7 Common Viral Marketing Mistakes To Avoid, To Successfully Promote Your Blog, Product, or service by satrap


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  7 Common Viral Marketing Mistakes To
 Avoid, To Successfully Promote Your Blog,
            Product, or service

Viral marketing is one of the most powerful ways to
promote your blog, business, product or whatever it is your
trying to promote . But, not everyone is successful in virtual
marketing. If you are on of those unsuccessful ones, read on
to find out 7 most common Viral marketing mistakes that you
can avoid in order to have a successful viral marketing

Not knowing how to make a marketing piece “viral”
In today’s world of internet and technology, something like a
brochure is not enough for a viral marketing. There is a very
small possibility of creating buzz, if any at all using things
like that. Yes, there is no guaranteed method for creating a
100% effective viral marketing piece, but in this day and
age, you can do a lot better than that.
Not offering incentives to encourage people to pass it along
It is possible to get the message passed on without offering
any reward, but we all know, people like to be rewarded. By
providing incentives you can encourage people to pass on the
message. Many successful marketers, offer free
memberships, commissions, more articles, more eBooks and
etc, to those who help to spread the word.

Not making it interesting enough
Say you are using an article or an e-book to promote your
business, if you fail to make a high quality report or e-book
that has useful content in it, you will have trouble with
spreading the word, even if you were offering incentives to
spread the word. On the other hand, if your article or
whatever you use for your viral marketing, is useful and
informative, people will pass it along, even without any
incentives offered by you.

Not offering rewards for joining
This time the rewards is supposed to be aimed at people who
you are trying to attract. Many people forget the simple fact
that offering a free download, a free e-book or whatever for
those who respond, is the easiest and fastest way to have a
successful promotion. People love free things. Encourage
them to join by promising and giving them a free gift.
Usually gift that are relevant to the subject of your campaign
are more effective.
Not encouraging others to spread the word
We often forget how a simple line of text like “if you find this
information useful, please consider telling others about it”,
can convince people to spread the word. It can do wonders.
Many people don’t pass it along, simply because they didn’t
think it was needed, since you didn’t ask for it. So, make
sure you ask your already members, costumers, readers or
whatever to invite others to join as well.

Putting all the effort behind one single piece
Many of us have this attitude of giving it just ONE BIG try,
and if it didn’t work, we give it up. How many successful
people do you know that achieved their success with just one
try? Instead of focusing all of your effort into one thing,
create a process for creating, promoting, testing and
measuring continual viral marketing efforts.

Not experimenting and trying new things
Trial end error is one of the basics of most successful
businesses. Test different methods. Chang things up and see
which one works better. For example if you wrote an article
and post it on a article directory in hopes of getting traffic to
your blog, and you see that its not driving much traffic to
your site, try to change the title of it, or add or delete parts
of it. By testing various combinations and measuring the
results, you can find out what works best and what doesn’t.
A successful promotion is the difference between a dying
business and a active thriving business. The more successful
you are in promoting your business, blog, product or
whatever your promoting, the more chance you have for
succeeding in your business. And viral marketing has
proved to be an effective promotional tool.

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