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									AUCTION           Premier Sportswear Manufacturer
                  Printing & Embroidery Machinery

                                                     4 Airport Road
                                                     Belfast, Maine

                  SALE DATE:
                  Wednesday, March 22, 2000
                  10:30 A.M.

                  Tuesday, March 21, 2000
                  9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


 Barudan ZN-6
                Unitech KS-1
                                              AUCTION MANAGED AND CONDUCTED BY:
                                      Auction Information
                                                                                                          Sale Date:
                                                 4 Airport Road                             Wednesday, March 22, 2000, 10:30 A.M.
                                                 Belfast, Maine                                          Inspection:
                                                                                         Tuesday, March 21, 2000 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Terms & Conditions                                      Caterer                                               Travel Directions
                                                                                                              From Portland to Harborside Graphics
All items contained in this advertisement and auc-      A caterer will be on-site for your convenience        Take Route 95 North to Exit 6A for Route 295, South
tion will be sold at the highest bid price, no con-     from 8:00 a.m. to the conclusion of the Auction.      Portland Follow Route 295 Around Portland. It will re-
firmation is necessary.                                                                                       connect with Route 95 North Follow 95 North, it will
Sale... All machinery, equipment, merchandise           Rigging                                               merge with 495 (Maine Turnpike) which you follow
and other items (the ‘Goods’) are sold on “AS           Various Riggers will be on-site on the day of the     through a toll booth paying $0.50 and take your first exit
IS/WHERE IS” basis with no warranties or repre-         Auction. It is the buyers responsibility to coordi-   at Augusta which is Western Avenue. Follow Western
sentations whatsoever, either expressed or              nate all rigging needs for his/her purchases. All     Avenue through a traffic circle and take the second exit off
implied. WITHOUT LIMITING THE GENER-                    Riggers must have Insurance Certificates on file      the circle. Cross the Kennebec River enter a second traf-
ALITY OF THE FOREGOING, THE WAR-                                                                              fic circle. Take the second exit off this second traffic cir-
                                                        with the Auctioneer prior to removing any machin-
RANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR                                                                           cle, marked Belfast. Proceed to the stoplight at the Mobil
                                                        ery.                                                  station and turn right onto Route 3 East. Follow Route 3
expressly disclaimed.                                                                                         straight to Belfast (about 40 minutes). Turn right onto
Deposit and Payment... All payments must be in          Removal                                               Route 1 South, after Dutch Chevrolet and before
cash, cashier’s or certified check, federal wire        There will be no removal during the Auction. All      McDonalds. Go through one stop light at Route 52 and
                                                        bills must be paid in full prior to any removal.      continue south about one mile passing the National Guard
transfer of immediately available funds or a cor-
                                                                                                              Armory on your right. Turn right onto Lower Congress
porate check accompanied with a bank letter of                                                                Street and then take an immediate right onto the Belfast
guarantee, and all of the foregoing must be in          Hotels                                                Industrial Park. Pull into the first parking lot on your left
form, scope and substance acceptable to GIS in                     Comfort Inn                                at Harborside Graphics Sportwear. FOLLOW AUCTION
GIS’ sole discretion. Without limiting GIS’ dis-                   Belfast, ME                                SIGNS
cretion, no corporate checks without a bank guar-                  (207) 338-2090
antee and no personal checks will be accepted. No       Airports                                              From Bangor International                      Airport        to
title shall pass to Buyer until the total purchase              Bangor International Airport                  Harborside Graphics
price and all Taxes have been paid to GIS in col-          Bangor, Maine (Approx. 1 hour from plant)          Turn right at first traffic light on the road leading out of air-
lected funds.                                                                                                 port. Follow this road 1.6 miles to the first traffic light and
Taxes... Buyer must also pay to GIS on or before                       Portland Airport                       turn left onto Hammond Street. Proceed 250 yards and
the Final Payment Date, all sales, export, use and        Portland, Maine (Approx. 2 hours from plant)        turn right onto 95 South. After approximately 3.3 miles,
other taxes due to any federal, state or local taxing                   Augusta Airport                       take Exit 44 Coldbrook Road/Hamden Exit. Turn left at
authority (the ‘Taxes”) as a result of Buyer’s pur-       Augusta, Maine (Approx. 1 hour from plant)          the end of the exit ramp and follow road 1.6 miles to traf-
chase, including without limitation any taxes aris-                                                           fic light at Route 202. Turn right just before the light onto
ing from any Buyer’s Premium. To receive the                                                                  Route 202 and go approximately .8 miles to stop sign and
                                                        Automobile Rental                                     turn left onto Western Avenue. Follow Western Avenue .4
benefit of any tax exemption, Buyer must supply
GIS with a sales tax exemption certificate accept-                                                            miles and turn right onto Route 1A. Follow Route 1A
                                                                                                              through Hamden, Winterport, and Frankfort (Route 1A
able in form, scope and substance to GIS in GIS’
                                                                                                              takes a sharp left in Frankfort). Continue on 1A until you
sole discretion.                                                                                              bear right onto Route 1 South (there will be signs for
Additional terms and conditions will be posted at         1-800-654-3131                1-800-831-2847
                                                                                                              Belfast). Continue on Route 1 South through Searsport.
the sale.                                                                                                     When you reach Belfast (approximately 5 miles from
                                                                                                              Searsport) you will go over a bridge. Stay on Route 1
Buyer’s Premium                                                                                               South through the traffic light at Route 52. Continue on
   10% Buyer’s premium will apply to all                                                                      Route 1 South (past the National Guard Armory) and turn
      items/lots sold at this auction.                                                                        right at next intersection, which is Lower Congress Street.
                                                                                                              Take an immediate right into the Belfast Industrial Park
Disclaimer                                                                                                    and an immediate left into the first parking lot of
All of the information provided in this brochure is                                                           Harborside Graphics Sportswear. FOLLOW AUCTION
subject to deletions, errors, additions and changes                                                           SIGNS
without notice. Although information is gathered
from sources thought to be reliable, GIS shall have
no responsibility whatsoever for any information
provided to any attendee or buyer.

