Form Request for Davis Bacon Wage Classification Determination by oqp13905


									Form: Request for Davis Bacon Wage Classification/ Determination (buildings more
than four stories in height)

All wage determinations for commercial rate projects (more than four stories) must first
be submitted to DHCR for review and verification using the DHCR form Request for
Davis Bacon Wage Classification/Determination (buildings more than four stories in
height). The published commercial/building rates can be found at , for New York State, the project’s County and
‘Construction Type: Building’. The submissions must be forwarded electronically to both
CharlesMcPhillips ( and Conrado Iyog (
for preliminary review and approval. A response (approval/disapproval) will be quickly
e-mailed back to the subgrantee.

Form: Department of Labor (SF-1444)

In instances where the subgrantee, in coordination with subcontractors, determines that
the Department of Labor (DOL) wage determination site does not contain a wage
classification(s) required to complete the project, DOL requires that a formal request for
an additional classification(s) be made. This request is made through DHCR (the
Contracting Officer). The DOL standard form (SF-1444) must be completed by the
subgrantee and submitted to both Charles McPhillips and Conrado Iyog, at the e-mail
addresses listed above. More detailed information on wage determination requests and
instructions for completing form (SF-1444) can be found at the following DOL website

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