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									                                                             KSS can be contacted on:
                                                             Tel: 01484 225083
                                                             Fax: 01484 225061
   Newsletter                Spring Term 2006                Email –
                                                             Website -
                                                             Editor: Farzana Begum
         K irkl ees Su ppl y Servi ce (KS S)
                                                                   Benefits for Kirklees Supply Teachers
KSS would like to wish everybody a Happy New
Year!                                                              Payment of salary in line with the Statutory
                                                                    School Teachers Pay and Conditions
                                                                   Opportunity to pay into the Teachers
                                                                    Pension Scheme
                                                                   Opportunity to apply for Threshold
Welcome to KSS Spring Term newsletter. The aim                     CRB checks carried out for you at no
of this newsletter is to keep you up to date with                   charge
                                                                   Checks on Qualifications, Health and
what is happening in KSS and of any other
information you need to be aware of. Firstly you
may have noticed that the ‘T’ has been taken out
and we are now Kirklees Supply Service and will
soon be offering services other than teachers to
schools, if you are interested in any of the posts             Kirklees Supply Service are looking to expand into
advertised opposite please do not hesitate to                providing supply cover for school for the following roles:
contact us.                                                                 Administrative Assistants
                                                                                 Nursery Nurses
Please Remember: All teachers are required to                                      Technicians
have a current CRB disclosure. Please check the                                    Invigilators
                                                              To express interest or to request an application pack,
date in the top right hand corner of your                                     Please contact KSS.
certificate. They are valid for 3 year from that                                                th
                                                                            KSS, Room 703, 7 Floor
date – if it has expired or is due to expire please                         Oldgate House, 2 Oldgate
contact the KSS office for a renewal form.                                         Huddersfield
                                                                                    HD1 6QW
To ensure we have current information can all                              Email:
supply teachers keep us up to date with their
availability on a regular basis, either by ringing this                 Claiming Teachers Pay Dates
office or sending an e-mail.                                                    Spring Term                                            Pay Period Ending               Pay Date
                                                                     16.12.05                   20.01.06
                                                                     20.01.06                   24.02.06
                                                                     10.02.06                   24.03.06
        “KSS takes the hard work out of
        looking for supply work””                                                   EDNET
                                                           Keep up to date with what’s happening in Kirklees
                                                           schools by logging on to:
              Maps & Directions                                                  Kirklees Website
 Below are useful links when finding directions            Looking for a longer term contract or a full time teaching                post? All teaching vacancies are advertised on Kirklees
                                                           main website:

                 L eg islat ion                                                 KSS WEBSITE
Log on to the following websites to keep up               The KSS website is now operational please log on to
to date with changes to current, new or         
amended Legislation:                                      There is lots useful information on the website                                           including schools lists, session times and pay dates.
                                                          There is also the facility to e-mail KSS with any queries
                                                          you may have or to up to date us with your availability.
                                    Free Tr ai ng Co   es fo    rkl es Su     Te    er
                                    Free Training Courses for Kirklees Supply Tea chers

The following free courses are available free of charge to supply teachers this term. If you are interested in any of them
please ring only 2 days before the course is due to run, to see if there are any places available. Please note places will
be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
To book yourself on to the course please ring: 01484 225753

 Course No.                             Activity Title                       Date(s)       Time(s)              Venue
AD06003       WAVE 3 PRIMARY STRATEGY CONFERENCE                           02/02/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Ceder Court

AHB06009      SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - ART                     08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    TBA
AT06010       USING THE P SCALES                                           09/01/2006   9.00-12.00pm   Textile Centre

AT06011       USING THE P SCALES                                           09/01/2006   1.00-4.00pm    Textile Centre

AT06012       USING THE P SCALES                                           12/01/2006   9.00-12.00pm   Textile Centre

AT06013       USING THE P SCALES                                           12/01/2006   1.00-4.00pm    Textile Centre
AT06014       P SCALE MODERATION GROUP 1                                   18/01/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Textile Centre

AT06015       P SCALE MODERATION GROUP 2                                   23/02/2006   9.00-4.30pm    Enterprise Solutions

BL06015       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - MUSIC                   08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Fartown High School

BL06017       PRIMARY NEWLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS NETWORK MEETING             09/03/2006   4.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre
CW06003       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - ICT                     07/03/2006   9.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre

DP06007       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - HIST/GEOG               22/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Shelley College

DP06009       PRIMARY GEOGRAPHY/HISTORY NETWORK MEETING                    01/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Deighton Centre

RH06012       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - RE                      08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Batley Business Centre
DS06003       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - DRAMA                   08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Westborough High School

EM06003       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK- PE                       07/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Howden Clough High

MA06017       EMA CO-ORDINATOR MEETINGS                                    07/03/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Textile Centre

ET06001       ICT DROP IN SESSION                                          17/01/2006   4.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre
ET06001       ICT DROP IN SESSION                                          15/03/2006   4.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre

FD06024       PRIMARY SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK                               29/03/2006   1.15-4.15pm    Deighton Centre

GH06010       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - PSHCE                   08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Heckmondwike Grammer

GH06011       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - PASTORAL                22/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Spen Valley High
GH06017       RELATIONSHIPS AND SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATION KS3 & 4            01/02/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Deighton Centre

HM06002       TEACHING & LEARNING MATHEMATICS                              12/01/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Deighton Centre

JR06005       DEVELOPING CALCULATIONS USING MODELS AND IMAGES              03/02/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Deighton Centre

KS06002       PRIMARY SCHOOL LIBRARY COORDINATORS NETWORKS                 08/03/2006   4.00-6.00pm    TBA
KS06003       SECONDARY & MIDDLE LIBRARY COORDINATORS NETWORKS             09/03/2006   4.00-6.00pm    TBA

LN06007       SECONDARY STRATEGY NETWORK MEETING                           19/01/2006   4.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre

LN06008       NQTs /NEW TO TEACHING SCIENCE NETWORK MEETEING               01/02/2006   4.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre

LN06009       SPECIAL SCHOOLS SCIENCE NETWORK                              01/03/2006   4.00-6.00pm    Deighton Centre
MC06009       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK- D & T                    08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    All Saints High School

PC06004       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - MFL                     08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Birkdale High

PH06006       MATHS SUBJECT LEADERS DEVELOPMENT DAY - SPRING               03/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Deighton Centre

RV06003       MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM SOLVING                                 27/02/2006   9.30-3.30pm    Deighton Centre
SE06007       PRIMARY ASSESSMENT CO-ORDINATORS NETWORK                     22/03/2006   4.30-5.30pm    Deighton Centre

SE06008       PRIMARY SCIENCE SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK                       06/03/2006   4.30-5.30pm    Deighton Centre

SM06004       BOOSTING YEAR 6 IN ENGLISH AND MATHS                         18/01/2006   9.00-4.00pm    Deighton Centre

OH06004       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - BUS STUDIES             08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    Castle Hall School
OH06005       SPRING 2006 SUBJECT LEADER NETWORK - CAREERS                 08/03/2006   4.30-6.00pm    TBA

VF06001       DRUGS UPDATE                                                 08/03/2006   4.15-5.30pm    Textile Centre

                                     Free Self-Study Material For Supply Teachers

The DfES has a range of self-study materials for use in the professional development of supply teachers. The
materials contain five books (designed for supply teachers' independent study). The website contains the
materials as well as an online library of useful websites. Self study materials for supply teachers are available
to download on the following website:

     If you have suggestions/comments regarding this or future issues of the newsletter please do
               not hesitate to contact: Farzana Begum on 01484 416716 or E-mail at

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