and links to childminder networks. Targets relate to new build/refurbished/existing
                  settings that are designated by Together for Children as Sure Start Children Centres once they
                  meet agreed criteria.
                  Local authorities were given targets for the number of centres to be designated by March
                  2008 and have been given indicative numbers for the remaining centres that are needed, by
                  2010, in order to reach the remaining children under 5 in their area and to provide a Sure
                  Start Children’s Centre for every community.
                  Together for Children – a consortium appointed by DCSF – is supporting LAs to help them
                  plan and deliver their children’s centre programme. TfC monitor progress on an ongoing basis
                  using an online tracker tool which is updated by LAs and is also accessible by DCSF.

Formula           x
                    � 100

                  x = Number of centres designated
                  y = Total number of centres required to reach all under 5s

Worked            If of 32 centres required, 26    Good                Good performance is typified by higher
example           centres are designated, then     performance         % of designations against centres
                  (26/32) 3 100 = 81%.                                 required.

Collection        TfC submit formal monthly        Data Source         DCSF/TfC
interval          reports to the Department on
                  numbers of centres
                  designated. Progress is also
                  monitored on an ongoing
                  basis via TfC’s online tracker
                  tool which is accessible by

Return Format     Percentage                       Decimal Places      None

Reporting         Local authorities report progress to Together for Children – the consortium appointed by
organisation      DCSF as the delivery agent working with local authorities on the delivery of Children’s

Spatial level     Single tier and county council

Further           Planning and Performance Guidance for children’s centres can be found at
Guidance          http://www.surestart.gov.uk/publications/?Document=1852

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