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Generic Word Template

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									INTERNATIONAL                           oriented services and solutions. We        independent verification and audit
CERTIFICATION                           are committed to understanding and         has the primary benefits of:
                                        satisfying client needs with the           •    commitment to stakeholders –
Davis Langdon Certification
                                        ultimate objective of adding value to           rigorous audits ensure
Services (DLCS) is a certification
                                        a client's business activities and              compliance to standards and
body operating globally. We assess
                                        operations.                                     continuous improvement
quality, environmental, occupational
health and safety and integrated        Why we are different                       •    competitive advantage –
management systems.                     We use a unique compliance rating               documented procedures can
We provide independent certification    to assess each part of your system              reduce waste and duplication
services using assessors and            against the certification standard.             of processes increasing
technical experts with relevant         These ratings are summarised to                 profitability
systems qualifications and industry     provide a benchmark for                    •    market entry – recognition by
experience.                             certification. Only those                       worldwide businesses that your
                                        organisations that achieve a 90%                organisation is committed to
We are authorised by JAS-ANZ to
                                        compliance rating or better during              achieving best practice in
carry out third party certification
                                        System Review and conform to the                business
assessments under all ANZSIC
                                        mandatory procedural
(industry) codes as per our Scope of                                               •    public confirmation –
                                        documentation requirements in the
Accreditation. We also carry out                                                        recognition that your
                                        Conformity Assessments are eligible
second party assessments.                                                               organisation can deliver quality
                                        to receive our certification mark. It is
Why have certification?                                                                 products/services
                                        this unique compliance rating that
A management system that has            sets us apart from our competitors.        •    effective risk management –
been properly established,                                                              independent audits alert
developed and implemented will                                                          management and provide
assist in managing risk and             THE BENEFITS OF                                 strategies for management and
mitigating liability for yourself and   WORKING WITH US                                 mitigation of risks
your business.                          We focus on the identification of          •    enhanced corporate
Briefly, certification makes for a      opportunities for business and                  knowledge – directors and
more competitive business,              performance improvement. We also                managers receive
improved corporate governance and       focus on the recognition,                       opportunities for improvement
knowledge through transparent           identification and incorporation of             from the independent, second
assessment reports and risk             business needs and objectives                   and third party assessment
management principles, reduces          within the framework for                        reports
staff turnover and assures outcomes     management of OH&S hazards and
for you, your stakeholders and          risks and environmental aspects and
                                                                                   THE CERTIFICATION
                                        Why is Independent Assessment
                                        important?                                 Initial Contact
                                        Certification of your business             We will speak with you to gain an
We deliver solutions that meet your                                                understanding of your business and
                                        management system to the ISO or
individual business needs. Our                                                     provide you with all the information
                                        other standards relevant to your
personnel provide superior, client-                                                you need about certification, what
                                        business requirements through
you need to do. We will then provide     of the DLCS logo and the JAS-ANZ        We are also a recognised service
you with a fee proposal detailing        mark (where appropriate) and you        authority for the following programs:
fees and costs. This is a free service   will also be listed on the JAS-ANZ      •    HIA Certification Scheme
and carries no obligation to proceed.    International Register of Certified
                                                                                 •    VicRoads Prequalification
Application                              Organisations.
Once you have accepted the               Surveillance Assessment
                                                                                 •    Green Building Council of
proposal outlining the certification     Surveillance Assessments are                 Australia
process, the rules governing             carried out at predetermined
                                                                                 •    Clean Energy Council – Wind
certification and related contractual    intervals in the same manner as the
terms and conditions, we will send       Certification Assessment and are
you acknowledgement of your              necessary for us to be assured that     We do not provide consultancy
application. This can be used to         your system continues to comply         services as per JAS-ANZ rules to
demonstrate to third parties your        with the Certification Standard.        ensure independence and
commitment to becoming certified.                                                impartiality.
Certification Pre-Assessment –           Every three years a full
Stage 1A                                 Reassessment of the system as a         THE REWARD
For quality, OH&S and EMS                whole needs to be completed to
certification, a pre-assessment is       confirm that the systems in their
mandatory to ensure that your            entirety are working well and that
organisation is ready for the            the links between processes are
certification assessment. An             sound. A successful outcome of the
assessment is made of the site           Reassessment will allow your Lead
processes, OH&S hazards, risk and        Assessor to recommend that
environmental aspects and impacts,       certification be renewed. A new
and also verifies the                    three year Certificate of Conformity
appropriateness of the existing          is issued after successful
systems.                                 Reassessment.
System Review – Stage 1B
A System Review seeks evidence to        WHAT WE OFFER
ensure your documented system
                                         We certify management systems to
(procedures, forms, minutes,
                                         the following standards:
photographs etc), established work
practices and processes meet the         •    Quality Management Systems
requirements of the prescribed                o   AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008
certification standard. Once             •    Environmental Management           SECOND PARTY
completed, you will receive a copy of         Systems
the business diagnostic report which
                                              o   AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
will outline any non-conformances                                                Second party audits are becoming
                                         •    OH&S Systems                       increasingly prevalent in the
and observations to the standard,
and if your score allows you to              o    AS/NZS 4801:2001               property and construction industry.
progress to the next stage.                  o    SafetyMAP                      We undertake these on behalf of our
Conformity Assessment –                      o    OHSAS 18001:2007               client’s suppliers/service provider’s
                                                                                 management systems to determine
Stage 2                                      o    NAT (National Audit Tool)
                                                                                 the level of conformance to the
The Conformity Assessment is             •    CCF (Civil Construction            specified requirements as part of a
carried out to determine if 'you are          Management Code)                   supply contract and/or major project.
doing what you say you do'. Your         •    GECA Product Standards
assessor will present the
                                         Our assessors are independent,          MORE INFORMATION?
assessment findings and any non-
                                         thorough, professional, competent
conformance at a closing meeting. If                                             John Edwards – Director & General
                                         and fair. We have trained and
there are no major non-                                                          Manager Certification Services
                                         developed a great team of
conformances, certification will be                                              Phone: +613 9933 8800
                                         assessors and we provide
recommended and if approved by                                         
                                         innovative solutions to our valued
our independent committee, you will
                                         clients in a responsive and proactive
receive your Certification of
Conformity. You will be granted use

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