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									                                                                                     Item No.7

                                        PROPERTY ADVISORY GROUP

                                      NOTES OF MEETING 18 HELD ON
                                             24TH JULY 2008

Present:                              Councillor Andy Shine [Chair]
                                      Councillor Kevin Lancaster
                                      Councillor Graham Vincent

Co-opted Officers:                    Executive Director [Central Services]
                                      Strategic Director [Resources]
                                      Head of Commercial & Technical Services
                                      Property Services Manager [NPS NW Limited]

1.0     Apologies

                  Apologies were received from Councillor Colin Hodgson

2.0     Procedural

        2.1       Minutes of Previous Meeting


        2.2       Matters Arising

                      Previous Minute 3.3 [13 March 2008] – Use of Resources – Self

                      DRC advised the meeting that he had raised the subject of mini
                      asset plans once again at HOST and that DLP had attended the
                      meeting and given a talk on the subject. DRC also advised the
                      meeting that he had raised the subject on several occasions since
                      that time but has seen no evidence of any plans being prepared.

                      It was agreed that at the next joint Management Team/HOST DTS          DTS
                      would advise Heads of Service of the Property Advisory Group’s
                      concerns that asset plans were not being prepared as requested
                      and to reinforce the message that these must be delivered.

                      Previous Minute 2.3 [15 May 2008] – Asset List

                      JSJ advised the Group that the Asset List was almost finalised and     JSJ
                      that it required to be put into a readable format which he hoped to
                      do certainly by the next meeting.

Property Advisory Group – Minutes – 24-07-08
                      Previous Minute 4.2 [15 May 2008] – Land off Guldry Lane,

                      A report to Cabinet recommending the renewal of the lease for a
                      further 7 years was being prepared.

                      Previous Minute 5.2 [15 May 2008] – CAB, Kendal Bus Station

                      JSJ advised the meeting that the request for the new boiler to be
                      funded from the Major Repairs Reserve had been dealt with as a
                      Directors’ Delegated Decision.

3.0     Strategic

        3.1       Corporate Property Strategy

                  The Group considered the revised Corporate Property Strategy
                  [including Asset Management Plan] as at 24th July 2008.

                  The following comments/decisions were made:-

                  Rec. No. 4A – Energy Policy

                  DLP advised the Group that, as far as he was aware, there was no
                  formally adopted Council Policy on Energy. He has spoken to the
                  Client Change Officer who was in the process of preparing such a
                  Policy. It was agreed that DLP would ask the Client Change Officer to
                  prepare a timetable for presentation to the next meeting of the Group.         DLP

                  Rec. 8 – Arrange a Critical Review of the Capital Programme

                  JSJ advised the meeting that he has requested a list from Heads of
                  Service of those projects completed and that he had initiated a trawl. It      JSJ
                  was agreed that the “traffic light” would be Amber.

                  Rec. No. 9 – Decision Making

                  As Heads of Service had not completed the preparation of mini asset
                  plans, it was agreed that the “traffic light” for this subject would be Red
                  – see minute 2.2 above.

                  Rec. No. 10 – Meeting Corporate Plan Objectives

                  As service reviews had been/are being undertaken in respect of Car
                  Parks, Waste Collection and Depots, the “traffic light” should read

Property Advisory Group – Minutes – 24-07-08
                  Rec. No. 11 – Portfolio Management – NPS Property Services

                  DLP advised the Group that the submission of results was undertaken
                  a “year behind” and that the 2006/07 results had been submitted.
                  Once the 2007-08 results which are currently being prepared were
                  submitted the “traffic light” would be green.

                  DLP was requested to present a report to the next meeting on the               DLP
                  outcome of the Benchmark Exercise.

                  Rec. No. 12 – Portfolio Management – Service Managers

                  As Heads of Service had not completed the preparation of mini asset
                  plans, it was agreed that the “traffic light” for this subject would be Red
                  – see minute 2.2 above.

4.0     Operational

        4.1       Future of Castle Diary, Kendal

                  As an interim report on the future of Council assets had been
                  presented to Cabinet on 19th July, no further progress had been made
                  on the possible future use and/or disposal of the building.

        4.2       Westmorland Hall, Lakes Leisure, Kendal – Request for Financial

                  The Group considered a letter from the Chief Executive of Lakes
                  Leisure requesting a financial contribution towards the replacement of
                  the light fittings in the Westmorland Hall at Lakes Leisure Kendal.

                  It was agreed that no contribution should be made to the replacement           JSJ
                  of these light fittings and that JSJ would advise Lakes Leisure

Property Advisory Group – Minutes – 24-07-08
5.0     Any Other Business

        5.1       Land off Guldry Lane, Sedbergh

                  DRC advised the Group that he had visited the site of the tennis courts
                  and noted the need for substantial maintenance within the next two

                  There was also a problem with lottery funding where the secure
                  tenancy of the tennis courts must be for 5 years after completion of all
                  necessary remedial works.

                  Due to the time taken to obtain lottery funding, then organize the
                  works, he was of the opinion that the lease being offered of 7 years
                  was insufficient and was recommending a term of 10 years. In the
                  opinion of the Group there would be no problem as the lease could be
                  extended as and when required.

                  A report would be prepared for Cabinet recommending a 7 year lease
                  for the land in question.

        5.2       32 Market Place, Kendal

                  At the request of Councillor Vincent, JSJ requested consideration be
                  given to the possible redecoration of this property which was to be
                  used to accommodate the newly appointed Kendal Regeneration

                  Unfortunately there was no allowance in the planned maintenance
                  budget for this item and NPS would need to provide a price for the
                  work, which would be carried out either by schedule of rates or,
                  dependent on the amount of work involved, via a quotation.

                  NPS requested to provide quotes and considered with report re the           DLP
                  next item.

        5.3       Talkback Group/Condition of South Lakeland House

                  Various complaints had been received regarding the condition of
                  South Lakeland House, with particular reference to the decoration and
                  condition of the carpets in various areas of the building.

                  Management Team were keen to be seen to be taking action on
                  matters raised by the Talkback Group.

                  Quotations had been received for redecorating and for re-carpeting.
                  Targetting a “deep clean” of the building was considered the right
                  course of action, followed by redecorating and re-carpeting and also it
                  was felt that “deep cleaning” should be undertaken on a regular basis.

Property Advisory Group – Minutes – 24-07-08
                  DLP advised the meeting that if this work were to go ahead,
                  something more substantial within the programme would have to be

                  JSJ felt that the finance for the redecorating and selected carpet     JSJ
                  renewal could be found from the 2007/08 underspend. The group
                  agreed this as a way forward and for a future programme to be drawn
                  up for rolling maintenance and upkeep.

6.0     Date of Next Meeting

        6.1       Thursday, 25th September 2008 at 4.00pm in the Chairman’s Room

Property Advisory Group – Minutes – 24-07-08

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