Proxy Bid
If you are unfortunately unable to attend this auc-
tion sale and wish to make an absentee bid, please
call 203-488-6650 for further information and
details.                                                 APPRAISAL DIVISION
                                                         Specializing in conducting cost effective

Deposit & Registration                                      and accurate valuations Nationwide
Please come prepared. A refundable deposit is           • All Inquiries Held in Strict Confidence
required to register on the morning of the Auction      • Bank Recognized
Sale. This is only a deposit, which is refundable at    ASA Certified Appraisers on Staff
any time if you are not a successful bidder. The
following are acceptable deposits to register for
this auction: Certified Checks - U.S. Currency -                                                      896 MAIN STREET • BRANFORD, CT 06405
Company Checks with a Bank Letter of                                                                  PHONE (203) 488-6650
Accommodation Drawn on U.S. Operating                                                                 FAX (203) 488-4577
Accounts.                                                                                             WEBSITE:

1997 Barudan 6-Head Embroidery Machine,             1993                                                                          1 of 2
   Model #ZN-6, 9-Needle Embroidery Machine,
   Fitted for Hats & Tubular Goods, Unitech
   Computer Control, s/n 971972G (See Photo)
(2) 1993 Tajima 12-Head Embroidery Machine,
   1993 Model #TME-HC912 9-Needle
   Embroidery Machine, Fitted for Hats & Tubular
   Goods, Three Phase, s/n 27312-3B & s/n
   28282-3B (See Photo)
1985 Brother Single Head Embroidery Machine,
   BAS-415 Computerized 9-Needle Stitcher (See

1990 Hopkins 8 Color Manual Press, Four Station
   w/ Various Plattens (See Photo)
(2) 1988 Hopkins 8 Color Manual Press, Four
   Station w/ Various Plattens (See Photo)

