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									{ Read-a-Thon Pledge FoRm }
Make a pledge to encourage reading and raise money for Lynn Road Elementary! Our Read-                Pledge Forms Due
a-Thon will be based on minutes read per student between February 4 and March 4, 2010.              Tuesday, February 16th
There are two ways to make a pledge.
1. You could sponsor a student a flat amount. If you pledge a flat donation of $20, no matter how much the student reads you will owe $20.
2. You can pledge an amount for minutes read. For example, a student reads 500 minutes over the span of the read-a-thon. If you
   sponsored this student for 5 cents per minute, you would owe .05 X 500 = $25. Or at 1 cent a minute, you would owe .01 X 500= $5.
   If the student were to read 1000 minutes at 5 cents a minute you would owe .05 X 1000=$50. Or at 1 cent a minute you would owe
   .01 X 1000= $10.
* YOU MAY PUT A LIMIT ON ANY DONATION. Just indicate that on the pledge form.

Do not pay now. Money will be collected after the read-a-thon ends on March 5. There will be a $25 fee on all returned checks.

STUDENT’S NAME: ____________________________________________ TEACHER: ______________________________________________

                                                                       I will make a     I will sponsor this
# Name                                              Phone Number                                                Do not exceed:
                                                                       flat donation of: amount per minute read
    SAMPLE #1                                       555-5555           $25
    SAMPLE #2                                       444-4444                             5 cents                    $25

* Total amount due will be provided to each student based on the number of minutes read. No money is due at this time.
                                                                                      PR IZES
Read-a-Thon InfoRmaTIon

What is a read-a-thon?
our read-a-thon is similar to a walk-a-thon. Students
get pledges per minute to read during the read-
a-thon. The more they read, the more money they
raise.                                                     LeVeL a                                                                          Just turn in a signed reading log
                                                           • Receive a book from the PTA!
how do I collect pledges?
Ask parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts,       LeVeL B
uncles, friends and neighbors that you know if they        • Level A Prize PLUS
would like to support your efforts to read to earn         • Free individual admission to all Sun-Thurs
                                                              Mudcats Home Games PLUS                                         K-2—read 250 minutes and turn in 1 pledge
money for your school. do noT collect pledges                                                                                 3-5—read 400 minutes and turn in 1 pledge
from someone you or your parents do not know. It           • 1 golden ticket to the Lynn Road Spring Carnival
is not safe and is in no way encouraged by this school        (unlimited rides, games and one free meal)
or PTA
                                                           LeVeL C
do I pay now?                                              • Level A and B Prizes PLUS
NO. Money will be collected after the read-a-thon          • 6 free admissions to 2 Mudcats games desig-                     K-2—read 400 minutes and turn in 3 pledges
ends on March 4. After the Read-a-Thon ends, the PTA          nated as Muddy Buddy Book Club nights PLUS                     3-5—read 600 minutes and turn in 3 pledges
will calculate the amount owed based on the pledges        • 1 additional golden ticket to the Lynn Road
and the actual reading totals turned in by the students.      Spring Carnival
Students will be provided with a collection envelope
that includes all pledge information and money owed.       LeVeL d
                                                           • Level A, B and C Prizes PLUS
                                                           • You get entered into a drawing for an NC State                  K-2—read 600 minutes and turn in 4 pledges
What will the money be used for?
                                                              Basketball signed by Coach Sidney Lowe and a                   3-5—read 800 minutes and turn in 4 pledges
Software upgrades, new technology, Cultural Arts
Programs, Student Awards, Teacher Awards, Curricu-            UNC Basketball signed by Coach Roy Williams
lum Enhancement, Environmental projects, books for
classroom libraries, and MORE! 100% of the proceeds        LeVeL e
go to Lynn Road PTA.                                       • Level A, B, C and D Prizes PLUS
                                                           • You get entered into a drawing for a brand new                  K-2—read 800 minutes and turn in 5 pledges
are the contributions made for the read-a-thon tax            Wii compliments of GamerDoc at Brier Creek                    3-5—read 1000 minutes and turn in 5 pledges
Yes! As a registered non-profit, all read-a-thon pledges
are tax-deductible, as are all PTA contributions. Re-      Rules
ceipts will be made available after the money has been     •   All reading logs must have a legitimate parent signature to be eligible.
collected.                                                 •   All money must be turned in from each pledge in order to be eligible. Money is due March 23rd.
                                                           •   If checks are returned for non-sufficient funds, pledge must be paid by money order or cash to be eligible. There is
are there any prizes or incentives other than rais-            a $25 fee for all returned checks.
ing money for our school and reading to make us            •   If the winner of Level E already has a Wii, a comparable prize will be awarded by GamerDoc at Brier Creek.
                                                           •   The drawing for the Wii will be held at GamerDoc at Brier Creek on April 22nd. All other drawings will be held on
stronger?                                                      Lion Track News on April 23rd.
Absolutely! Please see the attached prize sheet. Also,
the minutes read will still go toward the Take Time for    Special thanks to GamerDoc at Brier Creek, the UNC Athletic Department, the NC State Athletic Department and the
Twenty Reading Incentive goals.                            Carolina Mudcats for making these great prizes possible!

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