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					Transforming Services Award

              Holding hands to
      raise the profile
             of organ donation


              Together, we have
              bereavement care & rates
                          of organ & tissue donation

   THE CHALLENGE                                     THE RESULTS
   •   To create a unique and personal service       •   This service has delivered (and exceeded)
       for bereaved families ensuring that the           the 50% increase in organ donation
       wishes of the patient regarding choices           recommended by the Organ Donation
       made in life are facilitated and respected.       Taskforce (January ‘08).
   •   Whether the patient donates or not, to        •   Linked donation with end of life care
       provide quality care at the most difficult        across the whole organisation,
       time in people’s lives.                           embraced trust wide. Every ward has
                                                         had at least one donor.
   •   To support families and allow them to
       care for their loved one after death, for     •   The team has created a template that
       example by having a lock of hair or a             can be transferred to other trusts.
       hand or foot print.
                                                     •   A corneal retrieval team is established
   THE RESPONSE                                          to improve and sustain retrieval figures
                                                         and registrations on the organ donor
   •   In the immediate aftermath of a
                                                         register in the area are increased.
       patient’s death the team is on call 24/7
       to provide help and support to staff          •   Bereavement, loss and donation days
       and relatives. They also provide a follow         and fund raising activities now maintain
       up service for any families who may be            a high profile and close links with the
       facing particular difficulties.                   local media have been a catalyst
                                                         to increasing registrations on the organ
   •   In addition to bereavement services the
                                                         donor register in the area by
       team has also worked to incorporate
                                                         approximately 33%.
       organ donation as a normal part of end
       of life care, through, for example,           •   The presentation of their work at
       working with all who work across the              national conferences has led to the
       health economy from porters, nurses,              Department of Health inviting the team
       intensivists and the coroner.                     to join the Organ Donor Taskforce in
                                                         order to share good practice.
   The best of the best
   For more information email:                           Royal Bolton Hospital                                           NHS Foundation Trust

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