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									Learner Voice Strategy

Quality & Curriculum Committee:   November 2008
Corporation Approval:             December 2008
Review Date:                      December 2011
Learner Voice Strategy


Recent educational developments have highlighted the importance of the individual learner to
ensure that their views are sought and their individual needs are properly met. Central to this
has been the Every Child Matters (DCSF 2003) agenda, the Ofsted inspection framework
(DCSF 2005), and the Framework for Excellence (LSC, 2006).

Research has also focused on the value to schools and colleges of listening to learners’ views
and involving them in decision-making to ensure both policies and practice have a real impact
on improving the quality of provision.

As a result, learners are likely to benefit through the development of a higher quality educational
experience. Colleges will benefit in a number of ways including improved decision-making as a
result of better quality information about the student perspective, more effective quality
assurance and better student retention.

Key Principles
• To develop a clear vision of what it means to value the learner voice
• To ensure the learner voice permeates all aspects of the institution
• To acknowledge the centrality of good, trusting, supportive relationships between staff and
   students, and the importance of opening up debate about how decisions are made
• To involve learners in the developing of new strategies which ensure their views are gained
   and that they are involved in decision-making
• To use a range of methods to ensure the learner voice is listened to and acted on
• To gather the views of students on a wide range of issues such as teaching and learning,
   curriculum, assessment methods, timetabling, resources, environment, student services
   such as welfare and guidance, extra-curricular provision, the ECM agenda, school buildings,
   the communication of core values and setting of direction by leadership and management
   (including governors), staffing appointments, training and overall effectiveness
• To provide learners with appropriate training
• To ensure fair opportunities for members of all groups of students to be involved

The Learner Voice strategy

All students, individually and collectively, will have an opportunity to participate in feedback
about the College through the following mechanisms:

Student Union: All students at BHASVIC are automatically members of the Student Union.
Students can opt out if they wish. The Executive members of the Student Union will be elected
by the whole student body.

Course Review and Evaluation: Students will be provided with a range of opportunities to
evaluate their course. These evaluations will feed into the Departmental Self Assessment
Review and Action Plans (SARAPs).

Student Surveys: College-wide Student Surveys will be carried out annually. These will be
administered electronically. The results of the surveys will be shared with students and
suggestions for improvements will be reflected in action plans. Appropriate managers will
monitor the implementation of action plans. Other surveys into specific areas and issues (e.g.,
Induction, IT Services, Open Learning Centre) are carried out throughout the year
Evaluation of Teaching and Learning: student input: The College will involve students in the
evaluation of teaching and learning as part of the teaching and learning observation process.

Student Governors: Two student governors from the Student Executive will be elected
annually to the Corporation.

Cross College Council: A representative of each tutor group will be elected to join the Cross
College Council which will be hosted by the Student Union Executive. The College Principal will
be invited to host a regular question and answer session as part of the Cross-College Council.
These meetings will be included in the College Calendar and publicised on the College web site.

Suggestions, Concerns and Complaints: Students will be informed at Induction of the
College’s Complaints procedure and how they might make suggestions or raise concerns about
the College.

Monitoring and review of the Strategy

A report on the Strategy will be provided to the Senior Management Team and to Governors
through the Quality & Curriculum Committee on an annual basis.

This strategy will be reviewed and updated every three years by the Assistant Principal (Quality
& Curriculum)

