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               Human Resources Newsletter
                          News and Information for Staff of Flinders University
                          from the Deptuy Manager, Human Resources Division
                                                                                                                                                                          August 2004


 Summary Accident/Incident Statistics for

                                                                                        No. Accidents/Incidents
 2nd quarter 2004
                                                                                                                  Nature of Injury
 During the 2nd quarter of 2004 there were 28
 accidents and incidents reported to the                                                                                    14
                                                                                                                                                   A: ST RAIN
 Occupational Health and Safety Unit, 24 from                                                                               12
                                                                                                                                                   B: BR UISE
                                                                                                                                                   C: RSI
 staff members and 4 from students. The largest                                                                             10                     D: CHEMICAL RESP
                                                                                                                                                   E: AN IM AL BITE
 group of accidents university wide resulted in                                                                              8                     F: LACERAT ION

 injuries from trips and falls and manual handling.
                                                                                                                                                   G: SPRAIN

 In 10 of the 24 matters reported by staff,                                                                                  4

 prevention would have been ‘reasonably                                                                                      2

 practicable’. Of the 10 that could have been                                                                                0
                                                                                                                                 A         B      C        D          E        F     G
 prevented, 4 occurred because correct procedures
 were not followed.

 Fifteen accidents/incident reported required
 medical attention and therefore resulted in a                                                                    Workers Compensation Costs
 compensation claim.
                                                                                                                  The costs listed below are for wages and medical
 Comparison of staff accidents/incidents for 2nd                                                                  expenses only (medical consultation, medication,
 quarter of year over a 4 year period                                                                             medical reports, surgery, physiotherapy and so
 Organisational Unit                      2001       2002       2003     2004                                     Lump sum payments from Unisure to staff
 Central Administration                     8         22          5         12                                    members to compensate them for permanent
                                                                                                                  disabilities are not included in these figures.
 The Library                                2          6          1           5
 Faculty of Social Sciences                 4          4          1           2                                   Cost Centre workers compensation costs for 2nd
 Faculty of Health Sciences                 4          6          7           1                                   quarter
 Faculty of EHLT                            2          2          6           4
                                                                                                                                 Cost Centre                     Compensation Cost
 Faculty of Science and Engineering         3          8          8           0
                                                                                                                  Central Administration                                    $7,874
               Total                       23         48         28         24                                    Library                                                    $816
                                                                                                                  Science & Engineering                                      $370
                                                                                                                  EHLT                                                      $4,356

 Mechanism of accident/incident in each major                                                                     Health Sciences                                           $1,319
                                                                                                                  Social Sciences                                           $9,202
 cost centre during 2nd quarter of 2004
                                                                                                                                               Total                       $23,937
      Mechanism               CA   LIB           SS         HS         EHLT       S&E
Animal/human                   3
Caught between/in                     1
Chemical exposure             1                                                                                   Comparison of workers compensation costs for
Fall or slip                  4       4          2                      1                                         2nd quarter of year over a 4 year period.
Manual handling               3
Other events                                                            1
Repeated movement             1                                         1
Strike against/step on                                      1           1

