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									                                                                                  Volunteer Awards List
                                                                        (Local, Regional/Statewide, National and International)

Award                                 Contact                                         Special Instructions                                                               Location


Community Partner Award               Corporate Volunteerism Council                  The Community Partner Award recognizes a corporation that                          Local
                                      1821 University Ave. West #S256                 developed an outstanding collaboration between a corporate
                                      St. Paul, MN 55104                              volunteer services program and a nonprofit partner. Successful
                                      651-999-5341                                    applicants will demonstrate:
                                                    • Depth as a strategic business partner.
                                                                                      • Effective partnership that leveraged corporate resources,
                                                                                      particularly employees, to meet community needs.
                                                                                      • Overall measurable results.
                                                                                      The recipient of the Community Partner Award will receive an
                                                                                      engraved company award, letter of notification to the CEO, two
                                                                                      complimentary tickets to the Awards Luncheon in April, recognition
                                                                                      on the CVC Website, and a $500 contribution to the nonprofit of
                                                                                      the company’s choice.
                                                                                      All CVC corporate members are eligible if they have not been an
                                                                                      award winner in the past three years. A call for nominations is sent
                                                                                      out to all CVC-TC corporate members in January of each year via
                                                                                      email, e-newsletters and the CVC-TC website. The deadline for
                                                                                      nominations is typically in late February/early March. Companies
                                                                                      can nominate themselves or be nominated by a Twin Cities
                                                                                      nonprofit organization.

Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                       Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 1 of 16
Employee Engagement                   Corporate Volunteerism Council                The Employee Engagement Award recognizes an                                        Local
Award                                 1821 University Ave. West #S256               employee‐driven corporate initiative/program that demonstrates a
                                      St. Paul, MN 55104                            best practice in employee engagement. Examples might include
                                      651-999-5341                                  Dollars for Doers, employee recognition programs, volunteer
                                                  council, or other programs that feature the leadership of
                                                                                    employees in corporate philanthropy/volunteerism. Successful
                                                            applicants will demonstrate:
                                                                                    • Employee leadership and initiative
                                                                                    • Overall employee engagement
                                                                                    • Measurable results
                                                                                    The recipient of the Employee Engagement Award will receive an
                                                                                    engraved company award, letter of notification to the CEO, two
                                                                                    complimentary tickets to the Awards Luncheon in April, recognition
                                                                                    on the CVC Website, and a $500 contribution to the nonprofit of
                                                                                    the company’s choice.
                                                                                    All CVC corporate members are eligible if they have not been an
                                                                                    award winner in the past three years. A call for nominations is sent
                                                                                    out to all CVC-TC corporate members in January of each year via
                                                                                    email, e-newsletters and the CVC-TC website. The deadline for
                                                                                    nominations is typically in late February/early March. Companies
                                                                                    can nominate themselves or be nominated by a Twin Cities
                                                                                    nonprofit organization.

Rusty & Burt Cohen                    Mpls.St.Paul Magazine                         Since 1990, Mpls.St.Paul has been honoring volunteers in its annual                Local
Volunteer Hall of Fame                MSP Communications                            "Volunteer Hall of Fame" magazine feature. The eight to ten
Award                                 220 S. Sixth Street, Ste. 500                 individuals recognized also receive a monetary amount for the charity
                                      Minneapolis, MN 55402                         of their choice.
                                      612-313-1776                                  Nominees should be longtime volunteers who give generously of their
                                   time and/or money in the arts or social-service areas. They cannot be
                                      awards/114902.asp                             paid employees of the organizations(s) with which they volunteer.

Volunteer of the Year                 Junior League of Minneapolis:                 Community volunteer open to any individual, organization, or                       Local
                                      Women Building Better Communities             corporation who has demonstrated outstanding service or
                                      410 Oak Grove Street, Minneapolis, MN         commitment to the volunteer efforts of the JLM.
                                      612-238-8460                                  Open only to members of the Junior League: Active volunteer Award;
                               Rookie of the year award; Sustainer member award; and Wheeler
                                                                                    Smile Award.


Awards for Outstanding                Initiative Foundation                         Several awards available to exceptional individuals, businesses and                Regional
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                     Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 2 of 16
Community Initiative                  405 First Street SE                          organizations in Central MN: Outstanding Community, Outstanding
                                      Little Falls, MN 56345                       Enterprise, Outstanding Green Venture, Outstanding Leadership,
                                      877-632-9255                                 Outstanding Nonprofit, and Outstanding Youth.
                                                           Given every 18 months - last on April 17, 2009.


DreamMakers                           The Ann Bancroft Foundation                  The annual Dream Maker Awards recognizes two adults, an                           Statewide
                                      808 14 Avenue S.E.                           organization and one girl for their achievements in life and for
                                      Minneapolis, MN 55414                        supporting other women and girls as they accept challenges and
                                      612-676-9484     fax 612-676-9401            reach toward their potential. These awards honor four Minnesotans
                               who encourage and support the achievements of girls and women.
                                      php?content_id=5089                          Each Dream Maker award recipient receives $1,000 and an
                                                                                   opportunity to share their story at the annual gala.
                                      Katherine Cohen                              Also Dare to Dream micro grants are given twice a year.

