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                                                       Calendar and Fee Schedule
                            New Family Orientation Day                      Tuesday, September 7
                            New Boy Orientation (Students only)             Wednesday, September 8
                            Classes begin                                   Thursday, September 9
                            Thanksgiving Break                              Thursday, October 7
                                          Classes resume                    Tuesday, October 12
                            Fall Mid-term Break                             Thursday, November 11
                                           Classes resume                   Tuesday, November 16
                            December Break                                  Wednesday, December 15
                                         Classes resume                     Tuesday, January 4
                            Winter Mid-term Break                           Thursday, February 17
                                          Classes resume                    Tuesday, February 22
                            March Break                                     Thursday, March 10
                                               Classes resume               Tuesday, March 29
                            Easter Break                                    Thursday, April 21
                                               Classes resume               Tuesday, April 26
                            Spring Mid-term Break                           Thursday, May 19
                                          Classes resume                    Tuesday, May 24
                            Middle School Prize Day                         Thursday, June 16
                            Upper School Prize Day                          Friday, June 17
• Boarders are due back at the school after dinner and before 9:00 p.m. the evening before classes resume.
• Unless indicated, the breaks begin at the end of a full day of classes. Students are expected to make their travel plans accordingly.
****Specific times for break periods and additional event information is available on our website at www.sac.on.ca.
                                               Tuition Costs: Boarding and Day

                                       Instalment Plan (Default option)                                           Monthly Plan
                                                                                                                       10 equal
    Due Date(s)        April 1, 2010   April 1, 2010     June 30, 2010   Dec. 1, 2010   Total     April 1, 2010       payments      Total
                                                                                                                     May to Feb.
  Boarding Students    $45,050          $9,050            $36,200                       $45,250       n/a               n/a          n/a
   requiring Visas

  Boarding Students    $42,900          $8,675            $17,330        $17,330        $43,335    $8,675             $3,560       $44,275
   Day Students        $26,660          $5,400            $10,780        $10,780        $26,960    $5,400             $2,220       $27,600
    Day Students
   requiring Visas     $28,750          $5,770            $23,060                       $28,830       n/a               n/a          n/a

Other Mandatory fees

Wireless Laptop Fee     $1,990                             $1,990                       $1,990                         $200        $2,000
   Service Fee            $975                              $975                         $975                          $100        $1,000
    Lunch Fee
(Day Students only)     $1,000                             $1,000                       $1,000                         $100        $1,000
                                          Other Fees and Incidental Charges

An ATM machine is available in the Business Office from 8 am until 4:30 pm. Students are encouraged to obtain bank debit
cards in order to access spending money from personal accounts.
Athletic Fees may apply when school teams incur costs for facility or equipment rentals, or other events beyond the scope of
the regular season (i.e. optional tournaments). The Athletic section of the Parent & Student Handbook provides further
Books and School Supplies are additional and annual costs range from $400 to $900. Students are responsible for ordering
their books online through: http://kilby.sac.on.ca. Limited copies of used books are available.
Instrument Rental and Studio Fees are charged to students enroled in art and/or music. These fees cover the rental and
cost of specialized equipment and supplies.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services are available to boarding students for an additional fee. Washers and dryers are available
in each residence free of charge.
Lunches for day students are $1,000 per year.
Mandatory Class Trips and Outings are periodically scheduled for an entire class or part of a subject program. The cost of
these trips, less any transportation charges, is billed back to the student’s account. An example of this is the Middle School’s
“Beyond the Gates” program, held in the fall, which requires overnight accommodation.
Medical Insurance coverage is a requirement. Non-Resident Students must subscribe to the Medical Plan offered through the
School. This is billed in September for the period September to June. The approximate cost for the 2010-2011 academic year
will be $500.

