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					Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
Our Race Equality Statement 2004


The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 gives public authorities a statutory duty to promote race equality. The aim of the Act is
to help Councils provide fair and accessible services and to improve equal opportunities in employment.

Under the Act and as part of the Council‟s Race Equality Scheme 2002, we are required to monitor annually by ethnic group and
publish details of-

      applicants for jobs
      staff employed
      promotions
      training
      grievances
      disciplinary actions
      performance appraisals, and
      dismissals.

This is the second year this report has been produced and is based on information covering April 2003 to March 2004. (Please note
that we have also included some additional reporting information which helps our decision-making. This covers the composition of
our top 5% earners and average salary comparisons).

In this Statement we make reference to BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) groups; the term does not relate to skin colour but is the
accepted terminology used to describe the visible minority people of African, Caribbean, Asian and Chinese origins who share the
common experience of racism. It also encompasses many of the less-visible groups who exist as minority communities within the
county for example, Irish travellers and gypsies, Polish, Ukrainian and other Eastern European countries – again people who have
experienced discrimination based upon their national or cultural heritage.

Audit of Employment Information We Currently Monitor
                                                                                                 Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005
We are able to monitor most of the employment information required under the Act (approximately 95%) – mainly using our
computerised Personnel/Payroll System (“Delphi”). As part of a rolling programme identified within the Race Equality Scheme we
are seeking to make system improvements, collect missing data (particularly for Schools) and improve the quality of data. One of
our actions achieved in 2003/04 was to send questionnaires to employees whose ethnic background was not recorded on our
systems and from the returns to update this missing information.

The current position is set out below:-

Activity          Scope of            Source    Current         Any Actions for         Who is          Timescale
                  Monitoring –                  Accuracy/Qual   improvement             responsible
                  partial or                    ity                                     for actions
Applicants for    Partly for          Delphi    Good            Ensure full coverage    HR              Agreed improvements over 3
employment        Schools;                                      by improving capture    Manager         years to 2006/07.
                  comprehensive                                 of information for      (Education)
                  for rest of                                   schools.
Staff currently   Yes                 Delphi    High
working for us
BME Staff in      Yes                 Delphi    High
top 5% of
BME salary        Yes                 Delphi    High
with workforce
Applicants for    Yes                 Delphi    Poor            Standardise codings     Human           Codings currently under
promotion                                                       and how these are       Resources       review by Delphi Team with
                                                                used on HR System                       HR.
Applicants for    Partly              Delphi    Good            Improve current         Human           Roll out Delphi training
training                                                        systems (manual,        Resources       system into Education and

                                                                                                 Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005
Those who           Partly   Delphi   Good   Delphi, and other                        Environment Directorates by
receive training                             electronic); identify                    September 2005 to work to
                                             gaps in recording and                    more comprehensive records
                                             take action to fill these,               being available for 2005
                                             including the use of the                 report (note - schools
                                             Delphi training module                   excluded from this).
                                             in Directorates.
Those involved      Partly   Paper    Poor   Set up improved            Human         Work underway to set
in grievance                                 systems to monitor and Resources         template for recording
procedures                                   review this information                  information and monitoring on
Those subject       Partly   Paper    Poor   on a regular basis.                      quarterly basis.
to disciplinary
Those who           No       Paper    N/A    Develop recording        Human           Available for implementation
benefit or suffer                            processes for April      Resources       September 2005.
from                                         2006 as part of
performance                                  implementation of new
appraisals                                   rewards package.
Those who end       Yes      Delphi   Good   Standardise codings      Delphi          Codings currently under
their service                                and how these are        Team for        review.
with us                                      used on HR System        codings
                                             and ensure exit          and HR
                                             interviews are carried   Strategy
                                             out for BME staff.       Team for

                                                                               Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005
What We Do With the Information
The employment information in our Race Equality Statement (with detailed breakdowns by individual Directorates) is used as part
of our integrated approach to benchmarking and identifying equality improvement actions. This is carried out as part of our
commitment to meet requirements set out in the Equalities Standard for Local Government – the national performance indicator
(BVPI 2a) which enables us to monitor, track and progress our equalities work and against which we are externally audited.

Under the „umbrella‟ of the Standard, the information feeds into the following planning and decision-making processes:-

   our Workforce Development Plans,
   our Integrated Service and Performance Planning process and Plans,
   our Race Equality Scheme impact assessment and identification of high, medium and low actions.