1990 Hopkins Red Air Flash Unit w/ Auto Swing,
  s/n 3120007 (See Photo)
1988 FH-9 Hopkins Flash Unit, s/n 11306
1986 FH-12 Hopkins Flash Unit, s/n 11401                 Tajima 12 Head Embroidery Machine

Hashima HW-Universal Winder
(2) Brother Sewing Machines TZ-1B652

SHIRT FOLDER                                        Hashima
1993 Braun SPFRDT Auto Folder, Capable of                HW
                                                    Universal                                              Tajima Controller
  Folding in Excess of 1000 Units per/hour, s/n      Thread
  9931870 (See Photo)                                Winder

Majestech 2-Cart Screen Drying Oven, 220 Volt
   Single Phase 40 AMP, Model #Q - Lux (See
Flip Vacuum Exposure Table, 60” x 72” w/ Violux
   5002S Exposure Unit & Theimer Timer
   Douthitt Model #DMG, Elect Over Air (See
Golden Ward High Pressure Pumps, 2 HP - 2500
   PSI @ 1.75 GPM., 120 Volts, 20 AMPs
Light Booth
(12) Portable Screen Racks
Steel Frame Washout Sink w/ Strainrite Strainer &                                                Partial View of Tajima Embroidery Frames
(2) Poly-Washout Booths, Back Lights w/
   Switch/Top Vent, Inside Dim. 60” x 54” x 24”
Two 3 Door Screen Drying Chamber, Screen
   Dryer Chamber Company, Model #200102, 220
   Volt Single Phase 20 AMP
Austin Poly Washout Booth, Back Lights w/
   Switch Sink, Inside Dim 72” x 84” x 24”
Steel Frame Light Box
Hill Homogenizer Mixer, 1 1/2 Horse w/ Vari
   Speed Drive
                                                                                                   Random View of Embroidery Thread

                                                    Brother Model BAS-415 Single Head 9 Needle
                                                               Embroidery Machine


                                                                                                                   M & R Formula
                                                                                                                   Model 5090 Screen
                                                                                                                   Printing Press

                                                                                  AUTOMATIC SCREEN PRINTERS
                                                                                  1993 M & R “Challenger” Automatic Press, 12 Color, 14 Station w/
                                                                                    Omni Flashes, Various Platten Sizes, Squeegee’s & Floodbars;
                                                                                    Platten’s Included, 14/ 7” x 22”, 14/ 16” x 22”, 14/ 18” x 22”, s/n
                                                                                    099422427F (See Photo)
                                                                                  1994 M & R “Formula” Automatic Press, 12 Color, 14 Station w/
       M & R Formula 12 Color 14 Station Automatic Screen Printing Press            All-Over Print Capabilities, Various Platten Sizes, 1 Omni-Uni
                                                                                    Flash Unit, 1 All-Over Quartz Flash Unit. Squeegees & Floodbars,
1993                                                                                Plattens Included, 14/ 7” x 22”, 14/ 12” x 22”, 14/ 16” x 22”, 14/
                                                                                    18” x 22”, 7/ 30” x 36”, s/n 099422427F (See Photo)

                                                                                  DRYING OVENS
                                                                                  M & R Sprint Modular Dryer, Model SD72-20-2, 60” Belt Infeed, 7’
                                                                                    and Outfeed 7’, Two Drying Sections w/ Air to Air Exchanger-
                                                                                    Propane s/n 039421047S (See Photo)
                                                                                  1990 Svecia Fabritex Dryer, Propane, 60” Belt w/ 20’ of Heat, 10’ in
                                                                                    and 7’ out, 208 Volt Three Phase, One Mil. BTU Cap., s/n 90679
                                                                                    (See Photo)

                                                                                                  M & R Challenger Model
                                                                                                  CH12-14 Press Controls
    M & R Challenger Automatic Screen Printing Press

                                                                                             Hopkins Flash
                                                                                             Drying Unit

                                                                                                                Flash Drying

M & R Sprint 60” Modular Conveyorized Net Drying Oven, 2 Zone                  1 of 3

