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									2nd International Interprofessional Health and Social Care Conference
6th and 7th July 2010
at Manchester Metropolitan University

Learning Better Together
Manchester Metropolitan University,            Professor Hugh Barr - Chair of
University of Salford and University of        CAIPE; Editor in Chief of the Journal of
Manchester are working collaboratively         Interprofessional care and Emeritus Professor
to host a two day International                of IPE at the University of Westminster.
Interprofessional Education and Practice
Conference in Health and Social Care.          Themes include:
                                               •	The	use	of	simulation	in	interprofessional	
The conference is aimed at academics,            education (IPE)
researchers, practitioners, service            •	Learning	Technologies	and	IPE
users, carers, policy makers and               •	Integrated	Models	of	Service	Delivery
managers sharing their knowledge and           •	Theoretical	frameworks
experiences of how collaboration can           •	Collaborative	Learning	in	Practice
have an impact on health and social            •	Student	assessment	in	IPE
                                               The	conference	will	open	on	the	evening	of	
The programme will include key note            5th July in the Geoffrey Manton Building
addresses from:                                at Manchester Metropolitan University for
                                               registration and evening drinks reception.
Paul Manners - Director of the National
                                               The	following	2	days	will	incorporate	
Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement
                                               concurrent	sessions	that	will	include	research	
and Executive Producer of the BBC Learning
                                               and evidence based papers and innovative
                                               workshops.	The	poster	presentations	will	
Professor John Carpenter - Professor of        also be included as an oral concurrent
Social Work and Applied Science, University    stream.	An	optional	conference	dinner	will	
of Bristol, Researcher for the Department of   be	held	at	the	Whitworth	Art	Gallery	on	6th	
Health and the NHS.                            July	2010.

Associate Professor Ivy Oandasan -             For more information and bookings go to:
Department of Family and Community             www.fhsc.salford.ac.uk/2ndinterprofessional
Medicine at the University of Toronto,
Director of the Office of Interprofessional    or contact Denise Brooks
Education at the University of Toronto,        Business Development Unit
Provincial Co-lead for the Health Force        Manchester Metropolitan University
Ontario Strategy’s Interprofessional Care      Telephone:		 ++44(0)161	247	2770
Project.                                       Email:       d.brooks@mmu.ac.uk

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