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Floods in India - part of predicted simultaneous extreme events


Floods in India - part of predicted simultaneous extreme events

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									WA News 2009 No72 - 7th Oct

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Contact Piers Corbyn +44(0)7958713320 or office above

Floods in India - part of predicted simultaneous extreme
events world wide - confirm WeatherAction long range

"More storms on the way" warn WeatherAction as simultaneous
extreme weather across the world - deluges, floods, typhoons &
blizzards - confirm WeatherAction long range forecast in 'double-hit
Red Warning' period 5-11 Oct.
Extreme weather world-wide in the period 5th-7th October is part of a 'Red Warning'
double-whammy of deluges, floods, typhoons and blizzards predicted by
WeatherAction long range forecasters for 5th-11th October with sub-periods 5-6/7th
and 9-10/11th. 7 of the 8 extreme weather events in predicted regions for the earlier
part of this double-whammy period have been confirmed and the predicted follow-on
events are looming in many places.
Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and long range weather and climate forecaster of said:
"These results (see below) are a great start to our record number of forecasts - 52 - of extreme events
around the world which we issued for this month. We were very encouraged by the 90% success of our
extreme events forecasts for 1st-23rd September which included extreme weather triggered by new
events on the Sun in the New Solar Cycle (24) so we decided to expand the scope of forecasts.
"This expansion in forecasts is revealing more clearly than ever the simultaneity of extreme weather
events around the world which is a consequence of the same causal predictable solar particle and
magnetic events and Sun-Earth connections. Many are puzzled that we can predict these Earth extreme
events when often (eg this period 5-7th October) not much is visible on the Sun. The reason is that there
is more going-on than can be seen or readily detected. We will discuss more about how our Solar
Weather Technique works at our conference on Oct 28th (see below) and urge interested people to
look for themselves at our extreme events forecasts - -
for this month"
Bay of Bengal / India 5-11 Oct 2009 (Prob espec 5-7 or/& 9-10th)
BC=70% SWIPs - "TD/TC prob heading West into India continuing inland. Two
formation events unlikely but possible. If formation comes in first sub period extra
development** would be likely in 2nd sub-period."
- 1 Event - CONFIRMED
      Dramatic floods from storm systems which were not shown as Cyclones in Bay Of
      Bengal nevertheless led to storms inland as predicted.


      India floods trigger food fears

      In pictures: Floods devastate southern India

      ** Maps 8th Oct show convective clouds over SouthEast Bay of Bengal (Andaman sea) and
      Central West Bay of Bengal (Vishakhapatnam region)


Atlantic Tropical storms (Forming/ Rapid Development) Around 5-6 Oct
Most likely in (mid) Atlantic
   - 1 Event - Confirmed
      TWO Tropical storms formed: Grace 5th Oct, Henri 6th Oct

USA Severe Thunder / Tornado risk 5-7 Oct
  - 1 Event(s) - Confirmed
      (eg) Texas 6th Oct - 6 Oct
      Wind Damage and Why It Happened!
      7, 2009; 5:25 PM ET High winds blew through the Northeast Wednesday. Amy Aaronson explains
      why and where the winds hit
West Pacific Around 5-6 Oct TD/TS/T1 (Forming / rapid development)
In Pacific East Of Philippines JAPAN hit or grazing possible - Forecast also says similar likely to
follow (formation/rapid development of existing storm(s)) 9th-11th Oct
    - 1 Event - CONFIRMED by Typhoon (Tropical Storm) Melor tracking along Japan

