NISGA’A NATION CULTURAL EVENTS CALENDAR
                    Announcements courtesy of Nisga’a Lisims Government

   Please provide the date(s), name of event, location and if applicable—the tribe(s) and the Wilp(s) involved.
   Please also remember to have the location of your event secured or reserved only after approval has been
   received from your respective Village Government Office, prior to submitting your announcement to

   Submit by hand delivery, mail or fax to: Maxine Azak, Main Receptionist
                                             Nisga’a Lisims Government
   Revised: Feb 10, 2010                    2000 Lisims Drive, PO Box 231,
                                             New Aiyansh, BC V0J 1A0 Fax 250.633- 2367
                                            (250)633-3000 Toll Free: 1-866-633-0888

                                         APRIL 2010
FEBRUARY 2010                                                                      NISGA’A LISIMS GOVERNMENT
                                         9/10 WEDDING                              SPECIAL ASSEMBLY
ALL NATIVE TOURNAMENT                              RON MOORE/                      APRIL 26 – 30, 2010
FEB 14 – 20, 2010                                 JANET NISYOK                     GINGOLX, B.C.
JIM CICCONE CIVIC CENTRE                                 /   Laxsgiik,     Wilps
PRINCE RUPERT, B.C.                      Gwiix Maaw- Johnny Robinson
                                         ( Parents: Son of Heather Mcphie)
                                         ( Parents: Daughter of Wayne &
                                                               Gloria Nisyok)      MAY 2010
                                          New Aiyansh
HOBIYEE 2010                                                                          1     WEDDING
FEB 26 & 27, 2010                                                                           LAVERNE STEWART/
JIM CICCONE CIVIC CENTRE                                                                    PATRICK ROBINSON
PRINCE RUPERT, B.C.                      16/17 STONE        MOVING                          GANADA/SALMON
Contact: Valerie Stewart, Manager              FOR THE LATE                                 WILPS KSIM XSAAN/
Gitmaxmak’ay Nisga’a Dancer                   SAM MCMILLAN                                  HAISLA or
                                              PATRICK MCMILLAN                              TERRACE
                                              MICHAEL B. ADAMS
                                              WILPS Ksdiyaawak
                                              George Williams Sr.                     1     50th Wedding
                                              New Aiyansh
MARCH 2010                                                                                  Anniversary
                                                                                           Robert/Georgina Brown
                                                                                          Children and Grandchildren
5&6     STONE MOVING                                                                      Will be the host.
       FOR THE LATE                                                                       Prince Rupert
       Sarah Haizimsque
       Wilps Gwiix Maaẁ,
            Johnny Robinson,
        & Agwii Laxha,
       Chester Haizimsque
       New Aiyansh

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7/8     STONE MOVING                 4/5   STONE MOVING                       3    WEDDING
        FOR THE LATE                            For The Late
        Percy M. Stephens                       Rueben Richard Morgan              Karla Patsey /Jeff Frank
        Ronald D. Stephens                      Elizabeth Amelia Clayton           Ganada/ Laxsgiik
        Jonah A.Stephens                        Simoogit Gwisk’aayn –              Wilp Ksim Xsaan/ Tahltan
        Bradley Martin                          Git Lax Snat                       (Daugther of Gary & Maggie Patsey
        Gisk’aast                               Laxgibuu                           (Son of Pat & Kenny Frank)
        Sim’oogit Siispagoot gans               Gitwinksihlkw                      Terrace , B.C.
        Sim’oogit Ni’isýuus
                                                                              9/10       STONE MOVING
14/15    STONE MOVING                      12       STONE MOVING                     For The Late
         For The Late                            For The Late                       Nicole Janis Robinson
         Charles Nelson Jr.                      Phyllis ( Stewart) Merkley         Laxsgiik
         Laxgibuu                                Matthew Ross Stewart              Wilps
         Wilps Bax K’ap                          Gisk’aast                      Sganisim Sim’oogit Saga’ween,
         (Son of Christine and                   Wilps Daaxan                 Chief Mountain, James Robinson
          Charles Nelson Sr.)                    Gingolx                        Gingolx
          Prince Rupert

                                     12     1ST ANNIVERSARY                   16/17      STONE MOVING
21/22   STONE MOVING                        CELEBRATION
         For The Late                                                                    FOR THE LATE
                                             DAMIAN/ ERICA AZAK                          MARY NELSON
         Betty Alexander
                                            Ganada, Wilps Ksim Xsaan                     Laxgibuu
                                            Gitwinksihlkw                                Wilps Axgwindaskw,
         Wilps Ksim Xsaan
                                            (Actual date: July 11)                       Clifford Azak