Eleven Who Care                       KARE 11 TV                                   Eleven Who Care was started 25 years ago to recognize the                         Regional
                                      8811 Olson Memorial Highway                  contributions of grassroots volunteers and to promote the spirit of
                                      Minneapolis, MN 55427                        volunteerism in our community. Since its beginning, the program has
                                 honored 275 amazing volunteers and we have been honored to tell
                                      763-546-1111                                 each and every story. The 2009 honorees were selected by the Board
                                                                                   of Governors in June and will be recognized during a live telecast in
                                                                                   the winter. Nominations were accepted from anywhere in the KARE
                                                                                   11 viewing area.
Good Neighbor Award                   WCCO –Radio                                  A Good Neighbor is respectful, trustworthy and volunteers to do                   Regional
                                      625 – 2 Avenue S                             good deeds. Please nominate a person from your community
                                      Minneapolis, MN 55402                        today who is a Good Neighbor! There is a nomination form to fill
                                      612-370-0611                                 out on the Good Neighbor Hall of Fame web site.
                                 A Good Neighbor can be a group or individual, child or adult,
                                      hp                                           employee or volunteer, a friend or relative.
                                                                                   Good Neighbors are recognized Monday - Friday at 7:52 a.m.,
                                                                                   12:40 p.m., and 5:50 p.m. on WCCO 830AM radio.
Outstanding Senior                    Minnesota Board on Aging                                                                                                       Statewide
                                                                                   The Minnesota Board on Aging, along with the Minnesota State
Volunteer Award                       Elmer L. Andersen Human Services
                                                                                   Fair Board and the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs began
                                                                                   honoring outstanding senior citizen volunteers in 1965. County
                                      540 Cedar Street
                                                                                   Fair Board staff advertise to the public to nominate individuals who
                                      St. Paul, MN 55155
                                                                                   contribute significantly to their communities. Entries for 2009 were
                                      TTY Service: 1-800-627-3529                  to be received by August 14 .
                                      Phone: 1-800-882-6262, 651-431-2500
                                      Fax: 651-431-7453
                                                                                   Outstanding seniors are judged on leadership, diversity of
                                accomplishments, variety of volunteer services performed,
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                   Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 3 of 16
                                                                                quantity of accomplishments and quality of activities. Only
                                                                                volunteer services performed after the age of 65 are considered by
                                                                                the judges.

                                                                                Two individuals are selected at the county level and recognition is
                                                                                given at their county fair. Each county Fair Board, then submits
                                                                                these two individuals and their volunteer history to the Minnesota
                                                                                Board on Aging. Judging of nominations is conducted by a panel
                                                                                of 9 representatives from the three sponsoring agencies. Four
                                                                                individuals are selected, 2 runners-up and 2 winners. All awards
                                                                                are signed by the Governor and presented on Senior Day at the
                                                                                State Fair, the second Thursday of the Fair.

Upstream Health                       Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota   The foundation created the annual health leadership award to highlight              Statewide
Leadership Award                      Foundation                                the effectiveness of leadership and concrete work on upstream
                                      3535 Blue Cross Road, Route M459          community conditions that determine health and well-being to increase
                                      Eagan, MN 55122                           its visibility and inspire others to take action. Leadership development
                                      (651) 662-3950 (in the Twin Cities)       and recognition is one of several approaches employed by the
                                      1-866-812-1593 (toll free)
                                                                                foundation to fulfill its purpose to look beyond health care today for
                                      (651) 662-1361 (fax)
                                ideas that create healthier communities tomorrow.


Virginia McKnight Binger              The McKnight Foundation                   Like Virginia McKnight Binger, those who receive these awards                       Statewide
Awards in Human Service               710 South Second Street, Suite 400        are acutely aware of others’ needs. They are nominated with the
                                      Minneapolis, MN 55401                     confidence of someone familiar with their work, and the
                                      T. 612-333-4220                           nominations are researched and evaluated independently. To
                                      F. 612-332-3833                           qualify, nominees must live and volunteer in Minnesota and show
                                                                                commitment to helping others achieve a better life, while receiving
                                                                                little or nothing for their own efforts. The Foundation invites
                                                                                nominations each spring.
                                                                                Beginning in August, a committee of volunteers who are active in
                                                                                various human service fields evaluates the nominations and
                                                                                recommends finalists to the Foundation’s board of directors. Each
                                                                                approved awardee receives $10,000.
                                                                                More information and grantmaking guidelines are available at


