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					October ‘99                                                                      Volume 1999-2000

                           D er by C ity D is c l o s ur es
                                 IIA Louisville Chapter
         MONTHLY MEETING                                PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                        Dear Members,
Date:      Tuesday October 12, 1999
                                                        Thanks to all those who attended the first meeting.
Time:      12:00 noon, Registration at 11:30            You helped to get the year off to a great start. The
                                                        meeting evaluations indicated that attendees rated
Location: Kunz’s (parking will be validated)            the topic content, meeting location and food quality
                                                        very high.
          Menu: House Salad
                                                        I am excited about our programs and activities for the
          Choice of one of the following:
                                                        year. In addition to the monthly meetings and
                                                        seminars, we are planning to visit Bellarmine College
          Hot Brown
                                                        in November to promote the Internal Audit
          Boiled Boston Scrod                           profession. We are also working on visits to the
          Grilled Chicken Sandwich                      University of Louisville and Indiana University
                                                        Southeast. Let me know if you are interested in
                                                        speaking at or attending one of these meetings. I’m
Speaker: Kevin Mead                                     sure the students would like to pass out their
Topic:    Game Theory – A Powerful Analysis
          Tool for Auditors                             The web site is up and running but continues to be a
                                                        work-in-progress. Check it out and send in any
          Game Theory seeks to mathematically           comments or suggestions you may have.
          define and quantify human choice. For the
          auditor, the application of Game Theory can   Please let me know if you have given or are planning
          lead to better recommendations and a          on giving a presentation.     We receive chapter
          clearer view of the implications of those     achievement points every time a member gives a
          recommendations. In this presentation we      presentation.
          analyze classical games and move onto a
          computational model designed to enhance       Do you know of an internal auditor who is not a
          audit effectiveness.                          chapter member? Invite them to a meeting or let us
                                                        know who they are and we will invite them for you.
Cost:     $20
                                                        The Chapter’s officers and governors sincerely want
CPD:      1 Hour
                                                        to offer programs that will best meet member needs.
RSVP:     Call Carrie Ramsey, 627-4738 by October       Your input is vital so let us know if there is a topic you
          8, 1999. (Voice mail is available 24 hours)   would like to hear or a resource you need.
          Fax #: 627-2550 or e-mail at
                   I look forward to seeing you in October.
          Please specify menu choice.
                                                        Don Whitehouse, President

         October Meeting &                                          AUDIT DIRECTORS
         Director Roundtable                                          ROUNDTABLE

                                        VISIT US AT IIALOU.ORG
  2                                                                          Derby City Disclosures

               Speaker Bio…..                                                     MEETING

       KEVIN MEAD, CIA, CISA, CFSA                          Date:        Wednesday, October 13

Kevin is the Manager of Field Services for the Institute
of Internal Auditors in Altamonte Springs, Florida.         Place:       Kunz's Restaurant
Kevin joined the IIA in 1994, and for two years worked
as an instructor for IIA courses, developing and
delivering IIA seminars to corporations and                 Time:        12 to 1:30.
governmental agencies throughout the world. Kevin
has presented at seminars and conferences in the
U.S, Canada, Europe, The Caribbean, Asia, Africa            Topic :       "Audit Professionalism –
and the Middle East. Prior to becoming Manager of
Field Services, Kevin held the positions of Manager of                    Skills and Knowledge Required
CIA Program Development and Manager of                                    for Success".

In his current position, Kevin is responsible IIA
                                                              Directors RoundTable luncheon
Chapter and membership development and growth,              FREE to audit directors and others
and supports IIA Chapters in their delivery of services     that lead an audit department.
to members.
                                                            Call Carrie Ramsey, 627-4738 by October 8, 1999.
Kevin is a Certified Internal Auditor, (CIA), a Certified   (Voice mail is available 24 hours) Fax #: 627-2550
Information Systems Auditor (CISA), a Certified             or e-mail at
Financial Services Auditor (CFSA) and has been
recognized by the IIA as a Distinguished Faculty
Member.                                                              -------------------------------------------

Prior to joining the IIA, Kevin held internal audit and                LOUISVILLE IIA WEBSITE
finance positions with Golden Rule Insurance, Blue                        COMING SOON !
Cross and Blue Shield and IBM.
Kevin holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and            Look for us on the World Wide Web. Bruce Edwards
Accounting and both a post-graduate diploma and a           is currently developing the chapter website. Look for
master's degree in Audit. He is currently working on        information on meetings / seminars, membership
his Ph.D., researching the extent to which internal         information, links to other websites, and much more.
audit experience is relevant to the skills and              More information to follow.
knowledge required by businesses for future
leadership positions.
Kevin is a past President of the Downeast Maine             Bruce Edwards
chapter of the IIA, and has also served in other            LG&E Energy Corp.
capacities for the Chapter. In 1991 and 1992,     
Kevin organized the Chapter’s teaching exchange
programs to Russia.                                         Suggestions for information to be included in the website
                                                            can be sent to the webmaster.