                              12      5          2          1           4          0
       Year       Reports      Claims       Cost         Fell heavily while walking down stairs, hit
                                                          head on concrete footpath and lost
       2001          23           7         $26,275       consciousness (Concussion: Hospital)
       2002         48            15        $32,529      Missed bottom step walking down stairs,
                                                          resulting in a fall and strain to the left leg
       2003         28            7         $27,170       (Nurse)
       2004         24            15        $23,937      Slipped and fell off bottom step resulting in a
                                                          sprained left ankle (Nurse)
Chris Euripides, Administrative Assistant                Missed 2-3 steps while walking down stairs,
                                                          sprained left ankle (First Aid)
                                                         Fell walking down stairs carrying a box of
Slips, Trips and Falls                                    equipment resulting in a sprained right ankle
The accident statistics on the previous page tell         (Private Dr)
their own story but they don’t show the cause of         Fell walking down stairs carrying books and
the accidents or give any indication of the pain          tape recorder, multiple bruises
involved.                                                Tripped walking up stairs carrying books and
                                                          portable stereo after lecture, bruised left
The extracts below are from accidents involving           elbow (Private Dr)
slips, trips and falls over the past two years.          Fell while running down stairs, missed step,
Shown in brackets is the medical attention given.         resulting in bruising to left heel
                                                         Tripped and fell walking down stairs carrying
The reports are loosely sorted into similar groups.
                                                          mail trolley, multiple strain
                                                         Tripped walking down stairs landed upside
Wet floor / shoes
                                                          down and bruised left hand and knee
 Slipped and fell on wet paving, strained left
                                                         Tripped and fell walking up stairs, resulting
  arm and right hip (Private Dr)
                                                          in fractured left wrist (Private Dr)
 Slipped and fell on wet gravel walking to car,
                                                         Caught heel in hem of skirt walking down
  bruising right side
                                                          stairs, resulting in fall down four steps,
 Slipped on lino floor, shoes wet from rain,
                                                          twisted ankle and strained left shoulder
  bruised buttocks
                                                         Twisted left ankle walking down stairs and
 Slipped on lino floor after walking on muddy
                                                          fell resulting in a sprained ankle (Hospital)
                                                         Tripped and fell walking up internal stairs
 Slipped and fell on wet bitumen covered in
                                                          (First Aid)
  grass clippings, multiple bruises
                                                         Tripped and fell while walking up concrete
 Slipped and fell walking down wet stairs,
                                                          steps off Plaza (First Aid)
  resulting in a broken right arm (Hospital)
                                                         Slipped while walking down Anchor Court
                                                          stairs, sprained right foot (Private Dr)
Spills not cleaned up
                                                         Fell in very deep muddy hole in Carpark,
 Slipped on spilt water on floor, fell and
                                                          contractors left area unattended without
   bruised right side of head (First Aid)
                                                          adequate safety fencing, bruised legs.
 Slipped on spilt milk on stair landing and to
                                                         Sprained right ankle walking down stairs
   prevent fall grabbed onto stair rail which
                                                          (First Aid)
   jarred right arm that was recovering from
                                                         Tripped walking up stairs resulting in bruised
   surgery and in a cast, strained arms (Private
                                                          left wrist
 Slipped on food dropped on polished floor,
                                                      Maintenance required
   fell and scratched right leg (First Aid)
                                                       Tripped and fell on uneven path leading to
 Stepped on cup left on stairs of lecture
                                                        the FMC tunnel from Carpark 1
   theatre, tripped and fell, strained shoulder,
                                                       Tripped on metal carpet strip which was not
   knee, back and wrist (First Aid)
                                                        level with carpet resulting in a partial fall
                                                        down the top of the stairs, strained hand
                                                       Tripped on uneven pavement on plaza and
 Tripped walking up stairs, bruised left hand
                                                        fell resulting in scrapes and bruises (First Aid)
    grabbing stair rail to prevent fall (Nurse)
                                                       Sat on chair which tipped backwards causing
                                                        staff member to fall, chair was in
        lecture/seminar room and had a bent leg –           Glen Osmond Rd Medical Centre
        bruised back                                        311 Glen Osmond Road
       Tripped on protruding concrete on plaza,            Glenunga
        strained back, grazed left knee (Nurse)             Phone        8379 4808
       Due to roof leak slipped on wet stairs,
        walking down stairs, fell and strained arms,        Ms Helen Holmes
        shoulder back                                       Early Assist Psychology
       Fell off faulty chair and strained lower back       188 Ward Street
       Strained left knee entering faulty lift, lift was   North Adelaide
        not level with floor (Private Dr)                   Phone          8267 1957

These are not all of the reports for slips, trips and       Mr Chris Edwards
falls in the last two years. They are just a                Edwards Tuckfield and Associates
selection to indicate why I think that it is a good         83 Currie Street
idea to:                                                    Adelaide
                                                            Phone          8236 7040
         Not carry bulky items up / down stairs
         Use the hand rail when walking on                 Ms Sue Stefanovic
          stairs                                            297 Pirie Street
         Wipe wet shoes on door mats when                  Adelaide
          entering buildings                                Phone           8236 0136
         Wipe up spills
         Report maintenance problems to the                Further information, including Counsellors
          Maintenance Department (12177/12178)              available in the Northern Territory contact
                                                            details, can be seen at:
Jennie Cumming, Head OHS Unit                               http://www.flinders.edu.au/ohsw/EAP.html

                                                            THOUGHT ABOUT COMING TO
COUNSELLING FOR STAFF                                       FELDENKRAIS?

An independent counselling service is available to          Are you feeling stiff or sore? Tense, tired? Do you
University staff members who are experiencing:              have an aching back or neck? Do you have
                                                            trouble thinking clearly? Is there not enough time
       Work related difficulties                           in your day?
       Marital or family problems                          Come to Feldenkrais Awareness Through
       Alcohol and drug related problems                   Movement classes on Thursdays and discover
       Stress                                              how this unique and pleasurable ‘technique’ can
       Financial and legal worries                         help.
       Interpersonal conflict
       Grief and trauma                                    The classes consist of easy and fascinating
                                                            movement exercises that improve fine motor
Staff members can refer themselves directly to              control, differentiated movement, balance,
one of the designated psychologists, for up to 3            coordination, posture and sensory integration. If
sessions paid by the University.                            this sounds a bit theoretical please be reassured
                                                            that Feldenkrais is very practical and do-able and
Your name will not be disclosed to any member of            has application in every day actions from the first
the University at any time.                                 lesson.

Counsellors Available in Adelaide                           I would love to see a lot of people there. Please
                                                            encourage your friends and colleagues to come.
Chris Edwards is now located in Currie Street               The classes are on Thursdays from 12.10 to 12.50.
and has a new phone number. Helen Holmes is                 Bring a towel to lie on and, if required, another to
available again on a limited basis.                         put under your head. Wear clothes you are
                                                            happy to lie on the floor and move around in!
Ms Jane Fowler
See you there! Lynne Haysman.
Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner            Barry Colyer and Jo Austin, HR Systems

Feldenkrais classes will commence on 9th                PERSONNEL, POLICY & PRACTICE
September and continue for 8 weeks.
                                                        ACADEMIC PROMOTIONS –
For further details email or phone Kerry Jaunutis       Levels B, C and D
on ext 13117.                                           In the recent round of academic promotions, the
                                                        following staff were promoted with effect from 1
Kerry Jaunutis, Occupational Health Nurse               July 2004.