Caring Awards                         The National Caring Institute             Adults and Youth whose actions exemplify a caring spirit. Includes                  National
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                  Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 4 of 16
                                      228 7th Street, SE                   scholarship awards for students. Nominations for adults are accepted
                                      Washington, DC 20003                 year round; however, if a nomination arrives at the end of our internal
                                      202-547-4273                         cycle (late spring), we will consider the nominee for the next year.
                                         Young adult nominations are accepted from the beginning of the
                                                                           school year through March so that we can complete the reviews
                                                  during the school year.
                                                                           UPDATE: The new date of the 22 Annual Caring Awards is
                                                                           Tuesday, October 13, 2009. The Ceremony will be held in Los
                                                                           Angeles, California.
Congressional Awards                  North Region: Danielle Tucker        The Congressional Award is the United States Congress' award                       National
                                      Program Manager                      for young Americans. It is non-partisan, voluntary, and non-
Bronze, Silver and Gold               PO Box 77440                         competitive. The program is open to all 14- to 23-year-olds to
                                      Washington, DC 20013                 register. Participants earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Congressional
                                      (202) 226-0130                       Award Certificates and Bronze, Silver and Gold Congressional
                                                                           Award Medals. Each level involves setting goals in four program
                               areas; Volunteer Public Service, Personal Development, Physical
                                                                           Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration. Earning the Award is a fun
                                                                           and interesting way to get more involved in something you already
                                                                           enjoy or something you'd like to try for the first time. You move at
                                                                           your own pace - on your own or with your friends. This is not an
                                                                           award for past accomplishments. Instead, you are honored for
                                                                           achieving your own challenging goals.
                                                                           Regardless of your situation, you can earn the Congressional
                                                                           Award. The Congressional Award has no minimum grade point
                                                                           average requirements. It accommodates young people with
                                                                           special needs or disabilities who are willing to take the challenge.
Corporate Engagement                  Points of Light Institute            The Awards for Excellence are designed to honor a business' overall                National
Award of Excellence                   1875 K St NW 5th Floor               employee/retiree volunteer effort, including the actual community
                                      Washington, DC 20006                 service projects and the program policies and corporate vision that
                                      Tel: 202-729-8184                    support those volunteer activities. Your participation is invited for
                                      Fax: 202-729-8100                    nominating businesses that have exceptional workplace volunteer
                                                                           programs — self-nomination is permissible. 2009 awards were to be
                                                                           presented at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in
                                                                           San Francisco, June 22-24, 2009. Nominations were to be submitted
                                                                           by March 31.
Daily Points of Light Award           Points of Light Institute            The Daily Points of Light Award honors individuals and volunteer                   National
                                      1875 K St NW 5th Floor               groups that have made an ongoing commitment to connect Americans
                                      Washington, DC 20006                 through service to help meet critical needs in their communities. Each
                                      Tel: 202-729-8184                    weekday, one volunteer or volunteer effort in the country receives a
                                      Fax: 202-729-8100                    Daily Point of Light Award. There will be semi- annual or annual
                                                                           awards. Nominations are ongoing.

Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                            Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 5 of 16

Do Something Award                    Do Something, Inc.                    Since 1996, Do Something has honored the nation’s best young                     National
                                      24-32 Union Square East               world-changers. Do Something Award Winners represent the
                                      4th Floor                             pivotal "do-ers" in their field, cause, or issue and are rewarded
                                      New York, NY 10003                    with a huge community grant, participation in a special award
                                      212-254-2390                          ceremony, media coverage, and continued support from Do
                                                                            Something. In 2007, The BR!CK Awards became the first ever
                                          televised award show about making the world better. Millions
                                                                            watched it on The CW and it was a critical success. In 2008, The
                                                                            BR!CK Awards were renamed the Do Something Awards and
                                                                            became the first non-celebrity category of the Teen Choice
                                                                            Awards. There were 9 winners in the category. Online voting
                                                                            determined the one Grand Prize winner.

Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                           Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 6 of 16
Everyday Young Hero                   Youth Service America                                                                                                           National
                                                                                  With a new award in 2009 from Youth Service America, YSA is
                                      1101 15th Street NW, Suite 200
                                                                                  proud to recognize at least 51 Everyday Young Heroes each year
                                      Washington DC, 20005
                                                                                  (one youth 5-25 representing each state and DC) that plan and
                                      phone: 202-296-2992 fax: 202-296-4030       lead innovative and high-impact service and service-learning
                                                                                  projects. Awardees receives a EYH certificate and award letter,
                                                                                  are featured in National Service Briefing (25,000+ subscribers),
                                                                                  featured on YSA’s websites, receives customized press release
                                                                                  for local media, and are eligible to be a YSA Service Star.

Extra Mile Points of Light            Points of Light Institute                   A program of recognition of change makers - from founders of major                  National
Volunteer Pathway                     1875 K St NW 5th Floor                      service organizations to civil rights leaders - whose lives show great
                                      Washington, DC 20006                        dedication to the tradition, spirit and culture of service in America. A
                                      Tel: 202-729-8184                           new national monument in the heart of Washington, D.C. tells the
                                      Fax: 202-729-8100                           story of people who have championed causes to help others realize a
                                       better America. 20 persons have been inducted at the National
                                                                                  Monument. There will be two or three extraordinary leaders inducted
                                                yearly. Comprised of a series of bronze medallions, it will form a one-
                                                                                  mile walking path just blocks from the White House when completed.

