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									                      Menu One
                        Tarte aux champignons et épinards
               ( mushroom and spinach tart with a soft poached egg )

                             Potage de courge espicé
                  ( spiced butternut squash soup with sour cream )

                    Salade de Prosciutto et de coeur d’artichaud
    ( artichoke heart and prosciutto ham salad with croutons and grain mustard )

                                 Poulet à l’Orientale
         ( tandori chicken breast with baby gem lettuce and mango slices )

                                   Fillet de dorade au basilic
               ( grilled fillet of sea bream with tomato and basil sauce )

                                 Vivaneau aux câpres
        ( pan fried red snapper fillet with a baby caper and dill beurre blanc )

                                 Bell Inn smokies
( traditional smoked haddock with cream, tomato concasse and parmesan cheese )

                            Goujons de cabillaud sauce tartare
          ( strips of cod lightly crumbed & deep fried with a tartare sauce )

                              Suprême de poulet chasseur
( chargrilled chicken breast with a sauce of mushroom, tomato, shallots and tarragon )

                              Côte de porc au coriandre
           ( five spice marinated pork steak with pak choi and coriander )

                        Colelettes d’agneau et tomates cerises
           ( grilled lamb cutlets with cherry tomatoes and balsamic glaze )

                                  Roti de boeuf au thym
            ( roast sirloin of beef with a red wine and thyme scented jus )
              Please choose one potato and two vegetable side dishes

                               Profiteroles au chocolat
          ( chocolate cream filled choux buns with white chocolate sauce )

                             Salade de poire pochée
            ( salad of poached wine pear mejouli dates and wine syrup )

                          Crème brûlée au fruit de la passion
               ( traditional crème brûlée with passion fruit and lemon )

                                 Mousse de pruneaux
                          ( prune delice with biscotti biscuit )


                         3 courses - £28.00 per person
                         4 courses - £32.75 per person

            *** All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and 10% service ***
                           Menu Two
                              Caviar d’aubergines à la Greque
              ( roasted aubergine pate with grilled pitta bread and greek salad )

                               Pain grillé au fromage de chèvre
    ( slice of warm goats cheese on herb bread with Italian tomato and spring onion salad )

              ( cured scotch salmon with pickled cucumber and sweet dill syrup )

                              Salade de maqueraux au raifort
    ( smoked mackerel with a potato and horseradish salad with a dill and lemon dressing )

                              Soupe de poisson de Méditerranée
                  ( mediterranean fish broth infused with basil and tomatoes )

                                 Longe de thon à la Nicoise
                    ( peppered tuna loin steak presented on nicoise salad )

                                 Fillet de truite sauce Hollandaise
                   ( grilled herbed salmon trout fillet with lemon hollandaise )

                                           Cabillaud roti
                   ( roasted cod fillet with pea puree and crispy pancetta )

                         Longe de chevreuil et sa sauce aux betteraves
             ( loin of Denham venison with a sweet beetroot and balsamic sauce )

                     Suprême de poulet farci aux abricots et à la sauge
    ( baked cornfed chicken breast with apricot and sage stuffing and a tarragon cream )

                   Culotte d’agneau aux épices et son cassoulet de haricots
                 ( moroccan spiced lamb served with a butter bean cassolet )

                               Fillet de porc au celerie rave
( roasted lemon and thyme marinated pork fillet with grain mustard sauce and roasted celeriac )
                  Please choose one potato and two vegetable side dishes

                                   Crêpe à la Normande
                       ( apple pancakes with calvados scented cream )

                             Syllabub aux framboises et groseilles
                      ( smooth raspberry and redcurrant cream syllabub )

                                          Tartelette aux fruits
                ( individual fresh fruit tart with crème anglaise and citrus coulis )

                               Tarte à la ganache de chocolat
                  ( chocolate ganache torte garnished with vanilla pod ice )


                              3 courses - £29.00 per person
                              4 courses - £34.50 per person
                 *** All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and 10% service ***
                        Menu Three
                                   Saumon fumé remoulade
        ( river farm smoked salmon with celeriac remoulade and a mint yoghurt dressing )

                                Salade d’avocat aux crevettes
           ( salad of avocado with stir fried king prawns chilli sauce and frizze lettuce )

                                 Risotto aux poireaux et fromage
( leek and blue cheese risotto cakes pan fried complimented with homemade red onion chutney )

                                Potage de champignons sauvages
                           ( wild mushroom soup with rustic croutons )
                                    Fillet de bar aux épinards
                      ( pan seared fillet of sea bass with buttered spinach )

                                     Paupiette de sole farci au crabe
     ( rolled sole fillet with a crab and ginger forcemeat masked with a champagne cream )

                                  Gratin de coquille St. Jacques
                     ( queen scallops and smoked bacon with a pesto crust )

                                         Rouget aux aubergines
                   ( fillet of red mullet with marinated aubergines and olive oil )