A Personal Service Fee of $975 is charged. This bundled fee covers the cost of athletic transportation, clubs, newspapers,
school yearbook, Cadet Corps uniforms and equipment, and individual school photographs.
A Registration Fee of $3,000 is due at the time of the student’s acceptance and is in addition to all other fees. This is a one-
time, non-refundable fee which reserves a position for new students, subject to satisfactory completion of the current academic
A Refundable Deposit of $1,000 for all new students will be charged on the first School’s billing statement. This will be held
until the final bill is processed after the student leaves the School.
Tutoring by private tutors may be arranged through the School at an additional cost.
A Wireless Laptop Technology Fee of $1,990 per student is charged to cover the cost of the wireless laptop program. The
fee includes a complete care package with battery exchange and loaner computer program, insurance coverage for damage or
theft (see Parent & Student Handbook for details on deductibles), carrying case, variety of software, wireless internet access at
the School and on-site repair services.

                                                  Payment Plan Options
The 2010-2011 Tuition Fee Schedule appears on the back of this brochure. St. Andrew’s College offers the convenience of
three payment plan options: Annual, Instalment and Monthly. Please indicate your preferred option on the enrolment/re-
enrolment form. If no selection is made, the instalment plan will be automatically chosen.
If the monthly plan option is chosen, parents must provide authorization to charge their credit cards on a monthly basis or
provide post-dated cheques.
International students who require Visas must pay their fees in full by June 30, 2010.
Payments may be made by cheque (payable to St. Andrew’s College), by internet or by telephone banking through the following
financial institutions: TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank or HSBC.
Credit cards can be used for incidental charges and may be registered with the Business Office for the purpose of making
automatic payments against a student’s account. Credit cards may also be used toward tuition and other mandatory fees, only if
the parent has chosen the Monthly Plan.

                                                     Online Statements
Parents may access their account statements through the Academic Portal on the School’s website, using their access name and
password. The account history can be found under the STUDENT tab, by clicking on STATEMENT.
As the School moves away from monthly mailed statements, parents will receive email reminders that their accounts need to be
paid and instructions on how to access their account. Any questions or requests for information should be made directly to the
Business Office.
                                                 Income Tax Deductions
The Income Tax Act allows parents or students to deduct certain expenses. We recommend taxpayers review their own
circumstances with professional advisors. Child care expenses may be claimed by the spouse with the lower net income for
children under the age of 16. Child care receipts and receipts for AP tuition credits are issued by the Business Office in
February of every year and should be attached to your tax return.
                                                   Late payment charges
Late payment charges will be assessed on all outstanding amounts at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum).

                                                   Financial Regulations
St. Andrew’s College is a not-for-profit organization and tuition is its major source of income. It is important for families to
meet payment deadlines so the School can continue to operate with fiscal responsibility and maintain financial stability. General
questions regarding school tuition and fee payment plans should be directed to the Business Office.
Students are enrolled in St. Andrew’s College under a contract for the entire school year. This is signed at the time of
enrolment or re-enrolment. No reduction in fees can be made for absence, voluntary or involuntary withdrawal, or
expulsion. Parents are obligated for the full year’s tuition and fees, and in the case of boarding students, for the full
year’s fees for room and board.
Failure by parents to pay part or all of their financial obligations under the enrolment/re-enrolment contract will result in the
removal of the student from the School during the academic year.
Charges may be applied for breakage or damage of school property beyond normal wear and tear.

                                                      SAC Parent Fund
At St. Andrew’s College, as at other independent not-for-profit schools, tuition fees alone do not cover the full cost of
educating our students. We seek annual gifts from the Andrean community to bridge the gap and to allow us to offer the best
educational experience to our students. The SAC Parent Fund provides a convenient method for parents to make an annual gift
to the School. We ask our families to consider a gift of at least $1,500 annually to the SAC Parent Fund. A tax receipt will be
issued for your contribution. The Advancement Office will contact you directly seeking your philanthropic support.

                                                St. Andrew’s College
                                                 15800 Yonge Street
                                                Aurora, ON L4G 3H7
                                       905.727.3178           www.sac.on.ca

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