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									           North American Technician Excellence                       Exams Hosted by:
       Residential/Light Commercial HVAC Exams
                                                               Technical Training Services, LLC

About You                                                   About Your Employer

Last Name                 First Name       Middle Initial   Company Name

Daytime Telephone Number                   Email Address    Daytime Telephone Number               Fax

Mailing Address (street, apt. number)                       Mailing Address

City                      State            Zip/Postal       City                     State             Zip/Postal

Test Session Date & Location:
April 29, 2010
Grand Rapids, MN – Cohasset City Hall                                 Fees and Payment
1:00 – 5:00 PM
                                                             Test fees are determined by how many exams
Exam Information                                             you register for. All exams (core & specialty)
Please mark each exam for which you are registering. See     are $250.00 each. Registration closes on April
registration information page for more information.          9, 2010. We cannot accept any registrations
   Core Exam                                                after this date. No telephone registrations.
   Air Conditioning Specialty
   Air Distribution Specialty
   Gas Heating Specialty                                       Core Exam                       $__________
   Heat Pump Specialty                                         Specialty Exam(s)               $__________
   Oil Heating Specialty
   Hydronics Gas Specialty                                  TOTAL FEES DUE:                     $__________
   Hydronics Oil Specialty
   Light Commercial Refrigeration                                   Check or Money Order Payable to:
   Commercial Refrigeration                                          Technical Training Services, LLC
   Senior Efficiency Analyst
Technician Information                                                        Send form and fees to:
Please mark ONE technician type. See reverse for more
information.                                                         Technical Training Services, LLC
                                                                            11584 170th Street
     Installation Technician                                             Little Falls, MN 56345
     Service Technician
                                                                     You may also register online at:
    Passage of Core and at least
       one Specialty exam is
                                                                     All major credit cards and PayPal
     necessary for certification.
    The exam session lasts four                                         are accepted on our website
      hours, which is adequate
    time to take a Core and one                                     Questions? Call Dave 320-333-1943
          Specialty exam.                                          or email
                  Exam Registration Information
Is this your first time taking a NATE Exam?               How many certifications should I attempt at
To achieve certification, you must take and pass          once?
both the Core exam and a Specialty exam.                  NATE recommends that the first time you sit for
                                                          certification, you should register for the Core exam
Do you need to take the Core Exam?                        and ONE Specialty exam. Then, when you wish to
Please register for the Core exam if this is your first   earn additional certifications, you will have a better
time taking a NATE HVAC/R exam OR you did not             sense of how much time it takes you to complete
pass the Core exam on a prior attempt.                    each exam. Remember, each test session lasts four
What specialty do you want to certify in?
Choose the specialty that matches the equipment           What if I need to cancel?
and systems you work on, and for which you want to        Your exams are paid in full when you register. We
earn certification. Technicians who achieve               are simply ordering the testing materials for you.
certification in Heat Pumps are automatically             NATE does not refund for unused testing materials
considered certified in Air Conditioning*.                and all testing materials used or unused must be
                                                          returned to NATE with each test group. Please call if
What kind of technician are you?
                                                          you have an emergency and cannot make it to your
Check only one box for the technician type that best
                                                          testing session.
describes you. Service technicians are automatically
certified as Installation technicians*.                   Important disclaimer
                                                          NATE reserves the right to cancel any test score,
Installation technician
                                                          bar participating in the NATE program, or revoke the
Primarily prepares the installation site (including
                                                          certification if NATE has any reason to question the
removal of existing HVAC equipment), fabricates
                                                          validity of a test score, suspect misconduct at the
connections and assembles systems as specified in
                                                          test center, or suspect the reporting of fraudulent
the installation instructions. Must be able to properly
                                                          information on the registration form.
power up and set control positions to cycle
equipment through primary heating, cooling and            Education & experience requirements
blower operation under on-site or off-site supervision    There are no education or experience requirements
of a service technician of applicable specialty.          to become certified, but at least one years’
Installation technician takes HVAC specialized            experience is recommended for Installation
readings, such as temperatures, refrigerant circuit       certification. If you have less experience, it is
pressure and basic VOM electrical readings, with          recommended that you take the Industry
both operating and non-operating equipment, as            Competency Exam. We recommend at least two
required by others.                                       years' experience for Service certification. If you
Service technician                                        become certified as a Service Technician, you are
Must be able to accomplish same tasks as an               automatically certified as an Installation Technician
Installation technician, as well as be able to            without additional testing.
independently power up and adjust control settings
                                                          Exam descriptions
to cycle equipment through all designed-for
                                                          Core Exam – 50 Questions
sequences. Must be able to acquire, evaluate and
interpret such readings as may be necessary to            Specialty Exam – 100 Questions
determine the adequacy of, and qualify as                 Registration confirmation
acceptable, system operation to meet specifications.      We will send out informational packets by mail to all
Service technician must be able to perform sufficient     registered candidates. The packet will contain exam
field diagnostic procedures as necessary to               location information and CD based training materials
determine causes of inadequate performance and            for the exams you registered for. Please study the
identify corrective actions as needed.                    packet closely as it will have information to obtain
Payment & fees                                            certification.
Your total fee is determined by how many exams
you are registering for. Please use one form per          Online registrations
person. Payment is due with this form. Please             You can also register online at:
submit by the due date noted.                   
How long does certification last?
Once certification is obtained it lasts for five

What happens at the end of five years?
To meet the requirements for recertification you
should either complete 60 continuing education
hours (CEH) in your specialty or retake your
specialty exam, before certification lapses. If you
choose to use continuing education hours to re-
certify you must document your CEHs and
submit an application for recertification.

NATE Certification opens doors for you, allowing
you to obtain a job or advance in your chosen
profession. The US military awards promotion
points for servicemen earning NATE
Certification and the benefits of these
certifications continue when you leave the

The VA's licensing and certification benefit
allows the Department of Veterans Affairs to pay
the licensing and certification fees of all eligible
veterans. (NOTE: The VA only pays for the test
and not other expenses associated with
obtaining a license or certification.)

Veterans can receive up to $2000 per test but
not more than the actual cost of the test. You
can receive benefits to retake a test you failed.
The number of tests you may take is unlimited,
except that you cannot receive benefits for tests
you have already successfully completed.

To receive Veteran's Benefits, please apply using
Form 22-1990. Once you apply and have been
approved as eligible, you will be notified by the VA.
Then you can sign up for benefits and apply for
reimbursement after you have taken the NATE test.

Who developed these exams?
The NATE Technical Committee oversees the
Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise
(KATEs) and all test development. The KATEs
are the statistically proven job task analysis from
which all questions are developed. All exams
are developed by subject matter experts from
across the HVAC/R industry representing a wide
variety of perspectives which includes
contractors, technicians, distributors, educators,
manufacturers, and utilities.

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