PROPOSAL #P10-022

                         APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM

                                 ADDENDUM NO. 2

                                    February 19, 2010

The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey is seeking vendors to submit
bids to Applicant Tracking System , scheduled to open on February 18, 2010 at 2:00pm.

The opening date has changed to: March 4, 2010

Answers to questions from the Non-Mandatory Pre-bid Conference on January 29,

1. Question: Understanding the requirements – We typically don’t have to comply to
   HIPAA requirements, because we don’t store health information in our systems.
   Would this be open to discussion?

   Response: The HIPAA compliance document must be signed in order to be awarded a
   contract for this procurement. The Contractor must comply with all of the
   requirements of this document.

2. Question: Would a third party also have to complete this document.

   Response: No.    However, all subcontractors should be disclosed in the bidder’s

   3. Question:     I'm trying to confirm if UMDNJ is looking for an integrated and
   seamless solution for both your ATS and Background Screening needs.

   Response: We are only looking for an Applicant Tracking System at this point. We
   have a contract for Background Screening that is currently in effect.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

4. Question: Will the Applicant Tracking software need to integrate with your current

   Response: At some point, it will be something that we will look into, but not at this

5. Question: How many people would need full access to the platform (these people are
   generally the recruiters and/or will need access to the entire database)? I also wanted
   to know how many managers in which you would like to give access to?

   Response: It would depend on the role they are playing. For the most part, the
   individuals, at the University, that have access to the entire Applicant Tracking
   System would be those in the Human Resources Department. There are 30 in HR and
   3 from our Affirmative Action Department. Our hiring managers do have access, but
   limited to the candidates resume and application. We do not know how many
   managers would have access.

6. Question: How many recruiters will be utilizing the system?

   Response: Refer to response # 5.

7. Question: How many hiring managers will be utilizing the system?

   Response: Refer to response # 5.

8. Question: Who are they using for their HRIS and would they like us to integrate with

   Response: Our HRIS system is a University Wide System is SunGard/SCT. At this
   time, we are not looking to integrate.

9. Question: Do you use someone for Performance management and if so, do they want
   us to integrate with them?

   Response: We do not.

10. Question: Do they use job boards and would they like us to integrate with them?
    How many job boards?

   Response: We do use job boards. There are too many to mention.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

11. Question: Do you use someone for background checks?                 Would they like

   Response: Yes, TABB, Inc. Refer to response #8.
12. Question: What is the time line for this project?

   Response: The current contract expires in May. There is a 90 day transition period
   that we can utilize. We hope to have the new contract up and running before the end
   of the transition period.

13. Question: What is meat by "Hot Jobs Navigation" on Page 10 of the proposal? Is
   this the ability to post "Hot Jobs" on the front of your career site?

   Response: It’s a job that the applicant can see instantly on our site. These are jobs
   that are critical and we are looking to hire for right away

14. Question: What are the methods candidates apply today?

   Response: On line. We no longer support hard copy applications for staff positions.

15. Question: What job boards do you currently post to?

    Response: Refer to response #10.

16. Question: What is your current process today to track candidates?

   Response: Our system. Rating candidate’s credentials.

17. Question: Host Server Requirements: Plan for Data Growth - What is the projected
    data growth over 5 years?

   Response: Historically, for the past 3 years, we have averaged about 100,000

18. Question: Schedule data archiving - When will the final requirements be finalized?

   Response: The system has the ability to archive data. However we have not utilized
   this function.

19. Question: Disaster recover plan - Do you have a plan for existing systems and
    governing standards.

   Response: We rely on our Contractor. The University also has continuity of
   operation and we integrate with our IST department.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

20. Question: Have you had a drill?

   Response: We cannot provide an answer to this question at this time.

21. Question: Front-End Requirements: User support- Does this include training and
    ongoing hand holding and for how long?

   Response: With any new system, there should be training. Not so much hand
   holding, however there should be some kind of support in the event UMDNJ has

22. Question: Backend-End Requirements:        Do you currently have hiring and
   employee/contractor separation workflow system?

   Response: Yes we do, however it is totally separated from the applicant tracking
   system. It would not be part of this engagement.

23. Question: Integration with current Banner and Microsoft Office applications - What
    are the requirements to accommodate versions upgrades for Microsoft applications.
    You do have a roll out strategy.

    Response: We want to be able to download any kind of reports in Microsoft office.
    Yes we do have a roll out strategy.

24. Question: Does UMDNJ have its own system development life cycle methodology?

   Response: We cannot provide an answer to this question at this time.

