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Work Permits


Work Permits

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									Work Permits

Who requires a work permit?

Anyone who wishes to work in the UK and who is not a national of the European
Economic Area (EEA). EEA member states are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech
Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland,
Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United
Kingdom and Switzerland.

Nationals from the new member states of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia,
Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic who find a job in the United
Kingdom are required to apply to register with the Home Office under the new
'Worker Registration Scheme' as soon as they find work. Please note that individuals
are required to register within 30 days of commencing employment, it is a criminal
offence for this group of staff not to register with the Home Office (a penalty of £5,000
can be made against the University).

Individuals are required to pay a fee of £90 for their registration card. For further
information on this scheme, please refer to

The following countries require a Work permit but are exempt from payment:
Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, FYR or Macedonia, Moldova,
Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania.

Please note that although Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union on 1
January 2007, individuals from these countries still require a Work Permit. Bulgarian
and Romanian nationals will not require leave to remain, but still need to obtain
authorisation to work before starting any employment (unless they are exempt from
doing so). This authorisation will normally take the form of an Accession worker card
and individuals need to complete Form BR3 and send to the Home Office for

Does a work permit for one employer allow me to transfer and work for another

No, work permits are not transferable. They are issued for an individual to do a
specific job with a specific employer.

Can the spouse of a work permit holder work without the need for a separate
work permit?

Yes, spouses of work permit holders who have been granted leave to remain as
dependants of a work permit holder have the right to work in the UK so long as they
remain married and the work permit is still valid.

How much is a work permit application?

The cost for each work permit/extension application is £153, which is currently
funded from the Human Resources Department
How long can a work permit be issued for?

A work permit can be issued up to five years

Leave to Remain

Where an individual is out of the UK at the time of the application, the Border and
Immigration Agency issue a work permit which the individual should take to the
nearest British Diplomatic post overseas. The decision to grant leave to enter the UK
is considered and, if approved, the British Diplomatic Post overseas will endorse the
passport with a prior entry clearance visa.

Where the individual is in the UK at the time of the application, once the work permit
has been issued to the individual, it is then the responsibility of the individual to apply
for leave to remain in the UK. The cost of each application is £350, which is the
responsibility of the individual (unless exempt). For forms and further information
please refer to website

Working Holiday Maker Scheme

For the criteria and further information please refer to website


For further information please refer to website

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