In operating this framework, we will seek to ensure that the workforce is representative of the wider population of Gloucestershire,
mindful of geographical variations, and of the various service user groups.

The Standard and these actions are overseen and monitored through our Fairness and Diversity Forum

Our Employment Information ………….
Applicants for employment

Applications for employment and appointees (2003-2004)

    Ethnicity             Applicants         Interviewees (as a % of applicants)     Appointees (as a % of interviewees)
WHITE                       8398                       3223 (38.4%)                              813 (25.2%)
BME                          516                        161 (31.2%)                               26 (16.1%)
Total                       8914                       3384 (38.0%)                              839 (24.8%)

(In this and all other tables presented in this report the data relating to those staff that have declined to provide us with their
ethnicity is excluded unless otherwise noted.)
                                                                                                        Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005
Staff in post:

This figure is reported as BVPI (Best Value Performance Indicator) 17a - 2.28% - since this figure was reported, the level has
increased, in part due to further checks of ethnicity with individuals in Social Services and across the Council as part of our
continuing work to improve data quality. We are in the top performing 25% of County Councils for this BVPI. Our target is to reach
2.8% by 2006/07.

Ethnicity        Count             %
WHITE            14933          97.38%
BME               402            2.62%
Total            15335         100.00%

Salary comparisons

The average salary for BME workers is £14,418 pa whilst for White staff it is £15,624 pa. This is based on actual income earned
and where employees have more than one contract with the Authority, the jobs have been amalgamated.

BME in top 5% earners

This figure is reported as BVPI 11b and currently stands at 1.2%. Due to a change in the recording of the data, this figure shows a
decrease from 2.0% compared to the previous year. We are in the top performing 25% of County Councils for this BVPI. Our target
is to reach 2.5% by 2006/07.

                                                                                                  Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005
Staff receiving promotion

Promotions by ethnicity (2003-2004)

      Ethnicity             Count        % of Total
WHITE                        418          98.12%
BME                           8           1.88%
Total                        426         100.00%

Those who receive training

Staff receiving training (2003-2004).

At present this data is incomplete and only covers Social Services and Libraries.

       Ethnicity           Total Number of      Number of staff        Staff attending
                                 staff         attending training     training as % of
                                                                          total staff
WHITE                           2917                  1483                  50.8%
BME                              107                   44                   41.1%


Disciplinary/Grievance Cases (2003-2004)
This information is not available for the period under review and is something we are working on to improve.

Those who end their service with us

BME staff made up 2.3% of all position leavers in 2003-2004 whilst White staff accounted for 97.7%.
                                                                                                  Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005
Analysis of leaver reasons by ethnicity (2003-2004)

                                                                 Grand Total
Leaving Reason                                BME        WHITE
COMP TRANSFER OUT GCC                            0           1         1
DEATH                                            2          11        13
DISMISSAL CAPABILITY PROC                        0           3         3
DISMISSAL DISCIP ACTION                          0           5         5
DISMISSAL END CONTRACT                          17         878       895
DISMISSAL FAIL PROBATION                         1          15        16
DISMISSAL ILL HEALTH                             0          17        17
DISMISSAL INTS OF EFFCY                          1          14        15
DISMISSAL REDUNDANCY COMP                        1          28        29
DISMISSAL REDUNDANCY SCH1                        0          20        20
EARLY RETIREMENT ARB                             0          12        12
ILL HEALTH MUTUAL CONSENT                        0          11        11
LEAVE DEPT CHANGE PAYROLL                        1           6         7
LEAVE DEPT SAME PAYROLL                          1           8         9
LEAVING A SECONDARY APPT                         3          95        98
NEW JOB                                          2          47        49
NON RETURN CAREER BREAK                          0           1         1
RESIGNATION RULE OF 85                           0          22        22
RESIGNATION DOMESTIC                             2          98       100
RESIGNATION FURTHER EDUC                         1          61        62
RESGINATION MARRIAGE                             1           2         3
RESIGNATION MATERNITY                            2          14        16
RESIGNATION NEW EMPLOY                          15         525       540
RESIGNATION NOT KNOWN                           14         289       303
RESIGNATION OTHER                               11         586       597
RETIREMENT COMPULSORY                            0          54        54
RETIREMENT VOL 60 TO 65                          2         102       104
TRAN TO PRIVATE COMPANIES                        0         396       396
TRANSFER DUE TO RESTRUCT                         0          23        23
Grand Total                                     77        3344      3421

                                                                               Race Equality Statement – Version 3, March 2005

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