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									This summer the Keene Family YMCA is proud to present a full
offering of summer camp options for children with all interests.

          Grades: 1-5                        Ages: 4-5
     June 28th - July 2nd                July 12th - 16th
      July 5th - July 9th
       July 12th - 16th
       July 19th - 23rd
     July 26th - July 30th
   August 2nd - August 6th
   August 9th - August 13th

           Ages: 7-10
                                             Ages: 5-6
      June 28th - July 2nd
       July 5th - July 9th             June 28th - July 2nd
        July 12th - 16th               July 19th - July 23rd
        July 19th - 23rd
     August 2nd - August 6th     SCHOOL AGED GYMNASTICS
                                            Ages: 6-12
                                      June 28th - July 2nd
                                       July 26th - July 30th
                                     August 2nd - August 6th

                                  GYMNASTICS TEAM CAMP
                                             Ages: 5+
                                       July 26th - July 30th
                                     August 2nd - August 6th

           Grades: 1-5
       July 5th - July 9th
    August 9th - August 13th
 HOURS:                          REGISTRATION:
 All camps run from              Begins February 8th. Visit
 9AM - 4PM                       the YMCA Welcome Center            GYMNASTICS TEAM CAMP
 BEFORE & AFTER                  CONTACT:
                                                                    Ages 5+ (Invite Only)
 CARE:                           Rhonda Hull
 Before Care runs from 7:30      (603) 352-6002 for more            DATES:
 to 9:00AM for a fee of $20      information on camps and           July 26th - July 30th
                                 payment                            Aug 2nd - Aug 6th
 After Care runs from 4:00          This guide is online at
 to 5:30PM for a fee of $25                                         Campers will enjoy a week of
                                        progressive skill building and lots
                                                                    of fun! Activities consist of work
                                                                    outs on all four gymnastics
                                                                    apparatuses, swimming and lots of
                                                                    open gym time to work on specific
                                                                    skills desired by each individual.
                                                                    GENERAL GYMNASTICS INFO:
                               Grades 1 - 5
                                                                    $135 per week
                               DATES:                               Before &/or After Care
                               July 5th - July 9th
                               Aug 9th - Aug 13th                   HOME BASE:
                               PRICE:                               Gymnastics Room of the YMCA
                               $135 per week
                               Before &/or After Care
                               HOME BASE:
                               Arts & Family Hub of the YMCA

Creative kids will love Kreative Kids Art Camp. Campers will
explore painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, crafting, writing,
photography and so much more. Swimming and outdoor
activities every day will enhance the artist’s camp experience.
Based out of the YMCA’s new spacious Art & Family Hub.
Entering Kindergarten to                                            AGES:
Completed Kindergarten                                              4-5 Years               NE
DATES:                                                              DATES:
June 28th - July 2nd                                                July 12th - July 16th
July 19th - July 23rd
Campers will spend the week                                         $135 per week
learning basic gymnastics skills                                    Before &/or After Care
on equipment suitable for their                                     Additional
size. Activities include: Warm-ups,
circle time, songs, games,                                          HOME BASE:
obstacle courses, outdoor play,                                     AM: Arts & Family Hub
arts & crafts, swimming and of                                      PM: Gymnastics Room
course gymnastics!                                                  of the YMCA

