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									                                                   WALMER SCIENCE COLLEGE
                                                                 2009 – 2010

                                                   Year 7 Homework Timetable
                   Mon 1        Tues 1      Wed 1       Thurs 1      Fri 1        Mon 2          Tues 2            Wed 2        Thurs 2        Fri 2

                              Maths     RE                                       Science                                                      Music
       7A1         Science
                             Geography History
                                                        English     French
                                                                                                 Maths         English        Technology

                                          Geography      ICT                                     Science        Maths
       7A2         Science     English                              Spanish       History                                        French      English
                                           Maths        Music                                      RE         Technology
                   History       RE        French                                                                               Science
       7A3                                            Technology Science         Spanish         Music             Maths                     English
                    ICT        English     Maths                                                                               Geography
    7B1, 7B2 &                                                                  Learning to                                                 Learning to
                   English                 Science                  Maths                        English           Maths
       7B3                                                                         learn                                                       learn

                                                   Year 8 Homework Timetable
                   Mon 1       Tues 1      Wed 1       Thurs 1       Fri 1        Mon 2          Tues 2            Wed 2        Thurs 2        Fri 2

                  Maths            Technology                                     French           RE
       8A1       Geography
                                              Spanish              Science
                                                                                  Maths          English
                                                                                                               History               ICT     Science

                   Maths      English                                                            History                                     Science
       8A2          RE        French
                                      Technology Geography Science                Maths
                                                                                                               Spanish               ICT

                              English Technology                                  French        English
       8A3         History
                               ICT     Science
                                                        Music       Maths
                                                                                  Maths        Geography
                                                                                                                    RE          Spanish      Science

    8B1, 8B2 & Learning to                                                      Learning to
                           Science                      Maths      English                                     English           Maths
       8B3        learn                                                            learn

                                                 Year 9 Homework Timetable
                 Mon 1       Tues 1      Wed 1       Thurs 1      Fri 1       Mon 2         Tues 2         Wed 2           Thurs 2          Fri 2

                 English                                                                    History    Science
      9B1          RE
                             Science     Maths        French      ICT         Music
                                                                                            Maths     Geography
                                                                                                                Technology                 English

                 English                 Maths         ICT
      9B2          RE
                                         History     Spanish
                                                                  Music      Geography      Maths         Science        Technology        English

                 English                               ICT                               Geography
      9B3          RE
                             Science     Maths
                                                                  Music       History
                                                                                                          Science        Technology        English


                             HOMEWORK TIMETABLE (2009 – 2010)

I/We have received a copy of the homework timetable and have seen my son’s/daughter’s School Journal.

Parent/Guardian of:        ____________________________                        Team Group: _____________

Signed:          _______________________
                                                                                 (Please tear off and return to Team Leader)

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Homework is a vital part of the school curriculum and students are expected to set aside time for this activity. The
homework timetable shows when students can be set homework in a particular subject. The teacher will allow an
appropriate length of time before it is due to be collected for marking.

       Homework for a particular subject is usually of half-hour duration.
       Homework can be varied and may involve a range of activities.
       Students are expected to record homework activities in their journal along with the due in date.
       Students, if in doubt, should seek extra help from their subject teacher well before homework is due to be given in.
       Sometimes it is impossible to complete homework due to unforeseen circumstances. In these rare situations a note
        would be appreciated.
       Literacy is a vital part of all subjects and it is expected that students will read at home on a weekly basis. The
        Learning Resource Centre is available as a source of books.
       Students are also expected to read through their work on a regular basis to learn the content in preparation for
       Homework club is available at lunchtime, in the Student Support Department, located in the Compass Centre. This
        runs from 12:25pm until 12:55pm.
       The Dyslexia Department homework club is on Monday to Friday lunchtime in the Dyslexia Department from
        12:20pm until 1:00pm.
       Students can use the Learning Resource Centre after school where there is a homework club from 3.00pm to
        4.00pm daily.

It should be noted that students in 7B and 8B groups undergo a programme of themed homework. This work is ongoing and
students will work on the homework during both weeks. It will form the majority of the student’s homework and therefore
the only additional homework will come from English, Maths and Science. All of the themed homework will also be
available via the school website within our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Should parents/carers have any concern or queries regarding homework then please contact your son’s/daughter’s team

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