         Svecia 60” Conveyorized Net Belt Drying Oven, 2 Zone                           Hopkins 8 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printing Press
Encore Diamond Maxitronic Squeegee
  Sharpener, Automatic w/ Assortment of
  Sharpening Capstans, Vacuum & Stand (See
4” belt Sander Squeegee Sharpener

(346) 24” x 36” Newman Roller Frames w/ Mesh
  (See Photo)                                      Brother Automatic Tagging Machine
(260) 20” x 26” Newman Roller Frames w/ Mesh
  (See Photo)
Lot of Newman Roller Frames, Small Frames 20”                                                                                  1993
  + 26”, Large Frames 24” + 36” (See Photo)
                                                                                               Sigma Automatic Shirt Folder
All Packaging Speedy Bagger w/ Conveyor &
   Sealer, s/n 80559 (See Photo)
Signode Gemini Top & Bottom Case Sealer, 120
   Volt, Single Phase Model USC-120-1, s/n
   92S04564 (See Photo)
(3) Tape Shooters, CYKLOP - Wet Paper Tape
   Shooter Model CMT-100

Spot Removing Station, Mystic Spot Gun w/
   Blowout Gun & Vacuum Blower
Krebs Spot Removing Station, w/ Krebs TG200
   Spot Gun & Blower
(5) Jiffy Steamers

AIR COMPRESSORS                                    Majestic 2 Cart Screen Drying Oven             Shirt Bagging System
Quincy Air Compressor, 15 HP, Piston Type Tank
  Mounted on 120 Ga. Tank 125 PSI/45CFM 208
  Volt Three Phase, 21,000 Hrs. (See Photo)
Gardner Rotary Air Compressor, 15 HP Copper
  Screw Tankless Skid Mount Unit, 125
  PSI/45CFM 208 Volt Three Phase, 15,000 Hrs.
  (See Photo)
Wilkerson Refrigerated Air Dryer, 70SCFM Cap.      Partial View                          Diamond-
  æ HP, 120 Volt Single Phase, Model #H06-AH-      of Newman                             Maxitronic
                                                         Roller                           Squeegee
  P00 w/ Per and After Filters                          Screen
Hankinson Refrigerated Air Dryer, 70SCFM Cap.                                            Sharpener
  æ HP, 120 Volt Single Phase, Model #8070 w/
  Pre & After Filters
Campbell Hausfield 1/2 HP Portable Air
  Compressor on Tank & Wheels

(30) Sections of Adjustable Pallet Racks, New w/
   Metal Decking, Made by RIDG-U-Rack, 6500
   Lb. Cap. (See Photo)
(2) Crown Hydraulic Pallet Jack
(3) Hand Trucks

AUTO TAGGER                                        Violux Light
Brother Auto Tagger Model F500B Air Driven w/         Source &
  Multiple Tag Capabilities, s/n 50924 (See          Integrator

               PROXY BID
 If you are unfortunately unable to attend this
  auction sale and wish to make an absentee                                             Violux Exposure Plate Making Vacuum Frame
    bid, please call 203-488-6650 for further
             information and details.

(2) Mac G3 266 PCs (See Photo)
Mac 9500/132 PC (See Photo)
(2) Mac 8500-180 PCs
Mac 8100-100 PC
Mac Quadra 650 PC
(6) Light Tables, 28” x 38” (See Photo)

Epson Scanner
Umax Scanner

Xante Accelawriter 9300 Printer
Textronix Printer, Phaser 550 Color Printer w/ Phaser Copy
HP Laser Jet 4 Printer
HP Laser Jet 5 Printer
(2) HP Laser Jet 6 Printer
                                                                Gardner-Denver 15 HP Air Compressor               Quincy 15 HP Air Compressor
HP Scanjet II CX Printer
(6) Okidata 320 Printers
Panasonic Printer