                               Suprême de pintade aux asperges
             ( breast of guinea fowl with buttered asparagus tips and tarragan jus )

                                  Carré d’agneau aux fines herbes
                ( roast rack of spring lamb with a herb crust and rosemary sauce )

                                     Perdreau rôti à l’Anglaise

             ( traditional pot roasted partridge with bread sauce and parsnip chips )

                                          Contre-fillet au poivre
                 ( chargrilled sirloin steak with a cognac and peppercorn cream )
                     Please choose one potato and two vegetable side dishes
                                       Soufflé de pommes vanillées
            ( individual apple and vanilla cold soufflé garnished with an apple crisp )

                                       Vacherin aux fraises
              ( crisp meringue nest topped with Chantilly cream and strawberries )

                                      Marquise au chocolat
  ( individual rich chocolate cake garnished with mascarpone cheese and blackcurrant coulis )

                                   Sorbet de pamplemouse rose
              ( sorbet of pink grapefruit with tequila soaked morello black cherries )

                                ( traditional Italian cream dessert )

                                3 courses - £31.00 per person
                                4 courses - £37.00 per person

                  *** All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and 10% service ***
                              Menu Four
                                  Foie Gras de Canard aux prunes
            ( pan fried duck foie gras presented on a herb croute with plum chutney )

                               Salade de crabe et têtes d’asperges
                ( flaked crab meat with asparagus salad and lemon mayonnaise )

                                     Suprême de pigeon
     ( marinated wood pigeon breast salad with French leaves and a blackcurrant dressing )

                                    Potage de poivron rouge
                ( roasted red pepper soup with rochette pesto and basil croutons )

                                         Brochette de lotte
         ( skewered monkfish fillet and king prawn tails with garlic and rosemary cream )

                          Galette de pomme de terre et poisson fumé
            ( mini smoked haddock and spring onion fish cakes with beanaise sauce )

                                        Fillet de dorade Duglere
            ( grilled sea bream fillet served with tomato concass and parsley cream )

                                     Saumon à l’Orientale
 ( spice marinated scotch salmon presented on an oriental pepper and warm black bean sauce )

                                      Fillet de chevreuil Wellington
    ( fillet of venison with rich mushroom duxelle and puff pastry case served with madiera jus )

                                 Suprême de canard roti aux poires
                       ( roast gressingham duck breast with pear quarters )

                        Tournedo de boeuf et ragoût de champignons sauvages
           ( fillet of beef topped with a wild mushroom ragout and parmesan cheese )

                                Culotte d’agneau aux groseilles
        ( rump of lamb marinated in thyme and served with a port and redcurrant sauce )
                    Please choose one potato and two vegetable side dishes

                                          Tarte au citron
                             ( sharp lemon tart with cinnamon cream )

                                           Pudding d'été
                                      ( summer fruit pudding )

                       Compote de rhubarbe et mousse à la chartreuse
( poached seasonal rhubarb with chartreuse mousse and garnished with a pepper coconut biscuit )

                                 Gâteau au caramel servi chaud

          ( individual sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce and brandy snap crisp )


                                3 courses - £32.50 per person
                                4 courses - £39.50 per person

                      *** All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and 10% service ***
   Additional Vegetarian Options
                       Marinated Artichoke Salad with Roasted Peppers and Parmesan

                         Tart of Wild Mushroom with Soft Poached Egg and Olive Oil


                  Cassolet of Puy Lentils and Roasted Root Vegetables with a Herb Crust

                 Filo orchid of Baby Spinach topped with a Leek and Butterbean Ragout

      Herb Polenta with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Goats Cheese, Pine Nuts and Basil

                 Potatoes & Vegetables
              Menu selections 1-4 include one potato dish & two vegetables of your choice


Pommes de terre Anna                           ( sliced & neatly layered in a mould, baked in oven & turned out )
Pommes de terre à l’anglaise                   ( boiled & served with butter & chopped parsley )
Pommes de terre au gratin                      ( creamed, sprinkled with cheese & gratinated )
Pommes de terre à la menthe                    ( new potatoes with mint )
Pommes de terre à la columbine                 ( sautéd with strips of red pepper )
Pommes de terre château                        ( barrel shaped & roasted )
Pommes de terre à la mode de Caius             ( par cooked & marked with knife, roasted in oil & garlic )
Pommes de terre à la parisienne                ( small balls cooked in butter & oil )
Pommes de terre parmentier                     ( ½” diced, fried & sprinkled with chives )
Pommes de terre Charlotte                      ( small new potatoes cooked in skins )


Carottes à la Vichy                    Panais (parsnips)                Chou-fleur à la crème (cauliflower)
Petits pois                            Poireaux (leeks)                 Choux de bruxelles ( brussel sprouts )
Courgettes                             Ratatouille                      Épinards ( spinach )
Roasted butternut squash               Broccoli                         Haricots verts (French beans)

                         Dessert & Cheese
Dessert (fruit only)                   £4.50                 Cheeseboard, Biscuits & Celery     £5.50
Cheeseboard, Biscuits & Grapes         £6.00                 Dessert & Cheeseboard              £7.00

                        *** All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT and 10% service ***
                                         Wine List
   The following wines have been selected by the Fellows Butler for your enjoyment and are
                                       available year-round.
 We also have a special Fellows Conference Wine List which includes a large selection of limited
               availability wines. Please ask your event manager for more details.

