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									Michaelmas Term 2009
Oct 22 Jim Endersby Is there a God in this Text: Re-readingDarwin's Origin of Species
Nov 5 Fern Elsdon-Baker The Selfish Genius: RIchard Dawkins and the Legacyof Charles Darwin
Nov 19 John Brooke Christian Darwinians: Past and Present
Trinity Term 2009
May 7 Michael Reiss Howshould we deal with creationism and intelligent design when teachingabout evolution in schools?
May 21 David BartholomewGod, Chance and Purpose
June 4 Tim Mawson Explainingthe Fine Tuningof the Universe to Us and the Fine Tuningof Us to the Universe
Hilary Term 2009
Jan 29 Tina Beattie Science, Religion and the Human Condition: what reallymatters in the God debates
Feb 12 Ard Louis The evolution of biological complexity: a physicist's point of view
Feb 26 Keith Ward Are there Limits to Scientific Explanation?
Michaelmas Term 2008
Oct 16 Thomas Dixon The historyof altruism, 1851-2006: Comte, Wilde and Dawkins
Oct 30 John Polkinghorne A newnatural theology
Nov 27 Alister McGrath Natural theology: renewinga traditional interface between science and religion
Trinity Term 2008
May 1 Prof Edward B Davis Fundamentalist Cartoons, Modernist Pamphlets, and the Religious image of
Science in America duringthe Scopes Era
May 15 Prof Richard Swinburne What makes me me? A defence of substance dualismMay 29 Prof George
Pattison Technologyand Violence: Origins and Futures
Hilary Term 2008
24 Jan Professor Rob Iliffe Eirenicum: Newton's ecclesiastical politics
7 Feb Prof Peter Harrison Genesis and the Foundations of Seventeenth-CenturyScience 21 Feb Prof John
Cottingham Are Religious Claims ExplanatoryHypotheses?
Michaelmas Term 2007
Oct 11 Dr Justin Barrett Born Believers: The Naturalness of Childhood Theism Oct 25 Prof.
Geoffrey Cantor The Conflict Thesis Revisited
Nov 11 Dr John Puddefoot Dynamic Infinities and the Complexities of Being
Nov 22 Prof Simon Conway Morris Darwin's Compass: Howevolution discovers the songof creation.
Trinity Term 2007
May 3 Prof Robert McCauley: Comparingthe Cognitive Foundations of Science and Religion
May 17 Prof Robert Audi: Religious Commitment and the Scientific Habit of Mind
May 31 Dr Denis Alexander: Evolution and theodicy—a biologist's perspective
Hilary Term 2007
Jan 18 Dr Kelly James Clark Reformed Epistemology and the Deliverances of Cognitive Science
Jan 25 Prof Michael Marsh The Out-of-Bodyand Near-Death Experience
Feb 8 Prof Magda Stavinschi Tradition and Crisis: religion and science in Romania Feb 22 Prof
Roger Trigg Religion in Public Life
Michaelmas Term 2006
Oct 12 Dr Margaret Yee Is divine/ human action still credible in a scientific world?
Oct 26 Dr David Grumett Towards a Theologyof Matter: insights fromTeilhard de Chardin Nov 9 Dr Michael
Meredith Mysticismor Mystery?
Nov 23 Prof Erlendur Haraldsson Children who claim to remember a past life
Trinity Term 2006
May 4 Rev Dr Timothy BradshawPannenberg's attempt to allowscience into theologyMay 18 Dr Rik van
Nieuwenhove The Relevance of Religion in a Digital Age
Jun 1 Dr Geoffrey Cantor ReconstructingNature - ten years on
Hilary Term 2006
Jan 26 Professor Harald Walach Science and Spirituality
Feb 9 Dr Margaret Yee The Creation of Life - theologyin a science world Feb 22 Professor Ian
Walmsley Michael Polanyi's concept of knowing
Michaelmas Term 2005
Oct 13 Dr Brent Waters Did Nietzsche Blink?