(22) Assorted Gateway, Dell, & Compaq
   P133 PC’s w/ Monitors
(5) Assorted P166 PC Computers
(4) Assorted 586 PC’s                          COMPLETE
(5) Assorted P90 PC’s w/ Monitors                                                                     NUMEROUS
P-75 PC
                                                GRAPHIC                                               MACINTOSH
(26) Assorted 486 PC’s w/ Monitors              DESIGN                                                COMPUTERS
P200 PC Computers                             DEPARTMENT

                                                               Macintosh Power Mac Model G3 Desk Top       Macintosh Model Power PC 9500/132 Desk
                                                                        Publishing Computer                        Top Publishing Computer

           Partial View of Rig-U-Rak
         Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Racking


                                                             Signode Gemini Case Sealer                      Vertical Graphics Art Camera

                                                              Visit our website at
                 Ford Cargo Van
                                                                          to view more photos
GE Brand/Washer GE Dryer
(16) Portable Canvas Hampers
Pitney Bowes Bar Code Printer w/ Digital Scale
(2) 5-Drawer Flat Files
(35) Metro Chrome Wire Racks
(2) Portable Steel Stairs, 5’ & 6’
Fiberglass Ladders, (1) Extension Ladder, (3) Step
(2) 4’ Steel Staircases
Digital Scale
Spectra Digital Scale
Dayton 20” Floor Drill                                     Partial View of Office Furniture
(3) Portable Vacuums, Lidnous Upright Model #15, Healthcare &                                        Partial View of                  Umax Flat Bed
   (2) North American Model #WV-375 All 1996 Models                                                  Laser Printers                   Color Scanner
Assorted Hand Tools, Portable Shelf Carts, Factory Trucks, Shop
   Stools & (6) Fans, Power Tools
PB Monarch Bar Code Printer

BUSINESS                                                  HP Laser
MACHINES                                I  LED               Jet V
                                   DETAPUTER                 Laser
GBC Shredder                        OM NG
                                   C STI                   Printer
Martin Yale Auto Folder              LI ABLE
Panafax Fax UF755                   AVAILOUR
GCC Selectr Precs Fax                 ON   ITE
                                      WEBS                                                    OVER (30)
TELEPHONE                                                                                      PENTIUM             Partial View of Dell Power Edge Servers
SYSTEM                                                                                        COMPUTERS
Toshiba Strada DX Phone System, Model #DKSUE280A Two
  Units 35-#EKT60Z5H & 4-DKT2020-SD (See Photo)

Over 5000 Square Feet of Herman Miller
  Office Cubicles & Partitions
Numerous Upholstered Chairs
Numerous Desks & Filing Cabinets
Numerous Shelf Units

1994 Ford E-150 Panel Cargo Van

                                               Toshiba Strada DX              Gateway 2000                Partial View of Computer Servers & Monitors
                                               Telephone System         GP5-166 Pentium Computer

                                                                                                       Members of
                                                                                                                                                           PRESORTED FIRST
                                                                                                                                                             CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                                               Permit No. 260
896 MAIN STREET • BRANFORD, CT 06405                                                                                                                           Bridgeport, CT

PUBLIC AUCTION SALE                                                                                                               FI RST CLASS M A I L
                                                                                                                                           RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
Premier Sportswear Manufacturer
Printing & Embroidery Machinery

4 Airport Road, Belfast, Maine
SALE DATE: Wednesday, March 22, 10:30 A.M.
INSPECTION: Tuesday, March 21, 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


                                                                       Premier Sportswear Manufacturer, Printing & Embroidery Machinery
                                                                                                                                 4 Airport Road

                                                                                                                                 Belfast, Maine
                Inspection: Tuesday, March 21, 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

                                                                       1997                                                      1993
                SALE DATE: Wednesday, March 22, 10:30 A.M.

                                                                                                                                                                              1 of 2
                                                                                 Barudan 6 Head Embroidery Machine                       Tajima 12 Head Embroidery Machine

                                                                       1994                                                      1993

                                                                        M & R Formula 12 Color Automatic Screen Printing Press     M & R Challenger Automatic Screen Printing Press

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