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									                                Haddington & District ASC – May 2009 Newsletter

     President's Report                                                Ciara for purchasing and presenting the new Cup in memory of
This newsletter is packed with news items from our Head Coach          her step-grandfather. I hope that you all saw the article about the
Vivian Hastie that will bring you up to speed with all that is         competition that was published in the Courier.
happening in the Club. Plenty of success for our swimmers and a
club membership that is running at its highest for a number of         Portobello Mad March Meet 21/03/09
years, with lots of youngsters, paints a very healthy picture of the   22 HN swimmers took part in this event over the 2 days
Club.                                                                  Anna Cheyne (8) 3rd 25m Breast
                                                                       Simon Duke (8) 3rd 50m Free
Thanks to all who helped make our recent Total Swim Meet               Declan Till (8) 2nd 25m Back, 2nd 100m IM
competition at Prestonpans a successful meet both in and out of        Gaby Smith (8) 3rd 100m IM, 5th 25m Fly, 5th 50m Free
the water. It was pleasing to receive e-mails from Lanarkshire and     Brigid Hay (8) 2nd 100m IM, 3rd 25m Fly
Eyemouth (two of the clubs at the meet) praising and thanking us       Sam Muir (10) 1st 50m Free, 1st 200 IM
for the smooth organisation and running of the meet.                   Charlie Smith (10) 6th 200 IM
                                                                       Struan Stuart (12) 5th 200m Breast
It has taken a long time in coming, but further to writing to the      Finlay Williamson (12) 1st 200m Breast, 2nd 200m Fly, 3rd 200m
sports centre management to review our pool time, we have been         Free & IM, 4th 200m Back
successful in having all Wednesday sessions brought forward half       Sabrina Wright (14) 2nd 200 & 400 Free, 3rd 200m Back
an hour. It was inappropriate for young swimmers to have to swim
in the current squad 3 slot and I am delighted with this outcome.      Scottish National Age Group Championships
                                                                       Some of the Haddington swimmers who train with the East
Our older swimmers continue to save the Club thousands of              Lothian Swim Team (Squad 4) recently competed at the
pounds by lifeguarding and I look forward to the next batch of         Scottish National Age Group Championships. It is a great
swimmers, currently following the club sponsored lifeguard course,     achievement to make consideration times for this competition and
joining the rota in June.                                              then to make finals means top 8 in the event. There are a lot of
                                                                       English swimmers who come up to compete in these
Don't miss our money matters and French visit article. If you wish     championships and the standard is very high. Well done to all our
to     contact    me,     you     can      e-mail       me      at     swimmers.                                              Cameron Smith is 16 and to make the final of the 400m FS in
                                                                       the 16-18 age group is outstanding. He finished 4th. He was the
Krish Bissoonauth - President                                          top 16 year old in all the distance Freestyle events.
                                                                       Bruce Halloran (17) made the final of the 200m Fly – a difficult
                                                                       event - and swam a best time in all of his events.
                                                                       Michael Thomson(15), back from Luxembourg, made the finals
                                                                       of the 100m Backstroke and the 100m Breaststroke.
                                                                       Finlay Williamson, Sabrina Wright and Amber Whitelaw
                                                                       swam well in their events.
                                                                       Joanna Whitelaw (12) achieved qualification for a whole range
                                                                       of finals narrowly missing out on medals. She was, however, part
                                                                       of the East Lothian Swim Team relay team which won the 4 x
                                                                       100m Freestyle Relay and came second in the 4 x 200m FS relay
Change of Pool Time                                                    but being the first Scottish Team got both a silver and a gold
                                                                       medal for the same race!!
From Wednesday 20th May the swimming club will be moving half
an hour earlier allowing swimmers from squad 3 to get home             Lothian Intermediate Leagues
earlier. Session times will be as follows:-                            So far we have completed two out of the three rounds of this
                                                                       team competition. The round held in April was at the end of the
Squad 1 Novices     6.30 – 7.30pm Land training squad 2                Easter school holidays and so some of the teams were incomplete.
Squad 2 Junior Club 7.30 – 8.30pm Land training squad 3                The final round will be on 13th June. I hope we will be able to
Squad 3 Club Squad 8.30 – 9.30pm                                       swim all the teams at full strength and put some at least into
                                                                       medal contention.
Competition Success
                                                                       East Lothian Graded Novice Meet 2/5/09
                                                                       We had 26 swimmers attend this event with a mix from squad 1
                                                                       and 2 for Ben, Ella, Grace, Fraser, Hugh, Cathy, Holly, Kaitlyn and
                                                                       Georgina it was their first competition outside the club. Lots of
                                                                       PB’s from this meet and good team spirit from our little ones. The
                                                                       following swimmers picked up medals :-
                                                                       Brigid Hay (8) Silver 50 Free, bronze 50 Back and Bronze 25 Fly
Haddington has had success at all stages of the club.                  Declan Till (8) Silver 50 Back
                                                                       Andrew Steven (9) Gold 50 Back
                                                                       Anna Cheyne (8) Silver 50 Breast
Novice Competition
                                                                       Glen Bunting (9) Gold 50 breast
After four round of competition the Novice Squad team won the
                                                                       Rebecca Swinton (10) Gold 50 Back and 50 Fly
Coverdale Cup. The time banded competition against
                                                                       On top of this Glen , Rachel and Ren picked up speeding tickets as
Musselburgh, Tranent and Portobello was a great success and
                                                                       they were too fast on the day for some of the timebands in their
hopefully will be repeated starting later this year. The competition
is a great way of giving young swimmers some experience not
only of racing but being part of a team without the expense of an
open meet. Thanks to Senga for her excellent organisation and to
                                                                       Total Swimmer Meet 3/5/09
                               Haddington & District ASC – May 2009 Newsletter
23 HN swimmers took part in our own event at Prestonpans. This         parents but also from the swimmers and parents back to coaches.
was a very busy meet with large teams from Warrender, Lanark           Please would parents respond promptly to emails and notes about
and Portobello in attendance. This year we had to reject               competitions to help the coaches to organise teams and entries.
swimmers from clubs to allow the meet to run to time. As ever          Also if parents want more information or have specific questions
Duncan’s commentary kept us well informed and entertained. The         please do not hesitate to ask. You can catch the attention of the
electronics caused a few problems in the morning but that did not      coaches either at the end of the session or by putting your head
affect the quality of the swimming. Joanna Whitelaw (12) took          round the door either at the changing room side or the corridor
silver in the 12/13 final and Sabrina Wright (14) took 4th place in    side of the pool.
the 14/15 age group. Jenny Dobson (now a Warrender swimmer)
competed for Haddington and set a couple of new meet records           T-shirt Design
on the way to winning gold in the 14/15 age group. We had a few        The competition for a new T-Shirt design has been won by Naomi
swimmers placed just outside the top six narrowly missing finals       Rogers with runner up Alexa Hay. The T-shirt will be on display
places. A good lot of pb’s posted on the day.                          and available for sale shortly. A big thank you to all the swimmers
                                                                       who made the effort to put in an entry, both recently and some
Changing Rooms                                                         months ago when we first thought about improving on the basic
Please can I remind swimmers again that all belongings should be       T-shirt. It was a very hard decision to make.
put in a locker while they are swimming so that the cubicles are
available for use by others.                                           Vivian Hastie – Head Coach