Oct 27 Professor John Bowker The Sacred Neuron
Nov10 Archbishop Gregorios Theologyin a Scientific World Nov24 Dr Pete
Moore Launch of Sophia Europa Oxford 2005-8
Trinity Term 2005
May5 Prof Michael Humphrey Consciousness Research, and Artificial Intelligence. May19 Dr Irene
Tracey ImagingPain, Sufferingand its Alleviation
June 2 Dr Rodney Holder Multiverses in modern cosmology
Hilary Term 2005
Jan 27 Professor Marc Marenco Towards an Ontologyof Human Reproduction
Feb 10 Dr Olivera Petrovich Origins of Religion in Human Development: the issue of innateness
Feb 24 Dr Jane Pearce Is wisdom a helpful model in healthcare? A perspective from psychiatry.
Michaelmas Term 2004
14 Oct Professor John Hedley Brooke The search for extra-terrestrial life
28 Oct Dr Tom Kemp ExplanatoryTheories in Palaeobiology: howscience copes with history
11 NovProfessor Roger Trigg Must we privatise religion?
25 NovProfessor Nancy Cartwright No God, no laws
Trinity Term 2004: Science and Religion
6 MayDr John Lennox Fingerprints of God? Some reflections on God's Two Books 20 MayEmma
Shackle Whywe need psychologyof religion in an age of globalisation 3 Jun Dr Gavin Dalton The
Sounds of the Suburbs - Echoes fromthe BigBang
Hilary Term 2004: Science and Religion
29 Jan Dr Keith Hutchison An angel's viewof heaven? Heliocentricitybefore Copernicus 12 Feb
Professor John Kelly Consciousness, Literature and Science
26 Feb Professor Holmes Rolston Genes, Genesis and God
Michaelmas Term 2003: Science and Religion
16 Oct Professor Maurice Finocchiaro Re-tryingGalileo, 1633-1992
30 Oct Professor William Dembski GaugingIntelligent Design's Success
13 NovProfessor John Hedley Brooke Scientific Laws: Can there be laws without a law-maker?
27 NovProfessor William E. Carroll Thomas Aquinas, Creation, and Current Cosmology
Trinity Term 2003: Science, Religion and Medicine
8 May Professor Julian Savulescu Gene Therapy, Transgenesis and Chimeras 22 May
Dr Joanna McGrath The World Health Organisation model of disease 5 June Dr Nick
Bostrom Our Human and Posthuman Dignity
Hilary Term 2003
30 Jan Rev Dr John Weaver Dialogue and Apologetic
13 Feb Dr Charles Conti Feuerbach and Religious Projection
27 Feb Dr Michael Culhane Did the Creator dispense with time and history?
Michaelmas Term 2002: Theology, Science and Medicine
17 Oct Professor John Hedley Brooke Science, religion and the unification of nature 31 Oct
Professor Roger Homan Fightingfor life? Conflicts of religion and medicine
14 Nov: Professor GeoffreyCantor EvokingEvlolution; howJew and Quakers responded to Darwin
28 NovDr Pauline Rudd Reflections on science, religion and the search for meaning
Trinity Term 2002: Science, Religion and Medicine
2 MayDr Allan Chapman The Canon, the Chemist and the Dinosaurs 16 May
Professor R.J. Berry Adam: an ape or an angel?
