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									             COMMISSIONERS’ COURT DOCKET, DECEMBER 21, 2007
                            SPECIAL SESSION


       BE IT REMEMBERED that on this the 21st day of December, 2 007, t he
Honorable Commissioners’ Court of Montgomery Count y, Texas, w as duly convened
in a Special Session in the Commissioners’ Courtroom of the Montgomery County
Courthouse Annex, Conroe, Texas, w ith the follow ing Members of the Court present:

      County Judge,                    Alan “ Barb” Sadler
      Commissioner,                    Precinct #1 - Mike Meador
      Commissioner,                    Precinct #2 - Craig Doyal
      Commissioner,                    Precinct # 3 - Ed Chance
      Commissioner,                    Precinct #4 - Ed Rinehart
      Also -                           Aimie Kemp, County Clerk’ s Office


Bob Gunter w ith Mont gomery County 911 addressed the Court. On November 19 t h,
the FCC adopt ed an agency to run the “ next generat ion” syst em. The new radio
system granted the new frequencies to the Public Safety Spect rum Trust Corporation.
Mr. Gunter advised the Court to have the contract ual language include upgradable
features so t hat new radio communication syst em is able to w ork w ith National
Public Safety in the future.

Peggy Frankhouser, Captain, Staff Services - Sheriff’ s Office, addressed the Court.
Radio frequencies have been allocated but are being reshuffled at present based on
new rules and regulations by t he FCC. Every region, including Mont gomery County in
Region 51 , is looking at these frequency allocations. Tw enty-five frequencies w ere
allocated for Mont gomery County. Changes and upgrades w ill alw ays be a fact or.

Alan Johnson, Execut ive Director of the M ontgomery Count y Hospital Dist rict outlined
the Montgomery County Board of Direct ors’ Meeting minut es and position from
December 18, 2 007. The Montgomery County Hospital District Board of Direct ors
asked that the Court reconsider its decision and cont inue w ith RFP process through a
competitive bid process. The Board approved an Interlocal Agreement requested by
Phyllis Rainey and Greg Hudson (General Counsel). Also, the Board endorsed st aff
request t hat any future P25 system in Montgomery County include an ISSI link to
allow connections betw een syst ems, shared radio identification, and coverage that
meets or exceeds current coverage st andards, accept ance test ing & syst em
acceptance processes recommended by RCC or other consultants, and present and
future P25' s on the system be allow ed on any P25 system in Mont gomery County
regardless of vendor. The Board also authorized General Counsel to seek t ransfer of
the six f requencies that w ere promised in the original Interlocal Agreement. The
current system w ill be on board for the next tw o years to facilitate an effective
transfer for any users that w ant to move. To blunt the financial impact, M r. Johnson
recommends including in t he mot ion the abilit y t o use P25 radios of other vendors on
Montgomery County System.

City of Conroe Fire Depart ment Chief, Ken Kreger, addressed t he Court. The City hired
a professional consultant w hich recommended a competit ive RFP process that w ould
attempt to meet everyone’ s needs. The proposal w ould limit or completely remove
abilit y f or competitive bids or to consider current investment in current system. To go
forw ard w ith t his proposal w ould mean enabling a syst em w ith no perf ormance
standards that ensures needs w ill be met and leaves the true cost unclear, w ith
possible upgrade costs in the future. Citizens of Conroe w ould be paying f or tw o
systems. The public safety radio system is and should be a cooperative endeavor for
all Mont gomery County entities. Chief Kreger asked for reconsideration and also to
allow cooperative effort to cont inue w it h t he RFP process.

Greg Munchraph, RCC Consultant , addressed t he Court. Mr. Munchraph has not seen
the Proposal but has seen the Pow er Point presentation w hich does not provide
enough detail to evaluate the offering or make a buying decision. There is no
statement of w ork or performance standards. If there are not coverage guarantees and
accept ance test ing procedures in place, this probably w ould not pass t he RFP
evaluation process. Mr. Munchraph sees no issue in w aiting to evaluate proposal,
w hich w ould take approximately three w eeks, w ith a report before February 1.

Mark Bosma addressed the Court. Based on the information put together by Mr.
Munchraph to HGAC, line f or line t he deals are very comparable. There are 30,000
users on the regional syst em at present. Our radios can patch using Moto Bridge or

Linda Breazeale added that Motorola w ill most likely not automatically allow future
purchases t o be included w ith original financing package.

Judge Sadler w ould like to amend the contract to have Motorola agree to the same
financing for all the cities and fire departments as per the terms of the contract . Fire
Department, 1 3 small cities, and the City of Conroe to be allow ed the same financing.
Also, to be able to connect Mot orola and Maycom radios. Mot orola to decide w het her
to accept. Mark Bosma to negotiate the contract.

Commissioner Meador spoke that this is the best deal for M ontgomery County and of
the need to move forw ard.

Phyllis Rainey clarified that amendments to the contract including changes for P25
radios be able to t alk and requesting Mot orola to offer f inancing to other ent ities
means that w e don’ t have the assurance that Mot orola accept s.

Cont ract approved. No mot ion made.

Randy Doyle, Assist ant Chief - Needham Fire Depart ment , addressed t he Court as
public servant and as a Shenandoah cit izen. He stressed that he w ould be paying
County, Hospital District, Emergency Service District, and City t axes, w ith this
decision, and advised the Court to spend some more time evaluating the proposal.


      Motion by Commissioner Meador, seconded by Commissioner Chance, t hat this
      Session of Court be adjourned. Motion carried.

      The above and foregoing Minutes w ere read and approved by t he Court.

                                            -2 -


      Mark Turnbull, County Clerk
      Ex-Off icio Clerk - Commissioners’ Court
      Montgomery Count y, Texas

BY:   ______________________________             ______________________________
             COUNTY CLERK                               COUNTY JUDGE

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