4-H Salute to Excellence              National 4-H Council                        Volunteers are, undeniably, the "heart and soul" of 4-H, and in an age              National
Volunteer Recognition                 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Stop 2225     when time is at a premium, Salute to Excellence serves as an
Awards                                Washington, DC 20250-2225                   opportunity to acknowledge our volunteers' unwavering dedication to
                                      Patricia Smith                              the 4-H Youth Development movement. Each year, state 4-H
                                      301-961-2819                                programs are invited to nominate two outstanding individual
                                                                                  volunteers, one in each of two categories. The Lifetime Volunteer
                                      http://4-                                   Award is given to an individual who has spent 10 or more years
                               volunteering for 4-H. The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an
                                      xcellence.html                              individual who has volunteered for 4-H less than 10 years. Recipients
                                                                                  of the 4-H Salute to Excellence Volunteer Recognition Awards are
                                                 chosen from nominees submitted by state 4-H offices. Contact your
                                                                                  state leader for submission deadlines.
                                                                                  Each year, regional and national honorees are selected. Each region
                                                                                  will have its own Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer and Volunteer of the
                                                                                  Year. The eight regional winners become nominees for the national
                                                                                  award, and one volunteer from each category will be named the
                                                                                  national winner. Both national and regional award recipients will be
                                                                                  presented with a monetary award (to be donated to a local 4-H
                                                                                  program of their choosing). National awardees will also have their
                                                                                  name engraved on the Salute to Excellence Perpetual Plaque located
                                                                                  at the National 4-H Conference Center and be honored at the annual
                                                                                  Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Gladys Marinelli Coccia               Youth Service America                       Two awards for Girls who are Social Entrepreneurs.                                  National
Awards                                1101 15th Street NW, Suite 200              Youth Service America is pleased to launch the first annual
                                      Washington DC, 20005                        Gladys Marinelli Coccia Awards to recognize two young female
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                    Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 7 of 16
                                      tel: 202-296-2992 fax: 202-296-4030          social entrepreneurs, ages 14 to 17, whose initiatives serve the
                               common good.
                                      aspx                                         The awards are created in memory of Gladys Coccia, who began
                                                                                   her entrepreneurial career when she was a young girl in West
                                                           Virginia and later became a very successful businesswoman in
                                                                                   Washington, DC. Nominations from across the country are
                                                                                   welcome; special consideration will be given to nominees from
                                                                                   West Virginia and metropolitan Washington, DC.
                                                                                   Self-nominations are accepted. The deadline for 2009 to submit
                                                                                   an online nomination is August 1.
Hispanic Heritage Youth               Hispanic Heritage Foundation                                                                                                     National
                                                                                   The Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards run annually from January
Awards                                2600 Virginia Ave. NW, Suite 406
                                                                                   through June and honor young Latino leaders with grants for their
                                      Washington, DC 20037
                                                                                   college education. This year the online application was available in
                                                                                   January through March and was open to graduating high school
                                                                                   seniors who maintained an un-weighted 3.0 GPA. Award
                                      =193                                         categories include Academic Excellence, Business, Education
                                                                                   (future teachers), Engineering and Mathematics, Journalism,
                                                                                   Leadership, and Sports. More categories are added each year and
                                                                                   are subject to change without notice. The Awards are divided into
                                                                                   twelve different regions across the country: Dallas, Houston, San
                                                                                   Antonio, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose/San Francisco Bay
                                                                                   Area, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, New York, Philadelphia/New
                                                                                   Jersey, and Washington, DC. Students may apply to as many
                                                                                   categories as they wish within any one region (and only one)
                                                                                   regardless of where they live provided that they can attend the
                                                                                   regional recognition ceremony. Three recipients are selected for
                                                                                   each category (Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallion) in each of the
                                                                                   twelve regions and special recognition ceremonies are held with
                                                                                   local business, education and community leaders to pay tribute to
                                                                                   their accomplishments. Gold Medallion recipients are eligible for
                                                                                   an additional $5,000 educational grant, a laptop computer, and an
                                                                                   all expense paid trip to attend the Hispanic Heritage Awards in
                                                                                   Washington, DC.

Jefferson Awards                      Jefferson Awards for Public Service          Media partners in various localities, nominate volunteers. 70 are                   National
                                      Jefferson Award 100 West 10 St.              selected to go to the national competition for possibly receiving a top
                                      Ste# 215 Wilmington, DE, 19801               Jackie Kennedy Onassis award. (There are 5) or a National award
                                      Telephone: 302-622-9101                      (There are 4). The award selection process is multi-tiered. A panel of
                                      Fax: 302-622-9108                            judges reviews the nominations and decisions are made based on
                                                                                   information submitted and verified by media partners. (In Minnesota,
                                                  the media partner is KSAX). A group of finalists is chosen by KSAX
                                                                                   from the general nomination pool, all will be recognized during local
                                                                                   civic celebrations, and then an individual will be selected to receive
                                                                                   Jefferson Award medallions. Winners can go to an awards ceremony
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                     Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 8 of 16
                                                                                  in Washington, D.C. in June.
John W. Gardner                       Independent Sector                          The John W. Gardner Leadership Award recognizes living Americans                    National
Leadership Award                      1602 L St. N.W. Ste. 900                    working in or with the nonprofit community whose leadership has been
                                      Washington, DC 20036                        transformative and who have mobilized and unified people,
                                      202-467-6100                                institutions, or causes that improve people’s lives. The Award honors
                                visionaries who have empowered constituencies, strengthened
                                                                                  participation, and inspired movements. Award recipients are builders --
                                     people who, quite apart from personal achievements, have raised the
                                                                                  capacity of others to advance the common good. Their leadership has
                                                                                  either had national or international impact or, if at the regional level,
                                                                                  has attracted wide recognition and imitation. Gardner Award
                                                                                  recipients, who may be of any age, may be the creators of needed
                                                                                  institutions or may concentrate on education and advocacy that
                                                                                  changes public opinion. Whatever means they use, their work has
                                                                                  transformed their chosen field and has served as a role model to other
                                                                                  fields. The winner must be present at the Award ceremony, which will
                                                                                  be held at Independent Sector’s Annual Conference in Detroit, from
                                                                                  November 4-6, 2009.
Kohl’s Kids Who Care                  Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship            The Kohl’s Kids Who Care® Scholarship Program recognizes and                        National
Scholarship Program                   Program, Scholarship Management Services    rewards young volunteers (ages 6-18) who help make their
                                      One Scholarship Way, P.O. Box 297           communities a better place. An adult nominator must describe the
                                      Saint Peter, MN 56082                       young person’s actions in detail and document efforts that are above
                                      1-507-931-1682                              and beyond what is normally expected of a child his or her age.
                               Volunteer efforts should have made a positive impact on others and
                                      Relations/scholarship/index.asp             occurred in the last 12 months. The activity cannot be performed
                                                                                  solely to benefit a family member. Creativity, initiative, generosity,
                                            leadership and project reach will be evaluated during the judging
                                                                                  process. Applicants must not have graduated high school as of March
                                                                                  15, 2009. Nominees will be divided into two groups (ages 6-12 and 13-
                                                                                  18) — and awards will be given on three levels. More than 2,000 store
                                                                                  winners will be awarded $50 Kohl’s Gift Cards. The 194 regional
                                                                                  winners will be awarded $1,000 scholarships toward their post-
                                                                                  secondary education. Ten national winners will be awarded $5,000
                                                                                  scholarships and Kohl’s will donate $1,000 to a nonprofit organization
                                                                                  on their behalf. The 2009 nomination period is now closed.