30 MayLord Winston and Lord Habgood Consciousness and Human Responsibiity
Hilary Term 2002: Science and Religion: Ongoing Concerns
24 Jan Dr Rodney Holder Modern Cosmologyand the Design of the Universe 7 Feb Dr
Yanna Popova Conceptualisingthe Spiritual
21 Feb: Canon Trevor Williams Tillich's 'Yes and No' to Theologyand Science
Michaelmas Term 2001: Theology, Science and Medicine
11 Oct Professor Brian Leonard
25 Oct Professor John Wyatt
22 NovDr Margaret Yee The Human Person: Brain, Mind and Spirit
Trinity Term 2001: The Human Person
3 MayDr Gerard Hughes Neuroscience and Spirituality
17 MayDr Ron Bell Is scientific knowledge compatible with the existence of God?
31 MayDr Paul Fiddes Concepts of God in the context of scientific development
Hilary Term 2001: Science, Religion and Education
25 Jan Dr David Wilkinson A multi-media approach to the relationship between science and religion
8 Feb Michael Poole Teachingabout science and religion in education 22 Feb Dr
Nick Saunders Divine action and chaos theory
Michaelmas Term 2000: Science and Religion
12 Oct Professor John Hedley Brooke RevisitingDarwin on Order and Design
26 Oct Dr Rob Iliffe A comparison of Newton's research strategies in science and religion 9 Nov
Professor Robin Gill Theologyand Human Genetic Science
23 NovDr Rabbi Norman Solomon The Limits of Description
Trinity Term 2000: Human Consciousness
11 MayProfessor Berj Bardakjian Cues of consciousness in brain cells
25 MayProfessor Susan Greenfield Howthe brain generates consciousness
8 June Dr Margaret Yee Human life and consciousness: a multi-disciplinaryquest?
Hilary Term 2000: The Science and Theology Relation: Ways Forward
27 Jan Dr Michael Parsons Contingencyand Rationalityin Science and Religion 10 Feb Dr
Christopher Southgate The Difficult Case of Evolution
24 Feb Dr Kallistos Ware Whydoes theologydiffer fromscientific discourse?
Michaelmas Term 1999: Theology and the Sciences - where now?
14 Oct Professor John Hedley Brooke Provingthe Relevance of Religion to the Sciences 28 Oct Dr
Celia Deane-Drummond Biotechnology, Ecologyand Wisdom
11 NovProfessor John Bryant The genes have spoken, now send in the clones 25 Nov
Professor Rom Harre Natural Religion and its Critics
Trinity Term 1999: Issues in theology and the Sciences
6 MayProfessor David BartholomewMisplaced certaintyin Science and Religion 20 MayDr
Arthur Peacocke Science and the Future of Theology: some critical issues 3 June Professor Oliver
O'Donovan Creation
Hilary Term 1999: Cosmology and Theology
28 Jan Professor AndrewLyne Cosmologyand Life in the Universe 11 Feb
Professor Russell Stannard Cosmologyand Theology
25 Feb Professor John Webster Theologyand Cosmology: some reflections
Michaelmas Term 1998: Questions raised by Cognitive Neuroscience
15 Oct Professor John Marshall Neuroscience: Brains or People?
29 Oct Professor William Carroll Soul and Science: Thomistic Biology, an Antidote to
12 NovDr MaryMidgley Beingscientific about ourselves
26 NovDr Arthur Peacocke & Dr Margaret Yee Can God Communicate with Brains-in-Bodies?
Trinity Term 1998: The Person in Genetics and Theology
30 Apr Dr Kevin Sharpe Human Behaviour, Genetics and Theology
14 MayDr Jo Poulton Mitochondrial DNA: Genetic Counsellingand Evolution 28 May
Dr Neil Messer Genes, Persons and God
Hilary Term 1998: Brain, Mind and Religious Belief
29 Jan Professor Richard Swinburne The Soul
12 Feb Revd John Puddefoot Machines and Persons: is the TuringTest enough? 26 Feb Dr
Irene Tracey Perceivingpain
Michaelmas Term 1997: Issues in the Relation of Science and Theology
16 Oct Dr Margaret Yee Principles of Knowing: science, Humanities and Theology30 Oct Sir John
Houghton The Environment: a Challenge to Scientists and Christians 13 NovDr Arthur
Peacocke Evolution: howis it to be interpreted?
27 NovProfessor Keith Ward The God of Physics and the God of Abraham
Trinity Term 1997: Science and theology from the perspective of different disciplines
1 MayDr Angela Vincent, Dr Arthur Peacocke & Dr Margaret Yee
15 MayDr J Weaver Dialogue and Apologetic& Dr R Harnish How should we live? 29 May
Dr Olivera PetrovitchThe relation of psychologyand theology
& Dr Norman Solomon Makingsense of traditional texts about the soul

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