                                                                                    Big waves
                                                                                    driven by
                                                                                    Melor hit the
                                                                                    coast of the
                                                                                    town of
                                                                                    Tatsugo in
                                                                                    southern Japan
                                                                                    on Wednesday
                                                                                    (7Oct) .
                                                                                    (Kyodo News/
         Typhoon (now Tropical Storm) Melor Hits Japan, Prompting Evacuations, Flight Delays ...
         7 Oct 2009 ..Typhoon Melor reached Japan, the first to make a direct hit on the
         country since September 2007, prompting evacuations and forcing flight..
         Piers Corbyn said " Very significantly Melor powered-up to a Super Typhoon -
         Category 5 - in our predicted 'Formation &/or rapid development period' in the region
         East of Philippines expected and then took a track in line with our predictions for a
         likely storm formation/development & track in this period and subsequent days.
         Our long range forecast - via - expects a
         similar formation development to Melor for the period 9-11 Oct and there are now (8
         Oct) signs of this - . The
         resulting storm could also hit or graze Japan

USA North Midwest eg Chicago - Massive early snow deluges
5 - 11 Oct 2009 (Probably especially 5-7 and 9-11) AB = 80% SWIPs
   - 1 Event - CONFIRMED - And Look-out for more!

         There has been snow and a lot more is on the way...
         Tuesday, October 06, 2009 8:59 AM - Severe Weather, Cold Blast, Snowstorms
         SNOW FROM DENVER TO CHICAGO. (NB Frid = 9th)
         Forecast map (above) for 9th Oct:
         "A trace of snow in October is very common. But in 130 years of snow records, only 14 Octobers
         have had measurable snow in Detroit"
East Pacific Tropical Storms (Forming) Around 5-6 Oct TD/TS
       - 1 Event - Not confirmed although event for 2-3 Oct was confirmed

Britain & Ireland & N Europe 5-6/7th Oct Red Warning
   - 2 Events - confirmed - see map & links below

       Forecast 5-6/7th Oct: Britain & Ireland: Torrential rain, some thunder & windy with gales &
       severe gales in North & N Sea. Some flash Floods espec Nth. Cold. Followed by MAJOR
       STORM in South Scandinavia and Holland. A deep cyclonic system tracks from West to a
       new centre in North N Sea giving NW / N’ly strong winds. Cold front(s) cross whole of Britain
       & Ireland. The Low then passes into Scandinavia.

       Two inches of rain in Scotland 6th Oct:
       & loads of heavy rain in South England on 7th:

        (NB In fo Western Australia Heat 5-11th confirmed to an extent but must wait for 2nd sub-period)

How to Get WeatherAction extreme events forecasts
WeatherAction's 52 - record number - world wide extreme events forecasts
for this October cover possible events and regions/places in: Britain &
Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and
Tropical storm formation and land-hit-risk in the Atlantic, East Pacific, West Pacific and
Indian Ocean. The 4 blocks of forecasts, some with two forecast pdfs (a, b) are available on :
1 Britain/Ireland & Europe - 13 events
2 West Pacific Tropical Storms /Typhoons & Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippines land hits - 8 events
3 a. Atlantic Tropical storms / Hurricanes formation and land hit risk - 6 events;
   b. East Pacific Tropical Storms - 8 events
4 a. World Other events inc USA tornado/severe thunder, Australia, New Zealand - 14 events,
   b. Indian Ocean and India land hits - 3 events
     WeatherAction Special Conference
     Climate Change, The Solar Weather Technique &
     The future of forecasting
     Weds Oct 28th – at Imperial College London
     – Speakers - World WebEx links – Discussion in 4 Sessions
    • Refutation of the CO2 driven theory of Climate Change
    • What DOES cause Climate Change - The Evidence
    • The Solar Weather Technique of long range Weather & Climate forecasting –
      Principles & advances
    • The Future of Weather and Climate Forecasting - and some special forecast
  To REGISTER Details & booking email with
  'CONFERENCE' in the Subjectbar
  28 October marks ‘Climate Fools Day’ (UK Parliament passed the Climate Change Bill 28 Oct 2008) and
  the floating of WeatherAction on The London Stock Exchange (AIM) 28 Oct 1997 (since de-listed).

NEWS & LINKS - see also
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End of WAnews 2009 No72

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