Preschool Calendar- 2010-2011

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					   Sioux Falls Lutheran Preschool 2010-2011 Calendar
                                  (Revised – 11-19-09)

Date                             Activity or Event
August 25th                      Get-Acquainted Day – MWF kids – am & pm
August 25th                      Get-Acquainted Day – East – All kids
August 26th                      Get-Acquainted Day – T & Th kids –am & pm
August 26th                      Get-Acquainted Day – Fantastic 5s – am & pm
September 1st                    First Day of School for 4s & FF
September 2nd                    First Day of School for 3s
September 6th                    Labor Day Break
October 7th                      SD Preschool Teachers’ Conference
October 8th                      SD Preschool Teachers’ Conference
October 11th                     Native American Day
October 12th                     Native American Day Break
November 11th                    Veteran’s Day
November 12th                    Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 24th, 25th, 26th        Thanksgiving Day Break
December 2nd                     Mrs. Tams’ Christmas Programs – 6 & 7:30
December 2nd                     Christmas Program at LOL – 6:30
December 3rd                     Ms. Congdon/Krause Christmas Program–6 :30
December 7th                     Mrs. Lenz’s Program – 6:30
December 16th -January 2nd       Christmas Break (Classes resume January 3rd & 4th)
January 17th                     Martin Luther King Day
January 18th                     Teacher In Service
February 16th 17th, 18th, 21st   President’s Day Break
March 10th, 11th                 Grandparent’s Day
March 17th & 18th                Spring Break
April 21                         Parent/Teacher Conferences
April 22nd & 25th                Easter Break
May 12th                         Last Day of School for 3-Year-Olds
May 13th                         Graduation for 4 Yr. Olds - 10 am & 2 pm
                                 and Fantastic Fives - 2 pm

Total Number of School Days
      3s = 60 Days of School
      4s = 90 Days of School
      5s = 150 Days of School