There have been several complaints about the behaviour of              Money Matters
certain individuals in the changing rooms. Please remember that
you are representing the swimming club whilst in the changing
rooms and that your behaviour affects the other swimmers and
the reputation of Haddington swimming club.

Lost Property                                                          Fundraising
I know that there is a constant problem of hats, goggles etc being     We held our Total Swim Meet on 3rd May and raised about £1,800
left at the pool either after training or at competition. I am going   which is a fantastic sum, well done to everyone involved in making
to start up a lost property box which I will either have on poolside   this event such a success and boosting significantly Club funds.
or in my car to act as a focal point for missing or abandoned
property. Hopefully we will be able to reunite more swimmers with
                                                                       Competition Fees
their gear.
                                                                       Once you receive acceptance that your child will be swimming in a
                                                                       event please arrange to pay the fees due to either Elaine Smith or
Coaching                                                               Tracey MacDonald in the café on a Wednesday or Friday evening.
The coaching team is pleased to have a new member. Susan               Alternatively contact Elaine on if
Taylor now coaches on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the Novice          you prefer to make an online banking payment.
                                                                       When competition entries are processed the club pays the entries
Squad 2 Challenges                                                     on behalf of the swimmers.          In the event that a swimmer
A new set of challenges has been set for the swimmers in Squad         withdraws from an event you are still liable to pay the competition
2. There are 52 challenge cards to collect making a complete set       fees. If anyone requires clarification on this let me know.
of playing cards. The challenges for the four aces represent the
four criteria for moving up to Squad 3. All members of squad 2         Monthly Fees
should have received a list of the challenges by email. If you have    If your child increases or decreases the no of sessions they swim
not received this then please let Senga have an up to date email       remember to increase or decrease your SO amount accordingly.
address or ask Vivian for a hard copy of the information. A
number of cards have been issued already based on information          Elaine Smith - Treasurer
we had previously recorded and some testing has taken place
during session time.                                                   French Exchange Visit – 2009
New Members
After the recent trials we have welcomed the following swimmers
to the club: -
Benedict Elliot     Eilidh Hunter   Rosie Lawson
Gregor Booth        Kathryn Bisset  Catriona Hummel
Rebecca Bisset      Katie Hawkes    Isabella Archibald                 The weeks are flying by and the visit is getting ever closer. There
Beth Archibald      Jack Grubb      Jenny Macmill                      will be 35 swimmers in our team, 31 from HN and 4 swimmers
Holly Corbett       Milan Stewart   Cassie Davidson McQueen            from Musselburgh ASC. The swimmers will be accompanied by 7
                                                                       adults namely Duncan McKinnell, Sandra Banks, Senga Restorick,
Please note that the club is now bulging full and that there will be   Susan Porteous, Jaqui Thomson and Dougie Kirkham. Allison
no further trials until after the summer break. Anyone who             Graham will be the Coach and will meet the team in France.
enquires about the club between now and August will be put on a
waiting list.                                                          Our list has been e-mailed to France and we are planning the next
                                                                       meeting for Parents and Swimmers on Wednesday June 10th.
                                                                       Time and Venue will be announced later. At this meeting you will
Communication                                                          be able to get your passport and EHIC cards checked (or collected
Keeping everybody informed is very important. Not only                 if you don’t need them before ), and by then we should have a list
information from the coaches and committee to the swimmers and         of French families and the Program. The cost of the trip will be
                              Haddington & District ASC – May 2009 Newsletter
£250 and we ask that the £200 balance is paid by June 10th. All
information , departure times etc. will be given at this meeting.

There are some forms still outstanding – please return these now.

French Exchange Committee - Allison Graham, Eileen Hawkins,
Sandra Banks & Krish Bissoonauth

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