Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

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					Graduate Certificate
in Gerontology

The certificate program is designed for students
who wish to prepare for work with older adults and
for professionals already working with the elderly.
Nurses, physicians, health care administrators,
occupational therapists, physical therapists, and
social workers are among those for whom this
certificate is designed. The program provides a
background of basic knowledge in gerontology
and permits students to acquire knowledge, in
the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, political
and economic issues related to aging through a
multidisciplinary approach.

Certificate can be completed in 4 courses:
 n   HP 623 Gerontology: A Mulitidisciplinary Approach
 n	HP   626 Sociological, Political and Economic
     Perspectives in Gerontology
 n	HP    629 Chronic Illness and Aging: Management,
     Palliation and End of Life Considerations
 n	HP   632 Gerontology/Geriatric Mentorship

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Graduate Certificate
in Health Informatics

 The Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics is
 designed to introduce health care providers to the
 informatics industry; its current state of the art,
 systems and management. Students will learn essential
 competencies needed to participate in the strategic
 leadership of information systems and explore the
 industry through a self designed practice mentorship.
 Faculty will work with students to design a field
 experience most appropriate to meet their professional
 goals. The certificate is comprised of four courses:

 Certificate can be completed in 4 courses:
  n   NU710 Informatics in Health Care
  n   HP635 Health Information Systems
  n   HP638 Strategic Leadership in Health Informatics
  n   HP641 Information Systems Mentorship

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