Lewis Hine Awards                     National Child Labor Committee (NCLC)       The Lewis Hine Awards honor ten individuals for their unheralded                    National
                                      Lewis Hine Awards                           volunteer or professional work that betters the lives of America’s
                                      1501 Broadway, Suite 1908                   youth. The awards are the result of hundreds of nominations from the
                                      New York, NY 10036                          country’s governors, mayors, CEO’s and nonprofit leaders. In
                                      Phone: 212-840-1801 ext. #10.               addition, Distinguished Service Awards are presented to individuals in
                                                                                  the public eye who have shown unsurpassed commitment to
                                                                                  improving the lives of children. Recent recipients include Hillary
                                                                                  Rodham Clinton, Michael Bolton and Joan Ganz Cooney. At the
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                    Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 9 of 16
                                              ceremony, NCLC also presents the Ron Brown award, memoralizing
                                                                                   NCLC’s former Board Chair, and honoring those like Mr. Brown who
                                                                                   overcame prejudice and discrimination in their lifetime and used their
                                                                                   success to help others do the same.
L’Oreal Paris Women of                L’Oreal Paris                                This is a grassroots recognition program that honors women                         National
Worth Award                           202-729-3216                                 volunteers 18 years and older in the U.S. One Woman Of Worth
                                                     honoree and her cause will be selected by the public at large via
                                                                                   online voting and will be recognized as the National Woman Of Worth
                                           Honoree. Her charity will receive a donation of $25,000 from L'Oréal
                                                                                   Paris in her name. All honorees will receive national recognition for
                                                                                   both her cause and her efforts. These volunteers have a record of
                                                                                   exemplary service within the community. Each is an inspiration to
                                                                                   others. The volunteer activity should have lasted for at least six
                                                                                   uninterrupted months and should be ongoing. Nominations were to be
                                                                                   submitted until July 23, 2009 with the presentation in the Fall.
Make a Difference Day                 USA Weekend Magazine                         Make A Difference Day, the largest national day of helping others, is              National
Awards                                202-729-8183 or 1-800-416-3824               sponsored by USA WEEKEND Magazine and its 600 carrier
                                    newspapers. Make A Difference Day is held in partnership with
                                                                                   HandsOn Network and is supported by the Newman's Own, which
                                                   provides $10,000 donations to charities selected by each of 10
                                                                                   national honorees. The 19th Make A Difference Day is Saturday, Oct.
                                                                                   24, 2009.
MetLife Foundation                    National Association of Area Agencies on     n4a administers the MetLife Foundation Older Volunteers Enrich                     National
Older Volunteers Enrich               Aging (n4a)                                  America Awards (OVEA) Program to honor both older volunteers and
America Awards                        1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 1200     older volunteer programs that make our communities better places to
                                      Washington, DC 20036                         live. Those interested in nominating older adult volunteers (age 50+)
                                      Tel: 202-872-0888 / Fax: 202-872-0057        who are making significant contributions as Community Champions
                               (serving the community at large), Mentors (serving children and their
                                      volunteers/                                  families), and Team Spirit honorees (serving older adults) should
                                                                                   watch our website,, for an announcement in mid- to late-
                                                                                   January 2010.

National Association of               National Association of Counties             Several awards concerning counties are given including:                            National
Counties Awards                       25 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.                   Achievement awards; County Arts and Culture awards, County
                                      Washington, D.C. 20001                       Courthouse awards, County Leadership in the Arts awards, County
                                      202-393-6226                                 Leadership in Conservation awards, Dale Sowards awards, Legislator
                                  of the Year awards.


Opera Volunteers                      Opera Volunteers International               OVI is interested in recognizing outstanding volunteer achievement in              National
International (OVI) Partners          1156 15th St NW                              opera communities throughout North America, and in order to do so, it
in Excellence                         Washington, DC 20005-1704                    has established a Partners in Excellence award program. These
                                              awards are presented at each annual OVI Conference to individuals
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                    Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 10 of 16
                                      recognition/partners-in-excellence/2009-       who have been nominated by both their opera volunteer group and by
                                      awards/                                        their opera company, for outstanding work in support of their local
                                                                                     opera company. The awards may also be presented to opera
                                                                                     volunteer organizations themselves, if the award is more properly
                                                                                     given to a group of people rather than an individual volunteer.

