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					Case Study: Greenhouse Graphics Ltd.
 Company Background                                                       “In the past year, Greenhouse Graphics have made
 Greenhouse Graphics Ltd is a graphic design and print                    considerable investments in both equipment and new
 company established since 1993. Based in North                           premises. Their continued growth is indicative of the
 Hampshire near Basingstoke, the company specialises in                   success that can be achieved through embedding
 graphic design, artworking and printing of magazines,                    sustainable business practices”
 marketing materials and stationery.                                                                                           Assessor
 As a small business within the printing industry,
 Greenhouse Graphics are not governed by many                             Sustainability Achievements
 legislative rules, yet they strive towards complete                      Greenhouse Graphics was founded on a commitment to
 sustainability via a policy that includes the sustainable                achieve a sustainable business model that delivers high
                                                                          quality products and services but has as little impact on
 use of natural resources in
 as many daily working                                                    the local, national and global environment. This is
 practices as possible.                                                   achieved by monitoring processes and where possible
                                                                          introducing changes and improvements. For example,
                                                                          reducing or eliminating industrial alcohol use for the
 From its inception in 1993,
 Greenhouse Graphics has                                                  commercial presses and reducing chemistry in the
 operated a totally digital-                                              platemaking process.
 based studio. This gives it
                                                                          Greenhouse Graphics were recognised for this as runners
 high expertise in producing
 digital artwork for print as                                             up in the small business category in the 2004 Hampshire
                                             Natural light maximised in
                                                                          and Isle of Wight Sustainable Business Awards. Since
 well as web based media.            Greenhouse Graphics’ office space
                                                                          that time, the company has moved to new, larger
                                                                          premises and invested in a larger press and other new
                                                                          equipment to cope their business expansion. In addition
 Summary of Key Achievements                                              to this Greenhouse Graphics are pioneering and
                                                                          championing printing techniques to continuously reduce
                                                                          the environmental impacts of its printing processes
   ▪    Investment in new environmentally friendly                        (outlined below).
                                                                          In 2005 Greenhouse Graphics has implemented a whole
   ▪    Premises rebuilt internally to maximise natural                   raft of employee and community beneficial
        light                                                             programmes, which together with its positive effects on
                                                                          the local economy, make considerable in-roads towards
   ▪    Reduction in overall chemical usage by 33%                        the company becoming a wholly sustainable business.

                                                                          Environmental Achievements
   ▪    Recognition for Investors in People Award
                                                                          Since its recognition in 2004, Greenhouse Graphics has
                                                                          invested in new technology and equipment to help further
   ▪    Winner of the 2005 Carbon Trust                                   reduce the environmental impact and resource use of the
        Award (A Place to be Proud of)                                    company’s day-to-day operations. This includes the
                                                                          purchase of a new state-of-the-art computer-to-plate
   ▪    Finalist in the South East England                                (CTP) system and shallow bath technology. Together with
        Development Agency Sustainable Business                           existing procedures, this now means:
                                                                              ▪   Reduction in overall chemical usage by 33%

KEY                                                                           ▪   Only 0.3% alcohol usage on 5-colour press (minimising
                                                                                  ground ozone from VOCs)
       Leadership &     Economic           Social       Environmental
       Management     Achievements      Achievements    Achievements          ▪   Vegetable oil based inks as standard on 4-colour printing

                                                                              ▪   One press running alcohol-free

                                                                              ▪   Elimination of the need to use aluminium plates
Case Study: Greenhouse Graphics Ltd.

 A non-petrochemical and non-VOC wash has also been                   Social Achievements
 introduced to reduce VOC emissions, all waste from
                                                                      On HR issues, an Employees’ Manual and handbook
 chemicals still used is stored in a lockable steel container,
                                                                      have been written and rolled out, a stakeholder pension
 to prevent leakage into groundwater, and then recycled
                                                                      scheme has been introduced and ongoing training is
 by J&G Environmental.
                                                                      provided internally and externally, for NVQs, HNDs, and
                                                                      via specialist engineers. Through these and other
                                                                      initiatives, Greenhouse Graphics attained recognition for
                                                                      the Investors in People award in 2005.

                                                                      Greenhouse Graphics provides practical support to local
                                                                      and national charities through low-cost or free design and
                                                                      print services for good causes, for example, they provided
                                                                      approximately £2000 worth of print services for a project
                                                                      to build shelters for homeless children in Goa.

                                                                      Economic Achievements
                                                                      In the printing industry, approximately 90% of print
                                                                      companies are small companies, many of which are
                                                                      responsible for a significant proportion of VOC emissions.
                                           Printing press in action   Greenhouse Graphics is an example of a micro business
                                                                      taking measures and investment in striving to become a
 Standard stock paper for clients is now 55% recycled and             fully sustainable business. Over its 12-year history,
 either elemental or totally chlorine-free and all paper              Greenhouse Graphics has continually re-invested profits
 cuttings are collected for recycling. The internal digital           into the business to improve technology and machinery.
 management system has been further developed to                      During 2005, over £200,000 has been invested in new
 create a paperless system for order-processing, job-                 machinery and employment has been provided for seven
 tracking and despatch tracking.                                      people.

 Significantly, Greenhouse Graphics had their new                     Greenhouse Graphics have a policy to support local
 premises purpose built internally to capture a large                 businesses, especially for the supply of paper which
 amount of natural light - electric lighting is only need to a        helps reduces transport distances. The majority of
 minimum. PIR lighting was fitted to the kitchen and                  customers are also local.
 toilets, so that the lights only come on when these areas
 are in use. Additionally, split lighting areas were installed,
 meaning only an area that is being used at any one time              Leadership and Management:
 needs lighting.                                                      Over the past two years, management at Greenhouse
                                                                      Graphics have been taking part in the Business Link
 Audits on resource use have been carried out by the                  Wessex PLATO programme. This brings together
 Environment Centre and Envirowise, and a carbon                      directors and owners of a range of companies, to share
 consumption assessment has been carried out by                       best practice and develop management strategies.
 Reading University.                                                  Greenhouse Graphics also promotes sustainable
                                                                      business practices to its employees, supply chain and
 Internal impacts are minimised through a programme of                other businesses and has supporting the set-up of the
 “good-housekeeping”, which include:                                  new Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainable Business
     ▪    Purchasing 100% recycled office paper
                                                                      Within their business activities, Greenhouse Graphics
     ▪    Using biodegradable cleaning fluids
                                                                      encourage their customers to use papers with high
     ▪    Implementing a switch-off policy                            recycled content, with samples available to demonstrate
     ▪    Video-conferencing facilities to reduce travel
                                                                      the quality of output on different papers – including those
                                                                      which customers might not otherwise choose. Similar
     ▪    Waste separation for recycling                              samples are available to demonstrate the efficacy of
                                                                      vegetable-based inks.
 Suppliers are asked for environmentally-friendly
 alternatives, where possible and companies are asked for
 information on products supplied and their environmental
 policies, if they exist. The preferred courier company has           Small Business Award Category
 established environmental and fuel-minimisation working              Supported By:
                                                                                                       Hampshire Economic

 Timi van Houten (Director)                                                                                Awards Organised by:
 Greenhouse Graphics Ltd, Unit 12, Cufaude Business Park
 Cufaude Lane, Bramley, Basingstoke, Hants, RG26 5DL.
                                                                      Hampshire & Isle of Wight Sustainable Business Partnership
 01256 880 770                                              

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