                                      Brand new camp experience for preschoolers. The YMCA is
AGES:                                 proud to offer its Tumbling Artists Camp for children
Entering 1st Grade to Age 12          interested in both art and gymnastics. In the morning our
                                      campers will be engaged in a mixed bag of arts, crafts,
DATES:                                games and play. Campers will then enjoy their lunch followed
June 28th - July 2nd                  by outdoor recreation and swimming. Their afternoons will be
July 26th - July 30th                 full of active fun in gymnastics. They will enjoy circle time,
Aug 2nd - Aug 6th                     games,       obstacle
Campers will enjoy a week filled      courses      and    so
with fun activities designed to       much more. Camp
increase skill development in a       builds self esteem,
recreational atmosphere. Activities   social skills and
include: obstacle courses, skill      prepares children for
building, open gym, outdoor play,     a     transition    to
crafts and swimming. Campers will     school. This is a
be given the opportunity to design    special camp for a
their own routines to present to      special age group.
parents at the end of the week.
                               AGES:                                                                AGES:
                               Entering 1st Grade to                                                7 - 10 Years
                               Completed 4th Grade
                               DATES:                                                               June 28th - July 2nd
                               June 28th - July 2nd                                                 July 5th - July 9th
                               July 5th - July 9th                                                  July 12th - July 16th
                               July 12th - July 16th                                                July 19th - July 23rd
                               July 19th - July 23rd                                                Aug 2nd - Aug 6th
                               July 26th - July 30th
                               Aug 2nd - Aug 6th                                                    PRICE:
                               Aug 9th - Aug 13th                                                   $135 per week
                                                                                                    Before &/or Aftercare
                               PRICE:                                                               Additional
                               $125 per week                    YMCA Sports Camp is
                               Before &/or Aftercare            designed to provide youth with      HOME BASE:
                               Additional                       a unique learning experience        Lobby of the YMCA
                               HOME BASE:                       for the mind, body and spirit.
Kids Adventure Camp offers a                                    The focus is to keep campers active as they learn and play a
                               School’s Out Center
 fun YMCA experience where                                      wide variety of sports and games. Campers will learn the
  everyday is an adventure!    25 Roxbury Street
                                                                value of teamwork, build self esteem and work on individual
Kids Adventure Camp is a well rounded day camp                  skills at their own level. Recreational activities will include
experience that encourages campers to have fun and build        sports such as basketball, softball, flag football, soccer,
friendships. Every day includes outdoor games, arts & crafts,   hockey, rock wall climbing and swimming. Some camp weeks
swimming & water play,                                          may include field
and activities that promote                                     trips        and
self esteem, creativity,                                        instructional
independence and team-                                          clinics. Camp is
work.        The        camp                                    open to girls and
experience is enhanced                                          boys of all skill
by field trips, visits to local                                 levels.
parks & beaches, and
utilization of the YMCA                                          DEVELOPING
facility.                                                       SPIRIT, MIND &
 OPPORTUNITIES                          INFORMATION
                                 A $25 non-refundable deposit is required for
  Come see what the YMCA         each week of camp for which a camper is
                                 being registered. For example if registering
 has to offer your family this   for two weeks of camp a $50 deposit is
 summer. Camp staff will be      required. This deposit applies to all camp
                                 families including those receiving state
  on hand at the following       funding. The deposit will be applied toward
events to speak with you and     the balance due.
 answer all your questions:      PAYMENTS:
                                 Each week of camp must be paid in full two
                                 weeks prior to the first day of camp.
                                 FORMS AND CAMP DETAILS:
  SAT. APRIL 17TH                Campers will receive a packet of information
                                 on the camps that they are registered for a
   Noon to 3 PM                  few weeks prior to the start of camp. This
                                 packet will include: emergency contact
     Keene Family YMCA           forms, what to bring, permission slips, etc.

                                                Rhonda Hull
  SAT. APRIL 23RD                           Keene Family YMCA
                                             38 Roxbury Street
   10 AM to 2 PM                             Keene, NH 03431
   Keene Recreation Center                     (603) 352-6002

                                       Facebook: Keene Family YMCA
 Child’s Name:______________________________________________________

 Child’s Age:_____Child’s Date of Birth___/____/____Child’s Sex: M     F

 Parent’s Name:______________________________________________________

 Home Phone:________________________________________________________

 Daytime Phone:_____________________________________________________

 Email Address:______________________________________________________

 Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________

    List Camps Being Registered For:
Camp Name:              Before/After Care: Weeks Attending:   Deposits:
Example- Kids Adventure   Before After June 28th - July 2nd   $25
Example- Kreative Kids   Before After July 5th - 9th          $25
Example- Kids Adventure  Before After Aug 9th - July 2nd      $25

______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________
______________________ Before    After   _________________ ________

                                         Deposit Total: ______________

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