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					Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                      Signals of Success
              - Progress against our 2006 Pledges

                             Chris Mallender

                           Chief Executive
                        Corby Borough Council

     July 2006
Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                      Corby Rail Service
                To secure a direct rail service to London

                                • Concept included in draft franchise document.

                                Areas of Concern
                                • Likely objection from existing commuters at
                                   other rail stations as journey times are

                                Next Steps
                                • Maximise public awareness and support.
                                • Respond to consultation by 7th August 2006
                                • Secure inclusion in franchise advert. – October
                                • Operator appointed – Summer 2007.

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

           Housing Regeneration Areas
                     To put the ‘Cor’ back into Corby.
                                • Consulted with tenants / residents over design plans.
                                • Extended area of regeneration on Kingswood as a result.
                                • Phase II demolition of properties on Kingswood and
                                   transfers / purchases at Arran Way largely completed.
                                • Finland Way / Danesholme ahead of schedule.
                                Areas of Concern
                                • Void turnaround times resulting in delay of transfer of
                                   Arran Way occupants.
                                • Negotiations around purchase of last few properties on
                                   Lincoln Way Phase II.
                                Next Steps
                                • Planning application for 46 units to be submitted in July
                                • Commence transfers / purchases at Danesholme 10th
                                   July 2006.
                                • Demolition Contract for Arran Way to commence late
                                   October / November 2006.

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                       Enterprise Centre
    To create a vibrant small business centre on time and on budget
                                • Site / grant secured March 2006.
                                • Operator interviews held April 2006.
                                • Planning referred to GOEM June 2006

                                Areas of Concern
                                • None

                                Next Steps
                                • Secure GOEM approval to issue planning
                                  consent August 2006.
                                • Appoint operator September 2006.
                                • Finalise grant for building from EMDA
                                  September 2006.

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

          Neighbourhood Management
                    To generate pride in our communities
                                • 4 Wardens appointed.
                                • Neighbourhood Manager appointed.
                                • Joint training undertaken with Housing Officers
                                   / Police and Neighbourhood Management.
                                • Scheme ready to be launched in Kingswood
                                   / Danesholme / Hillside and Central / Hazel Leys
                                   / West Wards.

                                Areas of Concern
                                • Delay / lack of clarity in County Council function.

                                Next Steps
                                • Roll out of Police Safety Community Teams operating
                                   to common boundaries by July 2006.
                                • Neighbourhood Caretakers to be appointed by
                                   November 2006.
Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                        Public Transport
     To increase frequency and accessibility to Corby Star Service
                                • Free bus pass available to all over 60’s and other
                                   qualifying groups (April 2006).
                                • Developer contribution built into West Stanion S106
                                   Agreement – 30th June 2006.

                                Areas of Concern
                                • Continued lack of access of Bus Users to Town
                                   Centre and Sports / Leisure facilities in the evening.

                                Next Steps
                                • Introduction of Oakley Vale Service, including limited
                                   Sunday service.
                                • Introduction of limited evening and improved Sunday
                                   service via Sec 106 Agreements.

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

        Civic Hub Arts Centre and International
               Swimming Pool Complex
                           Providing World Class facilities
                            •  Outline design of Arts Centre drawn up, containing flexible
                               approach to maximise public need – seating 450 / standing 700.
                            •  Design approved and funding identified.
                            •  Committee approval given for an International Pool and £18.7m
                               funding identified.
                            Areas of Concern
                            •  Parking provision for the new Hub and Pool.
                            •  Possible re-tendering of work for Pool may have an impact on
                               construction timescales.
                            Next Steps
                            •  Details of Arts Centre design to be agreed and planning
                               permission sought September 2006.
                            •  Confirm design team for Pool (July 2006).
                            •  Seek planning permission for the Pool December 2006

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                     Kerbside Recycling
            To put Corby in the top 25% of Councils nationally

                              • Pilot of kerbside collection of plastics in place.
                              • Achieved 31.72% combined current recycling
                                 performance (cum) against target for 06/07 of

                              Areas of Concern
                              • Cost of kerbside collection of plastics may not be
                                 economically viable.

                              Next Steps
                              • Green waste collection to be rolled out across the
                                Borough by August 2006.

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                      Inspection Ratings
    To increase service inspection ratings and customer satisfaction
                              • Achieved One Star and “promising prospects for
                                 improvement” in Street Scene Service.
                              • Proportion of National PI’s above average increased
                                 from 04/05 to 05/06.
                              • Reduction to customer dissatisfaction to 16%.

                              Areas of Concern
                              • Need to ensure continued satisfaction in lead up to
                                 Annual Satisfaction Survey.
                              • Need to increase momentum of improvement within
                                 Neighbourhood Pride.

                              Next Steps
                              • 50% plus residents satisfaction from November 2006
                                 Satisfaction Survey.
                              • Housing Inspection rating of One Star / Promising from
                                 February 2007 inspection.
Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

   Old Village Conservation Area and Heritage Centre
               To make the most of Corby’s past and future
                              • Initial surveys commenced on Old Village.
                              • Application submitted to Heritage Lottery for funding to
                                 support Development Worker and cottage restoration.
                              Areas of Concern
                              • Insufficient funds available for conservation area.
                              • Funding if lottery bid unsuccessful
                              Next Steps
                              • Agree funding plus timetable for Conservation Area
                                 Appraisal and Management Plan
                              • Funding announcement for Heritage Centre to be made
                                 Sept 06.
                              • If successful tender for building works to 75-77 High
                              • Appoint Heritage Development Worker.

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                         One Stop Shop (OSS)
             Putting the customer at the heart of our business
                        •  OSS to be open 6/7/06.
                        •  Tourism services relocated into OSS.
                        •  Cashiering services relocated to OSS.
                        •  Switchboard / Telephony and Mailroom services – to move to OSS prior
                           to opening – improving telephone response and mail distribution.
                        •  Key IT system in place prior to opening including Queuing System and
                           Customer Relation Management System and Customer Management
                           System. Providing invaluable data on customer interactions.

                        Areas of Concern
                        •  Delay in building works effecting ability to deliver OSS.
                        •  Delivery of key projects of OSS – ICT and people related.
                        •  Implementing robust “back office / service area” support to OSS and

                        Next Steps
                        •  First quarter monitoring of customer interactions – management material
                           to develop / improve service.
                        •  Developing OSS in response to customer requirements and performance
                           data (on-going).
Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

                  Disability Discrimination Act
        To improve access to facilities for people with disabilities.
                              • All DDA adaptations with the exception of
                                sheltered accommodation and communal
                                areas complete.

                              Areas of Concern
                              • Potentially insufficient funds available to
                                complete DDA programme in its entirety.

                              Next Steps
                              • Determine way forward on dovetailing
                                outstanding DDA works with decent homes

Building a bigger, better, brighter Corby

             Housing and Council Tax Benefits
         To reduce the time taken to process and to maximise take-up.
                              • Home visits now in place for any customer that wishes
                                 one including elderly and vulnerable customers.
                              • Wireless technology in place.
                              • Time taken to process for period to 26th June is 32 days.

                              Areas of Concern
                              • Visits not always being offered / undertaken.
                              • Need to improve / progress other key measures e.g.
                                 accuracy of calculation.
                              Next Steps
                              • As scheme progresses average time to process will be
                                 less than 30 days by end of year.


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