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					                                                   FAQs About Electronic Donation
Q.      What is electronic donation?                                        Q.    Without a cancelled check, how can I prove I made my donation?
A.      It is an automatic transfer program which allows you to make        A.    Your bank statement shows itemized electronic transfers. The
        donations without writing checks.                                         church will also provide you with a giving statement for tax
Q.      How is my electronic donation automatically deducted from my
        account?                                                            Q.    Is electronic donation risky?
A.      Once you authorize the transfer, your specified donation is         A.    It is safer than check donation. It cannot be lost, stolen or
        electronically transferred directly from your saving or checking          destroyed.
        account to the church's account.
                                                                            Q.    What if I change bank accounts?
Q.      When will my donation be deducted from my account?                  A.    Notify the church and we will give you a new authorization form
A.      Monthly, on the 15th.                                                     to complete.

Q.      What if I try electronic donation and don't like it?                Q.    How much does electronic donation cost me?
A.      You can cancel or change your authorization by notifying the        A.    Nothing!
        church any time.

                                                        Authorization Form
                                                                           Please return completed form
                                                                            to Pastor Jim or Janet Beard.

Type of Authorization Form:          y New Authorization                          y Change Banking Information

                                     y Change Donation Amount                     y Discontinue Electronic Donation

Last Name                                                                  First Name


City                                                  State                Zip


Please debit my donation from my (check one):                                               Routing Number:__________________________

       y Savings Account (contact your financial institution for Routing #)
                                                                                            Account Number:__________________________
       y Checking Account (attach a voided check)

Month of first donation: ______________________________________                   Total Monthly Donation: $____________________
(Deduction to occur on the 15th of each month.)

I authorize New Day UMC and Klein Bank to process debit entries to my account. I understand that this authority will remain
in effect until I provide reasonable notification to terminate the authorization.

Authorized Signature:_______________________________________________________________________ Date:_______________________