25.Question: What will be the approximate initial size of the data files? What
   percentage of data growth is expected every year?

   Response: We do not have this information. Our volume has been about 100,000
   applications every year. With the economy being what it is, this number may decline.

26. Question: Page 10 - Would the regret and ad hoc letters be sent out via mail or email?
    If by mail, then are you looking for something like mail merge capabilities
    or do you need to store preexisting templates in the system which gets sent
    to the applicants?

    Response: It would be via email.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

27. Question: Page 10 - "Position requisition created by hiring manager with routing
    functionality for approvers and Human resources" (Pg 10) - Do you need a
    workflow system built in for the approval process? If yes how many levels
    would be involved?

    Response: Ideally, we will need a workflow. Off hand, we can not tell you how
    many levels. We do have a hard copy form that we use right now. This form has
    about 7 to 8 different signature lines. However, we would not want to do this on the
    workflow side. We will work with the Contractor to determine a reasonable level of

28. Question: Page 11 - “E-reporting of equal opportunity and affirmative action required
    information and approval to office of workplace diversity" (Pg 11) - What is
    the reporting format?

   Response: The system should be able to generate either standard or adhoc reports.
   Our current reporting format includes manipulating or downloading from Microsoft

29. Question: Page 11 - "Ability to post openings on a corporate website or job board" -
    Is there a list of corporate websites and job boards? Does the system
    have to interface directly with these websites?

   Response: Refer to response #10

30. Question: Pg 11 section 3.2.1 Will the new applicant tracking system be a
    part of the Nursing recruitment website? If yes:
    a.    Who is currently maintaining and hosting the site?
    b.    What are the technologies used in this site?
    c.    Will there be data exchange between the new system and the Nursing
    website or will there be only URL links connecting to the website?

   Response: It needs to integrate with the Nursing recruitment website. Just to give
   you some idea of what that is; our current website through the Human Resources
   department, which lists all of our vacancies, a subset of that is on the University
   Hospital side, where they have their own separate website, but it links back to the
   overall applicant tracking system, exclusively for the nursing positions. So there
   needs to be some kind on link. A. The site is being maintained by University
   personnel. B. The webpage is linked to our career site and allows candidates
   interested in nursing positions to obtain information directly about University
   Hospital and available positions. C. The website was developed with the intent of
   connecting its content using URL links.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

31. Question: What is the current HRIS system? Please identify the name and version.

   Response: Refer to response #8.

32.Question: Does the new system need to integrate with the HRIS system? a. Does
   UMDNJ support Web Services and HR XML? b. If there is a desire for integration,
   are there multiple integrations? i. Vacancy from HRIS to Requisition in Applicant
   Tracking System ii. Recruitment and Application data to HRIS after offer is accepted

   Response: Refer to response #8.

33. Question: Does the new system need to upload existing candidate data from its
    current solution? a. What is the estimated number of records and file format

   Response: We definitely want the integration. We have approximately 698,000
   applicants in our system and can export the data into Microsoft Access or other file
   format as needed.

34. Question: How many career sites are anticipated to be configured? a. For each
    School? b. Internal, External, Nursing, etc?

   Response: There is one career site for the University to recruit for staff positions.

35. Question: How many users will need access to the system? a. What type of roles
   and access will need to be configured? b. HR Generalists, Hiring Managers, etc?

   Response: Refer to response #5.

36. Question: Please provide an estimate and breakdown between salaried and hourly

   Response: We do not have a breakdown by salaried and hourly.                    Using the
   population, 55% are exempt.

37. Question: Are there assessments and simulations used during the recruitment process?
    a. If so, please provide additional information. b. If not, is there a desire to integrate
    assessments into the process?

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

   Response: We do have a list of questions for the applicant, such as; how many years
   experience the applicant has or if a particular position asks for a degree and the
   candidate does not have one, then we have something in place call “knock-out” and
   we would not review that candidates application.

38. Question:     Please elaborate on how UMDNJ currently scores candidates
   applications/resumes based on the vacancy requirements.

   Response: The candidate has to meet the requirements. Now in terms of the system,
   we do the questionnaire, they answer it, and we then check it to make sure that the
   assessment by the applicant tracking system is correct.

39. Question: Please provide an explanation of what is meant by –a. Ability to “hide”
    positions on the front end.

   Response: There are times when we want to hide a job because we have enough

40. Question: There is a requirement to integrate with Banner application a. Please
    explain what is the Banner application. b. Does the integration need to be in real
    time? c. Does the Banner system support Web Services and HR XML?

