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									       Lighting Candles
      Worldwide Mission                                                                    THREE SIDES TO
                                                                                          EVERY STORY, INC.

It is our belief that children need both of
their parents and deserve to have a
relationship with of their loving and
                                                                                       Lighting Candles Worldwide
willing grandparents.

We believe that all children have a right to
have both of their fit and loving parents in
their lives, as well as all of their loving and
willing grandparents and extended family.

Our goal is to bring awareness to this
issue by lighting the whole world, one
candle at a time.

Our goal is to light candles in every Town
of every state in as many Countries as we
can reach, on the same day at the same

We hope you will join us in our efforts.

                                                   Three Sides to Every Story, Inc.
                                                       Post Office Box 1009
                                                     LaGrange, Georgia 30241
                                                       Phone (706) 885-9022
                                                        Fax (706) 812-9407
THREE SIDES                                               LIGHTING CANDLES
                                                                                                   We realize that in far too many cases the
                                                                                                   children pay a very high price for their
TO EVERY                                                     WORLDWIDE                             adult parents’ actions. We are asking
                                                                                                   everyone to come together on this very
STORY, INC.                                                                                        special day of Lighting Candles World
                                                                                                   Wide. One candle lit from each and every
                                                                                                   one of us at the same time will make a
                                                                                                   vibrant light world wide and make this a
            Mission Statement.                                                                     very special Christmas.

Our mission at Three Sides to Every Story is a                                                     We believe if asked, a child would pick to
very simple one, the “Unity” for children and                                                      have both parents instead of just one. We
their families after separation and/or divorce is                                                  also believe that a child should not be
our goal.                                                                                          forced or tricked into giving up a parent
                                                                                                   because the other parent no longer needs
Our founder has found herself amidst the battle
                                                                                                   or wants that parent.
of her life when her son lost his children
through divorce. The lies and frauds that have      Imagine for a moment Lighting Candles          We are asking for everyone to put the
been committed to keep these children away          World Wide and all at the same time.           children first and allow our respective
from their father for eight very long years was     Imagine your child knowing we are
something she did not want to relive in her                                                        Countries to heal the family. There is
                                                    Lighting Candles World Wide just for           nothing more important then family. There
life…for she herself having been the target of      them.
the same type of abuse and deception as a                                                          is no greater gift then family.
child.                                              We have given this a lot of thought and we     Our second annual Lighting Candles
We strive to bring awareness to the plight of       have come to the conclusion that everyone      World Wide will be April 25, 2009.
the children and their families.                    can light a candle at their home or in their
                                                    home town at a designated place.                 WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN
No child deserves to go to bed at night without
                                                                                                     WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN
feeling loved by both parents and both sides of     You can be a part of Lighting Candles          THIS HUMANITARIAN EFFORT FOR
                                                                                                   THIS HUMANITARIAN EFFORT FOR
grandparents and all of their extended family.      World Wide to represent a united front for        ALL CHILDREN AND THEIR
                                                                                                       ALL CHILDREN AND THEIR
                                                    the children and their need to have both
Our goal is to educate not only both parents,                                                                 FAMILIES..
                                                    parents and grandparents in their lives.
but to bring awareness to all those who are
responsible for writing the laws of our             We have chosen December 18, 2008 for
Countries.                                          our first annual Lighting Candles World
          “Children Need Both Parents”              Wide which is exactly one week before
                and by all means                    Christmas, for this being the hardest time
   “They Deserve to Have Loving Grandparents”       of year for those who miss their children,
                                                    but especially for the children who are
                                                    alienated from one of their parents and/or
                                                    any of their grandparents, or in some cases
                                                    of their siblings and extended family.

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