President’s Volunteer                 President’s Council on Service and Civic       The President's Volunteer Service Award is an initiative of the                    National
Service Award                         Participation                                  President's Council on Service and Civic Participation in conjunction
                                      Phone: 866-545-5307 or                         with the Corporation for National and Community Service and is
                                      202-729-3229 Fax: 202-729-8033                 administered by the Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center
                                 National Network. Certifying organizations throughout the country
                                      nfo/dspAboutAwards.cfm                         assist in the process. Nominations of outstanding volunteers and
                                                                                     volunteer programs may be submitted by anyone. Both individual
                                    volunteers and volunteer programs, including corporate and nonprofit,
                                                                                     are recognized. The Award is given to individuals, families, and
                                                                                     groups that have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and
                                                                                     civic participation. There is no deadline for submitting nominations.
                                                                                     Thousands of awards are presented each year. Many are presented
                                                                                     during National Volunteer Week in April but some of the organizations
                                                                                     present awards at other times of the year.

Spirit of America Award               United Way of America                                                                                                             National
                                                                                     The prestigious United Way Spirit of America® Awards program is
                                      703-836-7112                                   United Way’s highest national honor, recognizing corporations and
                                                                                     their employees for exceptional philanthropic commitment and
                                                                                     community involvement. Now in their twenty-second year, the
                                                                                     awards offer National Corporate Leadership (NCL) companies an
                                      Greater Twin Cities United Way
                                                                                     opportunity to garner national recognition through the Spirit of
                                      Phone: 612-340-7400                            America and Summit Awards Program.
                                      Fax: 612-340-7675                              Award recipients are judged by a distinguished panel of national
                                                                                     corporate leaders and local United Way professionals. Winning
                                                                                     these awards is only possible when a company, its employees and
                                                                                     retirees are truly dedicated to improving lives and creating lasting
                                                                                     change in local communities.
Spirit of Service Awards              Corporation for National and Community                                                                                            National
                                                                                     The Corporation for National and Community Service is committed
                                      Service                                        to recognizing and celebrating outstanding service by its
                                      1201 New York Avenue, NW                       volunteers, members, and alumni. The Spirit of Service Awards
                                      Washington, DC 20525
                                                                                     pay tribute to the most outstanding participants in each of the
                                                                                     Corporation’s programs - including Senior Corps, AmeriCorps and
                                                                                     Learn and Serve America - as well as corporate or foundation
                                                                                     partners that are role models for private sector support of national
                                                                                     and community service.
                                                               The 2009 Corporate, Senior Corps, and AmeriCorps awards were
                                                                                     presented to the winners during special ceremonies at the 2009
                                      Minnesota Office                               National Conference on Volunteering and Service, June 22-24, in San
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                      Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 11 of 16
                                      Samuel Schuth                               Francisco, CA. The Learn and Serve America awards were to be
                                      Phone: (612) 334-4083 Fax: (612) 334-4084   presented at the National Youth Leadership Conference, March 18-
                                      Email:                           21, in Nashville, TN.

                                                                                  Nominees must exemplify the spirit of national service, demonstrate
                                                                                  exceptional service or leadership, and serve as role models for others
                                                                                  in their community. Learn and Serve America nominations are open.
                                                                                  Senior Corps nomination, AmeriCorps nomination and Corporate and
                                                                                  Foundation nomination opened January 2009.

State Farm Service-                   National Youth Leadership Council           The State Farm Service-Learning Practitioner Leadership Award                      National
Learning Practitioner                 1667 Snelling Ave. No. Suite D300           recognizes those practitioners who have equipped young people to
Leadership Award                      Saint Paul, MN 55108                        lead and serve, both through their direct work with youth and by
                                      651-631-3672 Fax: 651-631-2955              nurturing other practitioners.


State Farm Youth                      National Youth Leadership Council                                                                                              National
Leadership for Service-               1667 Snelling Ave. No. Suite D300           The State Farm Youth Leadership for Service-Learning Excellence
Learning Excellence Award             Saint Paul, MN 55108                        Award recognizes K-12 service-learning programs and projects
                                      651-631-3672 Fax: 651-631-2955              that demonstrate outstanding youth leadership. It focuses on
                                                                                  projects showing a high level of youth initiative in all areas of
                                            planning, including identifying the authentic need, planning the
                                      professionaldevelopment-                    service, and putting that plan into action.
                                      vice_Learning_Excellence_Award?oid=3723     Teams of young people representing kindergarten through 12th
                                                                                  grade service-learning projects can apply. National experts and
                                                           representatives from NYLC and the State Farm Companies
                                                                                  Foundation review the applications and select the winner. The
                                                                                  award is presented annually at The National Service-Learning
                                                                                  Conference. The winning team sends two youth representatives
                                                                                  and one adult leader to accept the award. Travel, lodging, and
                                                                                  conference registrations are paid. The selected program also
                                                                                  receives a $500 award to fund future work, and each member of
                                                                                  the team receives a certificate.

