Milton Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Lifting Instructions by asafwewe


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									    Milton Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Lifting Instructions

       This equipment has been designed and tested to be used with Milton retaining Wall Units only.


Section one   Retaining Wall Detail

Section two   Lifting Equipment detail

Section three Unloading Retaining Wall Units on site.
3.1           Location of lifting pins into Retaining Wall Units
3.2           Unloading Retaining Wall Units

Section Four Turning Retaining Wall Units and manoeuvering

Section one      Retaining Wall Detail

                                                                                  Toe Filler Unit

                                                                                  Straps and Cleats



A completely new range to make Wall Units easier to use. Both faces of the unit are vertical and there are only two
thicknesses of wall for the complete range.
    Height                Approx. Weight (t)                Width (m)

       1.0                         0.47                           1.0
      1.5                          0.62                           1.0
      2.0                          1.35                           1.0
      2.5                          1.81                           1.0
      3.0                          2.04                           1.0


Corner filler unit with straps and cleats

Lifting and handling equipment


     Size             a             b              c             d           e                Chamfer

      1.0           120            650           1000          400           -                135x135
      1.5           120            650           1500          400           -                135x135
      2.0           190           1000           2000          500           -                175x175
      2.5           190           1500           2500          500          650               175x175
      3.0           190           1500           3000          500          650               175x175

Milton Retaining Wall Units are manufactured from C50 concrete with 30mm nominal cover to reinforcement.
They can be used in very severe exposure conditions as defined in BS 8110 Pt1 and severe exposure conditions as
defined in BS 5400 Pt4. Stock units are suitable for loading from either side, with maximum loading from a level
fill with a density of 19kNm³ and 10kN/m² live load surcharge or sloped up at max. 30° to an equivalent height to
the wall. A qualified engineer should check the foundation and wall stability.

Section Two      Lifting Equipment

                 Detail of Lifting devices.

                                          Two 1.8 Meter Length
                                          8mm Chain Slings

    Two Lifting Pin
    Assemblies.           Two Coupling
                          Links                                  Master Link

              The Complete set of Milton Retaining Wall Lifting Equipment

                                     Lifting Pin Assembly

                                               Master Link

Coupling Link

                Metal Tag Containing Safe Working load
                per chain sling and unique serial number.

                This data will also be found on the test
                certificate supplied with each set of lifting

                       Safety Link Pin

Section Three Unloading Retaining Wall Units on Site.

Caution: It will be necessary to work at height to unload Retaining Wall Units from the delivery vehicle.

Section 3.1 Location of Lifting Pins into Retaining Wall Units

        Remove Safety Link Pin                                          Remove Sleeve Collar
        from Solid Lifting Pin

   Insert Solid Lifting Pin into Upper                           Solid Lifting Pin is pushed through the
   Lifting hole on Outside of the                                Toe wall and out the other side. Ensure
   Retaining wall Toe                                            that the Sleeve Collar is always on the
                                                                 inside of each unit.

     Push Sleeve Collar onto the free                                      Insert Safety Link Pin
     end of the Solid Lifting Pin                                          into Solid Lifting pin.

Repeat this operation on an upper pin hole of the Wall, so that the chain slings are connected to the Retaining Wall
by the Toe and wall.

Section 3.2           Unloading Retaining Wall Units

                        Once the Chain Slings are both connected, perform a test
                        lift to ensure that the Retaining Wall is being lifted level.

Section Four     Turning Retaining Wall Units and Manoeuvering.

 Remove Lifting Pin Assemblies from
 the Wall and Toe and repeat the                       At no time during the turning process
 process, inserting the lifting Pin                    should the Retaining Wall Unit leave
 Assemblies into the top-most holes of                 the ground. This will prevent the Unit
 the Wall as above.                                    from swinging.
 Both pins must be used, never lift with
 one pin only

                                           Sleeve Collars and Safety
                                           Pins to inside of the unit.

  The Units are now ready for
  maneuvering into position.

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