                                                     Sparkling Wine

                                  251 SPK Kraemer Blanc de Blanc Brut - £9.95
 An easy drinking French sparkling wine. Light vibrant fruit flavours and delicate small bubbles. Perfect for any occa-


                                  819 CH Pierre Bertrand 1er Cru N.V. - £33.95
Deep copper/gold champagne. Lush peach flavours, explosively juicy, and great value. Silver Medal Challenge Inter-
                                       national du Vin, Paris 2000.

                                                       White Wine

                      848 AW Montana Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008 - £10.50
A really fresh, vibrant expression of Sauvignon Blanc with crisp acidity, some green pepper herbiness and just enough
tropical fruit/passion fruit character to give it roundness. A deliciously bright style that makes it perfect to drink either
                                 on its own as an aperitif or with fresh salads and seafood.

                                 812 SCW Withington Chardonnay 2007 - £9.95
 A South African classic chardonnay, lightly wooded, with rich tropical flavours and vanilla undertones. Recently se-
              lected for The Telegraph Wine Club. Ideal with chicken dishes and cheese based pastas.

                                817 AW Williams Well Chardonnay 2007 - £10.50
A product of one of Australia’s oldest and most respected producers- De Bortoli Wines – this is a lightly oaked, medium
          weight wine with rich fruit (fresh fig, and peach tones) and great balance of fruit and fruit acids.

                           448 IW Pinot Grigio il Palu, Grave del Friuli 2007 - £12.95
A refreshing Pinot Grigio with good depth of flavour. It pairs nicely with seafood, light pastas, grilled chicken, pork and
                                        Wine List
   The following wines have been selected by the Fellows Butler for your enjoyment and are
                                       available year-round.
 We also have a special Fellows Conference Wine List which includes a large selection of limited
               availability wines. Please ask your event manager for more details.

                                             Red Wine
                      326 CL Château Charron, 1ères Côtes de Blaye 2005 - £18.25
A wine made from 90% Merlot, showing abundance of fruit and soft, ripe tannins. Ideal with all red meats and game.

                               255 AR Shiraz Cabernet Willowglen 2005 - £9.95
Three quarters Shiraz. Great value medium bodied deep purple wine with plum and cherry flavours and modest oak

                                827 IR Chianti Riserva Torre Terra 2005 - £12.95
 Made from the Sangiovese grape with its typical jammy raspberry and strawberry fruits and vanilla backbone. The
 Wine Spectator gave it 90 Points. This rich fruity soft tannin wine is perfect with meat roasts and any ripe cheeses.

                      775 RH Domaine de la Bastide, Côtes du Rhône 2007 - £12.50
A really enjoyable inexpensive Rhône with a rich fruitful nose, hints of spice and pepper, soft tannins and ripe brambly
                                 fruit. Perfect match for lamb and other red meats

                                                    Sweet Wine

                        257 FRW Ch de la Peyrade Muscat de Frontignan - £13.50
Elegant dessert wine from southern France. Very ‘more-ish’ with even the sweetest desserts. Good balance of Muscat
                                            sweetness and zesty acids

                                    Gonville & Caius College Port - £14.50

                                                  Bar Price List
                                              Jug of Pimms - £12.00
                                           Jug of Orange Juice - £4.00
                                           Standard Beer (pint) - £2.80
                                           Premium Beer (pint) - £3.00
                                                Bottled Beer - £2.90
                                               Bottled Cider - £2.70
                                        Standard Spirit and Mixer - £2.80
              Private Dining Checklist
               Once you had confirmed your private dining booking at Gonville & Caius College
                          we need to know a few more details about your event.

                     Please fill in the details below and return to the Conference Office
                                     no less than ten days before your event.

Event Title:
Number of
guests:                                            Date:
Contact at the

Pre-dinner Drinks
Start time:                                      Venue:

Drinks selection
(incl. non-alcoholic):

Canapes?                 Yes / No
Canape selection:
Start time:                                      Venue:

Menu                     Course                Menu (1-4)   Choice
                         Side Dishes
                         (2 veg, 1 potato)

                         Pudding Choice
                         Cheese Course

Wine                     White Wine
                         Red Wine
                         Dessert Wine

Special dietary

AV equipment:

Other notes:             Please include details of any speeches or presentations

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