Weight Training and Conditioning

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					                Weight Training and Conditioning
                 Lincoln Southwest High School
                         Scott Vampola

Course Objectives – Students will:
  - Learn safe, effective lifting/spotting techniques and training principles
  - Develop an understanding of related human anatomy and physiology.
  - Create and participate in a positive environment that encourages
  - Develop self-confidence and self-discipline.
  - Use goal setting and other sports psychology tools to achieve personal
  - Develop athletic movements by improving overall strength, power,
     balance, stability and flexibility.

Training Philosophy:
The goal of this class is to provide each student with the fundamental skills,
knowledge and training needed to reach their individual fitness goals. The
ultimate purpose of weight training and conditioning is to develop
“functional strength” which will help you perform your best in your chosen
activities and to develop habits which will contribute to lifelong health and

Grading Procedures:
Your Term Grade will be derived from total points accumulated from tests
(both written and performance), assignments and daily participations points.
Your points for each grading period are combined and assigned a letter
grade based upon the Lincoln Southwest Physical Education Department
percentage grading scale.

Daily points are assigned as follows:
Each student begins class with 5 points per day; however, points will be
deducted each day for the following actions:
Tardies, out of class without permission, loitering (wasting class time),
Non-participation, skipping lifts, performing lifts not assigned,
No gym clothes, inappropriate gym clothes,
Horse-play, nuisance items, interfering with others / safety issues.
Absences are “0” (zero) points for each day missed. Excused absences can
be made-up for full credit.

Class Expectations:
Weight Training and Conditioning is a beneficial activity only if the student
trains with enough frequency, intensity and consistency. The expectations
are as follows:
    - This is an activity class and your participation is mandatory.
    - Be on time and stay in the weight room.
    - You are expected to follow all safety rules, class procedures and
       instructor’s directions. Safety is our primary concern.
    - Positive Effort = Positive Outcomes. Effort and hard work is the
       secret to success in life, and it is expected daily in this class.
    - Dress in workout clothes everyday, whether you are training or not.
       For safety reasons, you will not be allowed to lift in street clothes.
    - Fill out all workout forms completely and legibly. Return all forms
       and pencils to the instructor.
    - Use safety spotters and clamps on all lifts. Focus only on “your lifter”
       when spotting.
    - Return all weights and dumbbells to the racks and strip all bars when
       finished lifting.
    - No food, drink, gum or candy in the weight room.
    - “Active rest days” are graded the same as lifting days. Dress for
    - If you are injured, you still must report to class dressed in gym
       clothes. You will be assigned an adjusted workout.

Technology that students may use during the Weight Training and
Conditioning course includes:
   - Heart rate monitors to assess intensity of physical activity.
   - Pedometers to assess amounts of physical activity.
   - TriFIT computerized fitness assessment systems to assess and report
     components of health-related physical fitness: muscular strength,
     muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body
   - Digital video and still cameras to assess performance techniques.
Athlete Competition Policy:
Athletes in class are required to lift on “game days”, however only using
minimal loads and intensity. The goal of training on game-days is to
increase the flexibility and circulation in the muscles to aid in recovery, not
to train them hard. You are expected to dress for and report to class on time
and to lift and spot like any other day. Do not bring homework or nuisance
items to class. If behavior or missed workouts becomes a problem, make-up
lifting may be required before/after school.

Lifting Procedures:
Because of our limited classroom size, Weight Training and Advanced
Weight Training classes will follow a regimented daily procedure to ensure
efficient and quality workouts. We will utilize two Lifting Station Circuits
which will train every major muscle group. Half of the class will train on
the Letter Circuit and the other half on the Number Circuit. The groups will
trade circuits on the next lifting day. We will lift on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays. These days may be adjusted if we have a
shortened school week.
Here is how a typical lifting-day would look:
    - Dress for class (5 minutes) – Attendance in the gym.
    - Warm-up (3 – 10 minutes) – jogging/form running.
    - Stretching (5 – 10 minutes).
    - Go up to the weight room and pick up your workout sheet and meet
       with your partner at the assigned lifting station.
    - You and your partner perform the exercise and the prescribed number
       of sets and reps at each station.
    - Go to failure on your last set and write the number of reps completed
       on your sheet.
    - The timer clock will beep to tell the groups when it is time to rotate to
       the next letter or number station on the workout sheet.
    - As class is ending, strip all weight from bars; return all
       weight/dumbbells to the racks. Return workout sheet and pencils to
       the instructor.
    - Stretching / cool down (3 – 5 minutes).
    - The instructor will dismiss you to change clothes.
Rest Day / Tuesday and Thursday:
This will be an “active rest day” that will include the following activities;
classroom instruction, written assignments, tests, goal setting and various
types of general exercise activities. These days may be adjusted or dropped
due to a shortened school week. We will always lift three days a week.

Preparation for Advanced Weight Training and Conditioning:
Starting week three students will have an opportunity to learn the Advanced
Weight Training and Conditioning free weight core lifts used in that class.
On Wednesdays, when the advanced class is not in the weight room, the
students that want to take the advanced class in the future will learn and
perform the “core lifts”. Each Wednesday will have a designated core lift to
practice. Students that are not practicing the core lift will follow their
normal weight training circuit workout.

“Active Rest Days” Activities
Form Running
     High Knees
     Heel Ups
     Backward Run

4 Corners
      Sprint, Carioca (shuffle), Back Peddle, Carioca (shuffle)

Hawk Agility


Pro Agility


300 yard shuttle

Jump Rope Activities
Stair Workout

Partner Races

Dot Drills

Line Jumps

General Games

Fitness Testing

Harness Workout

                   Equipment and Stations
Letter Circuit                    Number Circuit
A. Shuttle MVP                    1. Jump Rope
B. Sit up mat                     2. Over Head Press
C. Lat Pull Down                  3. Leg Extension
D. Fly                            4. Leg Curls
E. Arm Extension                  5. Chest Press
F. Leg Press                      6. Pull Ups / Dips
G. Rotary Hip                     7. Ab Crunch
H. Arm Curl                       8. Fly
I. Leg Curl                       9. Row Rear Delt
J. Lateral Raise                  10. Sit Up Mat
K. Push Ups                       11. Shuttle MVP
                        Unit Block Plan
Week 1   Introduction to the weight room and equipment
         2 sets of 15 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
Week 2   2 sets of 15 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
Week 3   3 sets of 10 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
         Wednesday introduction Bench and Incline
Week 4   2 sets of 15 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
         Wednesday introduction Push-Jerks
Week 5   3 sets of 10 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
         Wednesday introduction Squats
Week 6   2 sets of 15 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
         Wednesday introduction Cleans
Week 7   3 sets of 10 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
         Wednesday Bench, Incline and Squat workout
Week 8   2 sets of 15 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)
         Wednesday Push-Jerk and Cleans workout
Week 9   3 sets of 10 reps circuit training (4 minute workout)