   Response: Refer to response #23.

41. Question: When does UMDNJ envision the new system going live?
    a. An estimated kick off date and go live date would be helpful
    b. How many users will need to be trained?
    c. Does UMDNJ have a training center (s) configured with computers and internet

   Response: The kick-off date is upon the progress of the RFP, most likely within the
   next four months. We will be able to provide an area for training. Refer to response
   #5 regarding users.

42. Question: Are there other job boards in addition to Hot Jobs that need to be
   a. Of the estimated 3,000 hires annually, how many are posted to job boards?

   Response: We may use 25 different job boards.

43. Question: Are Physicians and Faculty recruitment - in or out of scope for this

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

   Response: For the most part, faculty recruitment is not handled by Human
   Resources, in terms of posting on the website, however it is something that is in

44. Question: If that occurs, what type of volume increase does it represent?

   Response: We would probably post 10 to 20 faculty positions a month.

45. Question: Please elaborate on what is meant by University Hospital Requirements.

    Response: Refer to response #30.

46. Question: Is there a budget for the project? Has it been approved?
    a. Can UMDNJ provide a budget range?

     Response: Before an award is made, there will be enough in the budget.

47. Question: Page 10 Section 3.1.2 – Front End Requirements – Please elaborate on
    Applicant self-service: registration; resume posting and updating; data integration for

   Response: One of the functionalities that we are looking for, as it stands right now, if
   someone was to apply for a position, they would go onto our website, search the
   position, click on the link to apply and fill out the application. What we are looking
   for, or what some of the applicants have requested, is the ability to store information,
   so that if they are applying for a particular job, they would have a user name, a log in
   and their resume would already be there. Possibly some variables within the
   application would already be filled out. They would then select the position and

48. Question: In regards to “hot jobs”, are you referring to the hottest job within the
   organization or are you referring to the website “”?

   Response: What we are referring to is within our webpage, when users access our
   page, they see the introduction language, our branding and things like that, they then
   have the option of conducting searches for various positions, so they don’t see the
   position when first enter. However, there is an area on the page, where certain jobs,
   we may have an immediate need for are listed. So the applicant can just click on that

49. Question: You have a current vendor, who is supporting the existing system, is the
   documentation regarding that system available to us?

    Response: No.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

50. Question: Those individuals are spread throughout all the campuses correct so you
   centralized the majority of the positions?

       Response: They are set up demographically throughout New Jersey. This is how
      things are set up now; there are generalists on three separate campuses, New
      Brunswick, Newark and Stratford. They have access, to everything, however when
      they log in, they see what belongs to “their group”.

51. Question: When someone submits their resume, a portion of the application gets
    filled, would you allow pdf and word or some other form of document?

      Response: We would allow applicants to submit pdf, word, or other forms of
      documentation, as long as the documents are screened for potential viruses.

52. Question: Automobile Liability Insurance - Why does the contractor need to cover

       Response: The Contractor would need to have this standard and basic Automobile
      Insurance because many persons who do business with the University travel on our
      campus to provide their services, products, conduct training or attend meetings.
      Therefore, the University wants to make sure that all parties who are on our property
      have insurance coverage for their vehicles in case an accident happens while they are
      on our campus. However, if the Contractor is not required, or is never going to have
      to be at a University owned or leased property with a vehicle this requirement can be

53. Question: Section 4.16 Form of Compensation and Payment – Would you consider
   payment as we complete milestones?

      Response: It depends on the nature of the proposals received. It will be discussed
      with the awarded Contractor during the kick-off meeting.

54. Question: Option to reduce Scope of Work - How advanced will the notice be and
   will there be room to discuss the implication of scope reduction and its effect on the
   criticality of the project.

      Response: This is a drastic measure and we do not foresee this happening with this
      RFP. However, if it does happen, the notice is at the Vice President’s discretion.

55. Question: What is your timeframe to begin implementation?

      Response: Refer to response #12.

56.     Question: Will letters of business credit line approval be sufficient to satisfy
      financial stability requirements?
    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

   Response: We are looking for a statement or a letter that states that your business is
   in good financial standing.

57. Question: I have only been in business since 2005 and only have 1 major client as a
    reference. However, I have over 18 years experience implementing these and other
    more complex projects for fortune 500 employers/clients. Does this experience count
    toward satisfying the business experience requirements in the RFP?

   Response: It’s all taken into account.