                                     19          WEDDING
28/29     WEDDING                          Edward Benson/                     24     WEDDING
          Mark Don Davis/                  Elvira Woods
          Elsie Morrison                                                             Daniel Gonu/ Phoebe Davis
                                           Gisk’aast/Laxgibuu                        Gisk’aast/ Laxgibuu
          Laxsgiik/ Ganada                 Wilps Daaxan, Albert Barton
          Wilps Baxhlkw Xsgaak                                                       Wilps Ni’isýuus gans Duuk’
                                           Gans Wilps Axgwindaskw,                   New Aiyansh
        Gans Axdii Will Luugooda           Clifford Azak
        (Son) of Vera and the late
         Abraham Davis
                                           New Aiyansh
        ( Daughter) of the
        Late Brenda Morrison
                                     Sat, June 26, 2010                             24     WEDDING
                                                                                         Ron Stewart/Melody Edgars
                                     N.E.S.S. GRADUATION                                 Laxgibuu/Raven, Massett
JUNE 2010
                                     Ceremonies                                          Wilps Kw’axsuu
                                                                                       Son: Willard/Mary Lincoln
                                     Nisga’a Elem-Sec School                         Daugther: Grand daughter of
                                     @ 1 pm                                                    Victoria Edgars
                                                                                        Prince Rupert
                                     New Aiyansh
                 2010                JULY 2010                                31     WEDDING
         Tues, June 1, 2010                                                   Solomon Walter Haizimsque/
         GITWINKSIHLKW                                                        Marian Josephine Gonu
                                     July 2 & 3, 2010
                                     CRABFEST 2010                            Wilps Gwinuu gans Wii ïaa Buxw
                                     GINGOLX, B.C.                            (Son of The Late Wallace Haizimsque
                                     CONTACT: MICHELE STEVENS                  / Phyllis Haizimsque)
                                     PH: (250)326-2322                        (Daughter of Ivan & Wanda Gonu)
                                                                              New Aiyansh
                                     Headliner: Kentucky Headhunters

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AUGUST 2010                              25    WEDDING                           NOVEMBER 2010
13/14 Vernon Stephens/                         CHESTER MUNROE/
      Denise Moore                             MEGAN CLAYTON
      Ganada/ Laxsgiik                         LAXSGIIK/GANADA
                                                                                 6    STONE MOVING
     Wilps Ksim Xsaan gans                     WILPS HLEEK’ GANS                     For The Late
     Kwa’kans                                  WILPS Ksim Xsaan                      Alfred Smythe
 (Son of Heather/Henry Stephens)               NEW AIYANSH                           Laxgibuu
   (daughter of Kenny Moore/                                                     Wilps: Wii Hoon, Arthur Smythe
             Veronica Ryan                                                           Gingolx
       Gingolx                           OCTOBER 2010
                                                                                 STONE MOVING
                                                                                     19/20 FOR THE LATE
20/21    WEDDING                         1/2   STONE MOVING                               DR. JACOB MCKAY
         Larry Tait/                           For The Late                               EDNA MAXWELL
        Maria Hollands Figueroa                Daniel Paul Gonu                           LAXSGIIK
        Gisk’aast/                             Laxgibuu                                   WILPS BAYT NEEKL,
        Wilps Wisin XbiỈtkw                    Wilps K’eexkw                              Moses Mckay
        Andrew Mercer                          New Aiyansh                                LAXGALTS’AP
     (Larry’s parents:
     Gwen Adams &
     William (Bill) Adams
                                         9     RETIREMENT DINNER
     Maria’s parents:
    Mother: Late Margaret Figueroa             FROM “SPORTS”                     STONE MOVING
    Hollands. Of Guaynabo Puerto Rico          FOR MELVIN BARTON                 26/27 FOR THE LATE
    Father: Arthur Holllands of Spring         Laxgibuu                               Raymond Derrick
    Valley, New York.
                                               Gingolx                                Laxgibuu
        New Aiyansh                                                                   Wilps Axgwindaskw,
                                                                                      Clifford Azak
                                                                                      New Aiyansh
  27/28    WEDDING                       16/17   STONE MOVING
                                                 FOR THE LATE
         Lillian Gonu/                           EMILY VENN
         Charles Lincoln                         HENRY ANGUS                     The Cultural Calendar
                                                                                                  st   th
         Ganada, Wilps Luuxhoon,                 VELMA VENN                      will be revised 1 & 15 of each
         Wilfred (Toby) Adams/                   GANADA                          month.
         Eagle/ Metlakatla, B.C.                 WILPS Hay’ìaas
         New Aiyansh                             Gingolx

                                         22/23      STONE MOVING
SEPTEMBER 2010                                      Gitwilńakihl
                                                     For The Late
10 & 11 STONE MOVING                                 Lily Stevens
        For The Late                                 Laxgibuu
        Christine Gosnell                            Wilps Duuk’
        Alvin (Tom) Gosnell                          Tribal Feast: Oct 22/2010
        Laxgibuu                                 Settlement Feast: Oct 23/2010
        Wilps Duuk’                                Laxgalts’ap, B.C.
        New Aiyansh

17/18    STONE MOVING                    29/30     STONE MOVING
        FOR THE LATE                               For The Late
        Brenda Morrison                           Greta (Young)Hantke
        Ganada                                    Laxgibuu
        Wilps Axdii Wil Luugooda                 (Daughter of Dorothy Young)
        Greenville                                Wilps Kw’axsuu,
                                                  Stuart Doolan
                                                  Location: TBA

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