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       Business analysis Certificate

                               in collaboration with
Awarded by Procept Associates Ltd.

Business Analysis certificate
In order to ensure that business requirements are prop-              Admission
erly captured—a fundamental requirement for project                  There are no prerequisites needed to enrol in the Business Analysis
success—organizations are increasingly placing emphasis              Certificate. Successful participants will nevertheless require desk-
on the knowledge and capabilities of business analysts.              top, numerical, documentation and analytical skills. Participants
                                                                     should also have a flair for details.
Continuing Education and Procept Associates Ltd., an
endorsed education provider with the International Insti-            Timeline
tute of Business Analysis (IIBA), are collaborating to offer         The Business Analysis Certificate Program is comprised of 11 training
this program. The Business Analysis Certificate is awarded           days or three courses. Depending on scheduling, this program can
by Procept Associates on completion of the program                   be completed in as little as three months.
requirements.                                                        All Cont Ed certificates, designation programs, courses and seminars
                                                                     are developed with part-time learners in mind.
This Business Analysis Certificate Program covers a wide
range of techniques that can be applied to resolve diverse           Delivery
business problems. Courses focus on the core skills required         All courses in this certificate are taught at the University of Calgary
to be an effective business analyst and are suited to both           campus in full-day sessions. Courses combine lecture, case studies,
new and experienced analysts. Students gain tools and                interactive workshops, and individual and team exercises.
knowledge for practical application in business.
                                                                     This program of study is endorsed by the IIBA as suitable learning
Who should take this program?                                        for professionals pursuing the Certified Business Analysis Profes-
The Business Analysis Certificate will benefit:                      sional (CBAP) designation.
• Individuals who are interested in a career in business analysis    Program content reflects the body of knowledge tested by the CBAP
• Business or information systems managers who are new to            certification examination, but completion of the Business Analysis
  business analysis                                                  Certificate does not in itself ensure eligibility or success on the
                                                                     CBAP exam. Please note that eligibility requirements to sit the CBAP
• Experienced business analysts seeking formal certification,
                                                                     examination include five years (7500 hours) business analysis work
  or a better understanding of their roles
                                                                     experience. A detailed summary of CBAP certification requirements
• Project staff or managers currently combining the business         can be found on the IIBA website at
  analyst role with their own
                                                                     All courses are based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
• Business staff or managers working in a business analysis          (BABOK™), version 2.0 and must be taken in the following order:
  environment and needing to interface with project managers and
                                                                     1. Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—Part 1 (4 days)
  business analysts
                                                                     2. Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—Part 2 (4 days)
• Individuals who are preparing to write the CBAP designation exam
                                                                     3. Enterprise and Strategic Analysis (3 days)
Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—Part 1                           To register in a course…
In this course you will gain insight into the business analyst profes-   To register in a course, go to and click on Inter-
sion, the role business analysts play within an organization, the        est Areas. Choose Business Analysis, then courses. To register by
necessary skills required, and valuable applicable tools, techniques     telephone, please call 403-220-2988, any time between 8:30 am
and methodologies for immediate use back on the job. You will learn      and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday and have your credit card ready. If
how to develop thorough requirements elicitation and management          your employer is paying for the course, please have a purchase order
processes, identify and analyze project deliverables within the proj-    number ready. It is also possible to register online using your Mas-
ect lifecycle and practise effective oral and written communication,     terCard, Visa, or American Express. Simply choose your course and
documentation and facilitation skills.                                   click Add to Shopping Cart to start the process.

Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—                                 Transferability
Part 2                                                                   Courses in the Business Analysis Certificate Program are offered at
Prerequisite: Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—Part 1             partner universities including Simon Fraser University, the Univer-
(or equivalent)                                                          sity of Waterloo, and Dalhousie University. Most courses from those
                                                                         programs can be transferred into the U of C program. For information
Major challenges facing business analysts are extracting and
                                                                         about transfer practices at any partner institution, please contact
documenting business requirements in plain business language,
                                                                         that university directly.
translating those business requirements into technical specifica-
tions, and creating and implementing business processes. This
course builds on the concepts covered in Comprehensive Business          Contact information
Analysis Seminar—Part 1 by examining specific tools in detail. You       Business Analysis Certificate
will learn effective writing skills, documentation, developing metrics   Business and Professional Programs
to complete your analysis, facilitation and methodology definition.      University of Calgary Continuing Education
                                                                         106 Education Tower, 2500 University Drive NW
Enterprise and Strategic Analysis                                        Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
Prerequisites: Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—Part 1            403-220-2988
(or equivalent) and Comprehensive Business Analysis Seminar—Part 2       1-866-220-4992 (toll-free)
(or equivalent)                                                
This course is designed to provide business analysts with the skills
required for involvement in strategy development, pre-project activi-
ties, and developing and managing enterprise architecture. You will
learn the tasks and techniques outlined in the Enterprise Analysis
Knowledge area within the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge®
(BABOK®) v2. You will practise analyzing competitive data, bench-
marking studies, business problems and opportunities, developing
business strategies and documenting a business case.

To maintain IIBA endorsement, an examination is administered at
the end of the final day of each course. A participant who success-
fully passes the examination will receive a certificate of completion
for that course. | 403-220-2988

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