Provost's Department of the Year Award Nomination Form Nominator's by oqp13905


									Provost’s Department of the Year Award Nomination Form

Nominator’s Information





Nominator’s Signature

I consent to the distribution of the department’s nomination portfolio to the members of the
Faculty Awards Committee.

________________________________                     _____________
Department Chair’s Signature                         Date

This form should accompany the other required Provost’s Department of the Year Award
nomination materials.

Portfolio Checklist—Place a check in each slot.
Please present materials in a binder in the following order:

____ 1. Nomination form;

____ 2. Nomination letter summarizing the department’s overall achievements;

____ 3. Narrative summarizing the department’s overall achievements (approximately 10
       double-spaced pages):
          a. Internal and external awards and prizes;

           b. Funded grants with amounts and dates;

           c. Lists of scholarly publications or creative activities (with full citation—MLA,
              Chicago Manual of Style, etc.);

           d. List of scholarly/creative presentations at international, national, regional, and
              local conferences;
          e. Evidence of collaboration with faculty inside and outside of the department at
             Texas Southern University;

          f. Evidence of collaboration with faculty at other universities;

          g. Evidence of innovative teaching, including online and other distance learning
             instructional technologies, courses with international/global components,
             programs with interdisciplinary options, etc.;

          h. Evidence of student engagement and involvement of undergraduate
             researchers/creative artists;

          i. Evidence of outreach to current students, including advisement, enrichment
             programs/special intellectual events, and department-based scholarships;

          j. Evidence of outreach to alumni;

          k. Evidence of outstanding academic and public service at various levels, including
             University, local, regional, national, and international;

           l. Evidence of fundraising to support collective faculty development.
____ 4. Six letters supporting the quality and significance of the department’s overall
       outstanding achievement in terms of scholarly/creative activities, teaching, academic
       or public service, and outstanding achievement in development and public relations–one
       from the dean, one from the associate or assistant dean, one from a
       TSU colleague outside of the department, one from a faculty member within the
       department, and two from alumni of the department.

Submit the original nomination portfolio and three additional copies in two-inch
(maximum) binders to the Office of the Provost, Hannah Hall, Rm. 305, by 5:00 p.m.
Monday, March 15, 2010. Please request a confirmation receipt from the staff person
accepting the nomination portfolio.

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