LV202-E UV Exposure Unit by asafwewe


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									         LV202-E UV Exposure Unit
                     MEGA PART 300-001
INSTRUCTIONS ON USE            Spares and Servicing 
1. Remove unit and power cable from         Please contact our spares department
the packaging and place on a flat           stating the model number (LV202-E)
surface in a location where the lid can     and serial number which can be found
be fully raised and lowered without         on the rating label next to the mains
obstruction.                                power input.
                                            Spares are available and are only
2. Read electrical safety notice on         supplied on the understanding that the
reverse (or attached). Then, insert         replacement of such parts requiring the
power lead into the unit and plug the       exposure of live electrical connections
moulded 13amp plug into a suitable          will be undertaken by an electrically
socket.                                     qualified person. The following are
                                            common spare parts which can be
3. Raise the lid and place the artwork      ordered:
face down in the centre of the glass.
                                            170011     UV Tube 8W 05 12"
4.   Place material to be exposed,          171001     Choke - 13W
emulsion side down, on top of the           172016     Starter
artwork and carefully close the lid
ensuring both catches are engaged.
                                            Associated Products 
5. Rotate the timer knob to the correct
exposure time. On releasing the timer
                                            A range of products available for use
knob, the mechanical timer will begin
                                            with this unit are detailed in our free
to count down and the exposure will
                                            product catalogue. Of particular
commence.        When exposure is
                                            interest will be the PCB and label
completed the timer will click to the off
                                            production materials.
position and the exposed material can
                                            Please telephone us for your copy.
be removed and processed.


1. The UV tubes will produce as much
as 30% more UV light when they are
warm. For consistent exposures turn
the machine on, with the lid closed, for
a 5 minute exposure prior to use.            MEGA ELECTRONICS LTD.,
                                             Mega House,
2. Exposure times vary depending on          Grip Industrial Estate,
material to be exposed. As a guide           Linton, Cambridge.
Mega's Fotoboard and FPC-16 printed          England. CB21 4XN
circuit board material will take             Tel: +44 (0) 1223 893900
approximately 2 - 2.5 minutes to             Fax: +44 (0) 1223 893894
expose with a good quality artwork.          email:
3. Avoid operating the unit with the lid
                                             THE UNIT HAS BEEN SWITCHED
This equipment is designed to safety         OFF AND ISOLATED FROM THE
class 1.                                     MAINS ELECTRICITY SUPPLY.

Before connecting this equipment to           Any spare parts which may be
the mains electricity supply, examine        required, are supplied on the
the information on the apparatus rating      understanding that the replacement of
label.                                       these requiring the exposure of live
                                             electrical   connections     will    be
Ensure that the mains supply is single       undertaken by an electrically qualified
phase alternating current (a.c.) of the      person.
stated frequency (Hz), with neutral
nominally at earth potential.                 Motor driven appliances should not
                                             be run unless all covers have been
 Check the supply voltage is within the      properly replaced.
stated range.

 The equipment rating label states the
value of the fuse fitted to the apparatus
itself. Ensure that the plug or supply
circuit is fitted with an appropriate fuse
of higher value.

                                               MEGA ELECTRONICS LTD.,
 The wires in the mains lead are               Mega House,
coloured in accordance with the                Grip Industrial Estate,
following code:                                Linton, Cambridge.
                                               England. CB21 4XN
Green/Yellow - Earth (E)                       Tel: +44 (0) 1223 893900
Blue         - Neutral (N)                     Fax: +44 (0) 1223 893894
Brown        - Live (L)                        email:
If a moulded fused plug is not fitted
connect the wires to a non-reversible 3
pin plug as follows:

Green/Yellow wire to terminal marked:
E (earth) or G (ground) or coloured
Green or coloured Green/Yellow.

Blue wire to terminal marked: N
(neutral) or Common or coloured Blue.

Brown wire to terminal marked: L (live)
or Phase or coloured Brown.

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