Temple Awards for Creative            Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)         Administered through the office of the IONS President, through the                 National
Altruism                              101 San Antonio Road                        graciousness of the financial support of two longtime Board members,
                                      Petaluma, CA 94952-9524                     Paul and Diane Temple, the Temple Awards are given out biennially.
                                      707-775-3500 7, Fax 707-781-7420            For twelve years, the Temple Awards for Creative Altruism have been
                                     presented by the institute to one or more individuals or organizations
                                                                                  whose work embodies the inspirational light of unselfish service
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                   Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 12 of 16
                                                                                     motivated by love. The $25,000 award fund sponsored by IONS board
                                                                                     members Paul Temple and Diane Temple is divided among recipients
                                                                                     selected by an independent jury.

Very Best in Youth Award              Nestlé USA                                                                                                                       National
                                                                                     Nestlé USA helps young people, who want to make a difference,
                                      800 N. Brand Blvd.
                                                                                     realize their dreams by donating $1,000 in the name of each
                                      Glendale, CA 91203                             winner to the charity of his/her choice. Nestlé also awards the
                                      Attn: Community Affairs & Educational          winner a trip for them and a parent or guardian to Los Angeles,
                                                                                     California for the biennial Nestlé Very Best In Youth awards
                                      (818) 549.6677
                                                                                     ceremony. The trip includes round trip coach air travel, hotel
                                                                                     accommodations for three nights, and spending money. Each
                                                                                     contestant will receive a certificate of achievement from Nestlé
                                      efault.aspx                                    and samples of Nestlé products.

                                                                                     Contestants must be between 13 and 18 years of age and have
                                                                                     parental or legal guardian permission to submit the entry form.
                                                                                     Contestants must also demonstrate good citizenship, a strong
                                                                                     academic record, and show how they have made a special
                                                                                     contribution to their school, church or community.

                                                                                     Entry forms for the 2011 Nestlé Very Best In Youth competition will
                                                                                     be available in early Spring 2010. Please visit then to apply online.
Yoshiyama Award                       Hitachi Foundation                             Twenty-one years of experience honoring high school seniors for what              National
                                      1215 17th Street, NW                           they have done in their communities has proven to us that young
                                      Washington, DC 20036                           people are remarkably creative and capable of initiating sustainable
                                      202-457-0588 Fax 202-296-1098                  change. So we are planning to move beyond honoring young people
                                        for the changes they have made and, instead, invest directly in the
                                                                                     changes they are making, now and into the future.
                                                                                     Beginning in 2010, the Hitachi Foundation will present the
                                                                                     Yoshiyama Award to young social entrepreneurs who are creating
                                                                                     enterprises that directly help Americans living in or not far from


Alec Dickson Servant                  National Youth Leadership Council                                                                                                International
                                                                                     The Alec Dickson Servant Leader Award honors exemplary
Leader Award                          1667 Snelling Ave. No. Suite D300
                                                                                     leaders who through their actions, compassion, creativity, and
                                      Saint Paul, MN 55108
                                                                                     courage — have inspired the service-learning field, positively
                                      651-631-3672 Fax: 651-631-2955                 impacted the lives of young people, and motivated others to take
                                                                                     up the banner of service. The award is presented every year at the
                                               National Service-Learning Conference.
                                      Alec_Dickson_Servant_Leader_Award?oid=         The award is named for British humanitarian Alec Dickson (1914-
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                     Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 13 of 16
                                      3719                                          94), whose vision, innovation, and commitment inspired so many
                                                                                    individuals to lead lives of service. His legacy continues to
                                                             influence young people, teachers, agencies, schools, and
American Express Building             Independent Sector                                                                                                                International
                                                                                    The American Express Building Leadership Award was
Leadership Award                      1602 L Street NW Suite 900
                                                                                    established in 1999 to recognize outstanding organizations for
                                      Washington, DC 20036
                                                                                    their leadership in investing in the people of the charitable
                                      202-467-6155 for Will DeKrey
                                                                                    community, through an emphasis on the development of internal
                               staff, board, and volunteer leadership. Nominations were accepted
                                                                                    from anyone affiliated with the organization, including staff and
                                                                                    board members, volunteers, or other supporters. Nominations
                                                                                    from organizations located outside the United States were also
                                                                                    accepted provided they meet 501(c)(3) equivalency standards.

                                                                                    IS will be in contact with nominated organizations to request
                                                                                    additional information about programs and leadership activities.
                                                                                    Please note that the application process and nomination letter will
                                                                                    be used to evaluate nominated organizations for the award.
                                                                                    A final decision will be made by late summer 2009. The award will be
                                                                                    presented at the IS Annual Conference in Detroit, Michigan,
                                                                                    November 4-6, 2009

Award for Distinguished               ARNOVA                                        This award is given annually for significant and sustained contributions            International
Achievement and                       550 W. North St., Suite 301                   to the field through research and leadership. Nominees must have
Leadership in Nonprofit and           Indianapolis, IN 46202                        demonstrated outstanding achievement(s) in the field of nonprofit and
Voluntary Action Research             317.684.2120 | Fax: 317.684.2128              voluntary action research and/or significant leadership achievements
(formerly called                                            in the advancement and promotion of such research over an extended
Award for Distinguished                                                             period of time. In addition to significant contributions to research, a
Lifetime Achievement)                                                               nominee's contribution to leadership may be considered. Nominees
                                                                                    need not be members of ARNOVA. Those interested in nominating
                                                                                    someone should submit a letter of nomination, curriculum vitae, and
                                                                                    nomination form. A second nomination also is required for the award.
                                                                                    The second nominator submits a letter of nomination (a maximum of
                                                                                    two pages). Either the nominator or the second nominator comes from
                                                                                    a different institutional base rather than that of the nominee, and at
                                                                                    least one is a member of ARNOVA. Self-nominations are not
                                                                                    The nomination form and additional details specific to each year's
                                                                                    award are posted to the ARNOVA website each spring. The deadline
                                                                                    for year 2009 award's nominations was May 15.
Cargill Cares Volunteer               Traci Rutzick                                 Special awards for Cargill employees and retirees who volunteer their               International
Award                                 Cargill Community Involvement                 time to help improve their communities. Awards are given throughout
                                      Minneapolis, Minnesota                        the world in the countries where Cargill has a branch. Three rounds
Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                      Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 14 of 16
                                      952-742-2546                                    annually: March 15; July 15; and Nov. 15.