58. Question: Please provide your employee population breakdown (exempt vs. non-
    exempt employees.

    Response: Refer to response #36.

59. Question: Please detail your selection process. Will UMDNJ choose finalist based on
    RFP responses and then bring these finalists onsite for presentations? How will
    vendors be scored and what are the timelines for the final selection?

   Response: Once we’ve reviewed the responses, we will determine which bidders we
   will call back for a presentation. It’s difficult to say what the timeline is for this

60. Question: Will receive a confirmation letter letting us know that you’ve received our

    Response: No. However, you can contact Yvonne Miranda and she will let you
   know if it was received.

61. Question:   Will the software and licensing required for the project be
   procured by the buyer or is the bidder responsible for them as part of the

   Response: The bidder is responsible to let UMDNJ know what we will pay for
   everything. It must be part of the proposal.

62. Question: The Price Information section (8.0) lists the pricing in a monthly fee
    format. Our solution is delivered as Software as a Service (SAAS) and therefore is
    priced as an annual fee which includes all user fees, maintenance, upgrades and
    hosting. Can I modify this section to reflect that, or do you need me to price it in the
    format provided?

   Response: Refer to revised Price Sheet (attached).

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

                                            - 10 -
63. Question: For pricing, how many full access users do you need (recruiters)?

   Response: Approximately 40 users.

64. Question: For pricing, how many managers would you want to grant access to?

    Response: Refer to response #5

65. Question: For pricing, are you looking for Applicant Tracking as well as an on
    boarding solution?

    Response: Not at this time.

66. Question: Do you have an HRIS system and if so, which one?

     Response: Refer to response #8

67. Question: Do you have a payroll solution and if so, which one?

    Response: Refer to response #8

68. Question: Regarding pricing for possible integrations, Do you have a background
    check provider and if so, which one?

     Response: We are not looking to integrate. Yes we do have a background check

69. Question: What are the average number of open requisitions you have per month?

     Response: We have 500 to 700 posted on our website right now.

70. Question: Please specify which forms are applicable to this RFP and must be
    completed by participating vendors?

     Response:    All of the forms must be completed and returned with your RFP

71. Question: How much information do you want to see as part of the RFP?

      Response: We would like to see everything. If you are offering something outside
     of the scope of work, please include the information and provide separate pricing
     for it.

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

                                          - 11 -
53. Add the following language:

Section 3.1.3 The Applicant Tracking System must be available to at least 40+ concurrent
users on different campuses.

Section 3.4 Optional Function – The contractor should indicate whether it offers any
optional functions, including, but not limited to on-boarding integration and background

Change the following language to:

Section 3.3 The Contractor’s system may integrate with the Universities
administrative system – SunGard Banner and must be able to integrate with Microsoft
Office applications.

Section 4.4 Notwithstanding the forgoing, a bidder's proposal may be deemed NON-
COMPLIANT AND BE REJECTED and/or be found non-responsive if the change is
a material departure from the bid specifications or the terms and conditions of this RFP.
A material departure occurs when the change increases the likelihood that the waiver
from compliance with the RFP is capable of giving the appearance of corruption or
favoritism, or encouraging excessive spending or is likely to affect the amount or price of
the bid or to influence any potential bidder to refrain from bidding or is capable of
affecting the ability of the University to make a bid comparison, or is unacceptable to the
University.An example of a material departure is the submission of a separate customer
agreement or other document that takes exceptions, i.e., contradicts UMDNJ’s Standard
Terms and Conditions. UMDNJ reserves the right to accept a bidder’s proposal that
contains a proposed change to the bid specifications, or to the terms and conditions of this
RFP, provided the proposed change is not a material departure from the bid
specifications, the terms and conditions of this RFP, or UMDNJ’s Standard Terms and
Conditions. The determination of material departure shall be in the sole discretion of the


Please contact Yvonne Miranda at (732) 235-9089 or Denise Council at (732) 235-9060
with any questions.


    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

                                           - 12 -



                         APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM

                                   RFP # P10-022

                                 COST PROPOSAL

Web-based price information:

       Implementation fees………………………………………. $___________

       Maintenance fee………………………….……… ………. $___________

       Ad hoc report design …………………………………….. $___________/hr

       User fees (50)        ……………………………………. $___________
                 (50-100) …………………………………….. $___________
                 (100 – 150) ……………………………………... $___________

       Miscellaneous Monthly Fees (Please itemize on separate sheet)

    Request for Proposal: Applicant Tracking System (RFP # P10-022) - Addendum #2

                                         - 13 -

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