HR SYSTEMS/PAYROLL SERVICES                             To Level B (Lecturer)

                                                        Mr Richard Back, School of Humanities (Drama)
                                                        Dr Giselle Bastin, School of Humanities (English)
Staff members are now able to access their              Mr Maz Demosthenous, School of Commerce
qualification records on the Employee Self              Ms Sherry Randhawa, School of Informatics and
Service.                                                Engineering
                                                        Mr Matthew Tilling, School of Commerce
You can view or amend your existing
                                                        To Level C (Senior Lecturer)
qualification records, and once you have
completed a qualification, you can keep the
                                                        Dr Catherine Abbott, School of Biological Sciences
system up to date by adding your new
                                                        Dr Victoria Balabanski, (Academic Status) School
qualification details.
                                                        of Theology
                                                        Dr Richard Bentham, School of Medicine
For further assistance please refer to the
                                                        (Department of Environmental Health)
Individual Instructions on the Employee Self
                                                        Dr Erick Bestland, School of Chemistry, Physics
Service user guide:
                                                        and Earth Sciences
                                                        Dr Mark Halsey, School of Law
Joanne Austin, HR Systems                               Mr Joh Hartog, School of Humanities (Drama)
                                                        Dr Mary Heath, School of Law
PART-TIME STAFF                                         Dr Stephen Hedger, (Academic Status) School of
                                                        Medicine (Department of Medicine)
Please ensure that you notify Paryoll Services          Dr Eva Kemps, School of Psychology
when you alter your working days and/or hours.          Dr Salah Kutieleh, Academic and Student Services
This will enable your leave roster to be adjusted       Division (Student Learning Centre)
accordingly, thus eliminating incorrect                 Dr Anthony Langlois, School of Political and
calculations of salary when booking your leave.         International Studies
                                                        Dr Philip Lawn, School of Business Economics
Robyn Holmes, Payroll Services                          Ms Lyn Leader-Elliott, School of Humanities
BOOKING LONG SERVICE LEAVE VIA                          (Cultural Tourism)
EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE                                   Dr Corinne Le Gal La Salle, School of Chemistry,
                                                        Physics and Earth Sciences
HR Systems and Payroll Services are about to            Dr Maria Long, School of Humanities (Languages –
commence a project that will enable both                Spanish)
Academic and General Staff to book their long           Dr Maria Lorenzin, School of Humanities
service leave via the employee self service. For        (Languages – Spanish)
General Staff who are already able to book their        Dr Robyn Najar, School of Humanities ( English)
annual and sick leave via the employee self             Dr Andrew O’Neil, School of Political and
service: this initiative will be an extension of that   International Studies
service. However, for Academic staff, it will be a      Dr Kenneth Pope, School of Informatics and
new service. The project is expected to take about      Engineering
six months and should be completed by                   Dr Jian Qin, School of Biological Sciences
Christmas. We will provide further updates as           Dr Ian Ravenscroft, School of Humanities
the project develops.                                   (Philosophy)
Dr Kathryn Schuller, School of Biological Sciences
Ms Rachel Spencer, School of Law
Ms Jan Thompson, School of Nursing & Midwifery
Dr Karen Vered, School of Humanities (Screen
Dr Anna Vnuk, School of Medicine (Medical
Dr Nico Voelcker, School of Chemistry, Physics
and Earth Sciences

To Level D (Associate Professor)

Dr Michael Brunger. School of Chemistry,
Physics and Earth Sciences
Dr Paul Calder, School of Informatics and
Dr John Coveney, School of Medicine
(Department of Public Health)
Dr Nancy Cromar, School of Medicine
(Department of Environmental Health)
Rev Dr Andrew Dutney, (Academic Status)
School of Theology
Dr John Edwards, School of Medicine
(Department of Environmental Health)
Dr Dale Fisher, (Academic Status) School of
Medicine (NT Clinical School)
Dr Pauline Glover, School of Nursing &
Dr Martin Griffiths, School of Political and
International Studies
Dr Jane Haggis, Department of Sociology
Dr Paul McCormack, School of Medicine
(Department of Speech Pathology and
Dr Janice Orrell, Human Resources Division
(Staff Development and Training Unit)
Dr Larry Owens, School of Education
Dr Karen Reynolds, School of Informatics and
Dr Susanne Schech, School of Geography,
Population and Environmental Management
Dr Joe Shapter, School of Chemistry, Physics
and Earth Sciences
Dr Craig Simmons, School of Chemistry, Physics
and Earth Sciences
Dr Mark Staniforth, School of Humanities
Dr Brian Stoffell, School of Medicine (Health
Services Management Unit)
Dr Carol Tilt, School of Commerce
Dr Tracey Wade, School of Psychology
Dr Kay Whitehead, School of Education

Mary Solomon, Acting Manager, Human Resources Division

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