Conrad N. Hilton                      Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize             The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize was established by the                       International
Humanitarian Prize                    10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 1000            Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in 1996. The annual $1.5 million dollar
                                      Los Angeles, CA 90067                           award honors a charitable or non-governmental organization that has
                                      Tel: (310) 556-4694                             made extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering
                                      Fax: (310) 556-8130                             anywhere in the world. The international Prize is the world's largest
                                  humanitarian award and ranks as one of the largest monetary prizes in
                                      de=1                                            any category - equal to the Nobel Prize. The creation of the Hilton
                                                                                      Prize is consistent with the guiding philosophy of the Hilton
                                                  Foundation, which was established by the late hotel entrepreneur,
                                                                                      Conrad N. Hilton, for the purpose of providing humanitarian aid to the
                                                                                      most unfortunate and disadvantaged.
                                                                                      Nominations for the 2010 Prize are excepted from August 3, 2009 to
                                                                                      November 2, 2009 from throughout the international community. The
                                                                                      Foundation generally does not encourage unsolicited proposals for
                                                                                      funding. Instead, it identifies critical societal needs, then proactively
                                                                                      initiates major, long-term projects with appropriate partner
                                                                                      organizations to implement them. In accordance with Conrad N.
                                                                                      Hilton's Last Will and Testament, the Foundation seeks to alleviate the
                                                                                      suffering of the world's most disadvantaged, with a special emphasis
                                                                                      on children and support for the work of the Roman Catholic Sisters.

International Activist Award          The Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at       The International Activist Award in 2009 and earlier years honors                    International
                                      the John F. Kennedy School of Government        those who have struggled to correct social injustice in the world (U.S.              Alternate years
                                      at Harvard University gives the Gleitsman       activists are the focus of the Citizen Activist Award in alternate years).
                                      International Activist Award.                   The honoree will receive $100,000 and a specially commissioned
                               sculpture designed by Maya Lin, creator of the Vietnam War Memorial
                                                                                      in Washington, DC.


Prudential Spirit of                  International Scholarship and Tuition           If you've made a difference by volunteering in your community over                   International
Community Awards                      Services                                        the past year, you could win $1,000 and a fabulous trip to Washington,
                                      200 Crutchfield Avenue                          D.C., next May by applying for a Prudential Spirit of Community
                                      Nashville, TN 37210                             Award! Even more important, you could win recognition that might
                                      Phone: 1-877-525-8491 (toll free)               inspire other young people to follow your example. These prestigious
                                                                                      awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial and the National
                                         Association of Secondary School Principals, have honored tens of
                                                                                      thousands of middle level and high school students over the past 13

Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                         Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 15 of 16
                                                                                  years solely for their volunteer work.
                                                   Applications for The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards are
                                                                                  accepted during September and October each year. During that time
                                                                                  period, you can apply online or request a paper application by calling
                                                                                  1-877-525-8491 toll-free.
                                                                                  The application deadline for the 2009 Spirit of Community Awards has
                                                                                  passed. Please visit the website in February to read about the 2009
                                                                                  Honorees. If you would like to apply for next year, please visit the
                                                                                  website in September.
                                                                                  The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program is also conducted
                                                                                  in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Ireland, where Prudential has
                                                                                  significant business operations.

Virginia A. Hodgkinson                ARNOVA                                                                                                                         International
                                                                                  The Virginia Hodgkinson Research Prize is given annually to the
Book Award/ Research                  550 W. North St., Suite 301
                                                                                  best book on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector that informs
Prize                                 Indianapolis, IN 46202
                                                                                  policy and practice. The prize is awarded by ARNOVA in
                                      317.684.2120, Fax: 317.684.2128
                                                                                  cooperation with Independent Sector and recognizes the
                                                                                  pioneering role of Virginia Hodgkinson in the research on
                               philanthropy and nonprofit organizations. Books must have been
                                                                                  published within the three calendar years preceding the award.
                                                                                  Books can be considered more than once. Entries must be
                                                                                  published by a university press or commercial publishing house.
                                                                                  Submissions from scholars representing any discipline are
                                                                                  welcome. In addition, submissions are encouraged from young
                                                                                  scholars, practitioners working in collaboration with university-
                                                                                  based researchers, and scholars working on multi-disciplinary
                                                                                  approaches. Prior prize recipients are ineligible for a five-year
                                                                                  period after their award is received. The deadline for the 2009
                                                                                  award's nominations was May 15, 2009.

Compiled by volunteer Pat Loehlein, Librarian                                                                   Awards Available in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and United States, Page 16 of 16

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