For the Attention of Colm Shannon Please accept the following as by fdjerue7eeu


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									For the Attention of Colm Shannon.
Please accept the following as the Sinn Fein submission to the" Review of Govt. Advertising in
Northern Ireland".
"Sinn Fein believes that All government departments and agencies must take appropriate action to
deliver on the many equality objectives of the Good Friday Agreement.
Given that £18.4m was spent by government departments in the year 2003/04 alone it is imperative
that there ceases to be any form of discrimination against local media outlets.
For example, Sinn Fein is opposed to the ban on advertising in Daily Ireland and believes that all
newspapers should be treated equitably. While we expect that an element of competition and value for
money test should both be included in the criteria for awarding advertising contracts, equality
provisions must take precedence.
Sinn Fein believes there can be no justification for the existing policy of awarding advertising contracts
to a select group of newspapers. Currently these titles are not subject to basic rules of competition nor
do they reach all sections of public opinion across the communities. Clearly Daily Ireland, La and the
Andersonstown News Group among other local media outlets do service a sizeable section of the
community. We note also that the Equality Commission is challenging the government ban on
classified advertising in Daily Ireland.
Sinn Fein believes that the planned and equitable placement of advertising in a wider range of media
outlets actually allows for considerable efficiency savings while delivering on the Equality agenda.
Sinn Fein believes that all government departments must actively promote New TSN, Equality and
Irish Language commitments through policies and procurement opportunities. There is no objective
doubt that by placing advertisements in outlets including Daily Ireland, La, Andersonstown News
Group and a range of other community organs, the above policy commitments can be progressed.
Sinn Fein believes;
1 .That OFM-DFM should consider a single point mechanism within government for the placement of
advertisements within the media to ensure this is done on a fair and equitable basis and in pursuance
of the relevant equality objectives.
2.There	should be no discrimination against any newspaper in relation to government advertising.
3.That	government policies and budgets in respect of advertising should also be directed at areas and
communities of greatest need.
Cllr. Alex Maskey MLA.
174, Ormeau Road,
Belfast. Bt7 2ed.
Tel. 028/90243194.

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