       Gaming Audit Program Exchange                                    Congratulations New CIAs
The IIA's Gaming Audit Group has compiled a library         The May 1999 CIA exam produced over 1000 new
  3                                                                       Derby City Disclosures
of gaming industry audit programs and checklists. The      CIAs around the world! The exam was conducted at
library, donated by members, includes gaming and           more than 200 sites in more than 50 countries. It was
non-gaming programs. Gaming Audit Group members            a record-breaking exam cycle, and we appreciate all
can request a copy of these audit programs - most are      the hard work of our CIA chairpersons!
in electronic form-on the stipulation that they
reciprocate and share their favorite programs with the              May CIA Exam Award Winners
library. For more information contact Robert W.
Rudloff,, or Tel:        The William S. Smith Award winners for the May
+1-702-691-5426.                                           1999 CIA exam are:

              CAE Services Program                         Highest Achievement Award Winner (Gold Medalist)
                                                           Urs Mueller, Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
As the chief audit executive (CAE) for your
organization, you are internal auditing's primary          Student Highest Achievement Award Winner
advocate for sound governance and effective                John Priest, Los Angeles
                                                           Certificate of Excellence Recipients
That's why you have a special need for timely news         John Griffin, Weston, Mass.
and guidance, feedback from other CAEs, and a              Ed Hald, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
direct pipeline to the resources of The Institute of       Martin Koller, Kussnacht, Switzerland
Internal Auditors.                                         Michael Smith, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
                                                           Ed Weatherford, Titusville, Fla.
The new CAE Services Program will enable CAE
                                                           Certificate of Honor Recipients
members to network with other chief audit executives
                                                           Brian Beck, Omaha, Neb.
locally beginning in the year 2000 through CAE             Brian Biggin, Orlando, Fla.
Roundtables and other services. Each quarter, The IIA      Matt Burgess, Detroit
will provide chapters with discussion topics, questions,   Jeff Burnison, Des Moines, Iowa
and facilitator's guidelines for offering local            Kathryn Constantopoulos, Mississauga, Ontario,
roundtables.                                               Canada
                                                           Shawna Graham, Fargo, N.D.
The CAE Services Program is open only to CAEs who          David Hatcher, Raleigh, N.C.
are members of The Institute of Internal Auditors. For     John Hester, Chicago
purposes of this program, The IIA defines "Chief Audit     Remo Hobi, Oberurnen, Switzerland
Executive" as any individual employed as the highest       John Hutzler, Beaverton, Ore.
level internal auditor in an organization, or major        Dwayne Keller, San Antonio
business segment. The CAE must report either               Bob Ming, Butte, Mont.
directly or indirectly, to a senior management             Kristina Myreen, Kilchberg, Switzerland
executive or oversight function, such as an audit          Michael Pretsch, Monroe, N.Y.
committee.                                                 Kattalai Ramachandran Sriram, Muscat, Oman
                                                           Jahnna Rearden, Tuttle, OK
                                                           Karl Shanholtzer, Charleston, W.Va.
Primary program services will be provided in an
                                                           Jose Souto, Minneapolis
electronic delivery format via e-mail to ensure that you   Christine Stratton, St. Johns, NF, Canada
receive the information you need in a timely manner.       James Wilson, Singapore
                                                           Martin Wirth, Austria
                                                           Lydia Woerle, Germany
                                                           Karyn Womach, San Diego
  4                                                                Derby City Disclosures

                                                          IIA 1999 – 2000 Meeting Schedule
Don Whitehouse                      (502) 627-2902
LG&E Energy Corp                        Mark the following dates on your calendar for the
                                                     monthly meeting of the Louisville Chapter of IIA.
                                                     (Speaker and topic listed )
Vice President                      (502) 627-2366
David Williams
Commonwealth Industries, Inc.                                        October 12, 1999
                                                                       Kevin Mead
                                                                   Game Theory (1 CPE)
Carl Balderson                     (502)627-2366                       October 13, 1999
LG&E Energy Corp.                                                         Kevin Mead                                     Audit Directors Round Table

                                                                     November 9, 1999
Michele Welscher                   (502) 581-7829        Audit Watch- Value Added Auditing (4 CPEs)
National City                                                      ACL Services (4 CPEs)
                                                                     December 14, 1999
                                                                      Louisville Police
                                                                       Fraud (1 CPE)
                                                                     January 11, 2000
Dr. Betty Brown
University of Louisville
                                                               Employment Law Issues (1 CPE)
                                                                    February 8, 2000
Lynn Chochran                                                   ISAAC Joint Meeting (1 CPE)
Stock Yards Bank                                                  March 14, 2000
                                                                       Margie Poposki
Dave Heilman                                                    Risk Based Auditing (8 CPEs)
LG&E Energy Corp.
                                                                       April 11, 2000
Tim Jamison                                                             Bill Forman
LG&E Energy Corp.                                               Stress Management (1 CPE)
                                                                         April 19-21
Kay Keeler                                                              Tony Belak
Humana                                                Management Skills/Conflict Management (24 CPEs)

Carol Orwin
                                                                        May 9, 2000
Aegon                                                                     Open

James Rose
Humana Inc.

                                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS
  5                                                                                   Derby City Disclosures

October 3-7
Vision University, New Orleans

October 4-8
Cleveland, Ohio, Seminars

October 11-13
IIA/MIS Conference and Expo on Control, Audit, and Security of Information Systems, Washington, DC

October 13-15
5th Latin American Conference on Internal Auditing, Higuey, Dominican Republic

October 18-20
Internal Audit Series: Utilities Conference, Orlando

October 18-20
Internal Audit Series: Financial Services Conference, Orlando

October 18-20
Washington, DC, Seminars

October 18-22
Implementation of Security and Control in SAP R/3, Philadelphia

October 18-22
Security, Auditability, and Control of SAP R/3 Seminar, San Francisco

October 25-27
San Diego Seminars

October 28-29
Financial Investigation Using Data Analysis Technology Seminar, Dallas

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