                                                                                   October 2008

Roles and Responsibilities for implementing the BHASVIC Learner Voice Strategy

Role                     Responsibility
Corporation              •   Approve the Learner Voice Strategy.
Principal                •   Ensure that there is a Learner Voice Strategy.
                         •   Ensure the Strategy is approved by the Corporation.
                         •   Ensure that all relevant dates are published in the BHASVIC
Assistant Principal      •   Review and update the Learner Voice Strategy every three years
(Quality & Curriculum)       or more frequently if necessary
                         •   Ensure that learner involvement activities are incorporated into
                             curriculum planning, delivery and review.
                         •   Ensure that learners’ views are reflected in the College’s Self
                             Assessment Report (SAR).
                         •   Ensure the Learner Voice Strategy is incorporated into all aspects
                             of quality processes eg teaching and learning observations,
                             student induction
                         •   Review quality processes to ensure that opportunities for listening
                             and responding to students’ views are maximised
                         •   Monitor the implementation of the Learner Voice Strategy with
                             curriculum managers and the Student Union Executive.
                         •   Provide reports to SMT and governors as required.
Vice Principal           •   Ensure the staff induction process includes reference to the
(Staff & Student             Learner Voice Strategy and that appropriate training is provided
Services                     for all staff.
Assistant Principal      •   Explore with relevant members of the SMT and other staff,
(Finance & Estates)          innovative ways of using digital technologies to enhance
                             opportunities for student participation in the review and decision
                             making activities of the College.
                         •   Ensure that student representatives have access to appropriate IT
                             facilities, including, for example, access to a permanent unique
                             email address for elected Student Union officers (for example,
                             studentsunion @bhasvic.ac.uk), a Student Union shared network
                             space and access to the College website to publicise events and
Heads of Faculty         •   Ensure that curriculum managers and their teams are thoroughly
                             briefed on and understand the Learner Voice Strategy.
                         •   Ensure that the mechanisms for listening to students are
                             embedded in curriculum practices, eg student induction, through
                             the course review process, in curriculum planning and in the
                             departmental self assessment report and action plan.
                         •   Support curriculum managers in implementing the Learner Voice
                         •   Monitor the implementation by curriculum teams of the Learner
                             Voice Strategy.
Curriculum Managers      •   Ensure that all team members are thoroughly briefed on and
( e.g., Heads of             understand the Learner Voice Strategy.
Department, SiDs,        •   Ensure that students are invited to participate in annual course
Course Co ordinators,        reviews and that student feedback on their learning experience is
Course / Team Leaders        sought and acted upon.
)                        •   Ensure departmental self assessment reviews and action plans
                             include the views of students and that students views are
                             acknowledged when action planning.
Senior Tutors and        •   Ensure students are encouraged to participate in subject and
Tutors                       course reviews.
                         •   Ensure attendance records show an authorised absence when
                             students have been attending legitimate learner voice activities,
                             for example, Student Union, Cross-College Council and course
                             review meetings.
Governors, including     •   Governors approve the Learner Voice Strategy, receive an annual
student governors            report on its impact and ensure the learner voice is heard at
                             Corporation level.
Senior Tutor with        •   Ensure the Student Union Officer agrees the dates, times and
responsibility student       venues of Cross College Council meetings with the Principal’s
surveys and for line         PA.
managing the Student     •   Conduct student surveys in accordance with the agreed timescale
Union Officer                and produce action plans in conjunction with the Assistant
                             Principal (Quality & Curriculum).
                         •   Ensure that findings from student surveys and action plans are
                             published on the BHASVIC VLE.
Student Union Officer    •   Agree the dates, times and venues of Cross College Council
                             meetings with the Principal’s PA.
                         •   Ensure that the Learner Voice Strategy is promoted by the
                             Student Union Executive / Cross College Council at Induction and
                             during the academic year.
                         •   Facilitate the holding of Cross College Council meetings and
                             focus groups, by, for example, ensuring adequate publicity of the
                             event, suitable timing, suitable accommodation and refreshments.
                         •   Ensure that copies of the agendas and minutes of Cross College
                             Council meetings are circulated to SMT and all relevant students
                             and staff.
                         •   Liaise with HoDs and tutors to ensure that students who represent
                             their course at College student review meetings and Cross
                             College Council meetings are awarded College achievement
All Support Staff        •   Ensure there is a mechanism for collecting feedback on the
Teams                        service they provide.
All Staff                •   Support the implementation of the Learner Voice Strategy.
All Students             •   Take part in elections of Cross College Council / Student Union
                         •   Participate in course reviews.

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