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					                       Introduction to ICT at Pershore High School Scheme of work                                             Key Stage 3
                                                                  Overview of unit

This scheme of work is intended to provide all students in Key Stage 3 with an Introduction to ICT at Pershore High School. They will study
some of the basic principles of ICT which are pivotal to their learning throughout Key Stage 3 and beyond. Students will learn about how to be
safe on the internet as well as the problems associated with using the internet (viruses, hackers etc). Students will also build upon the word
processing skills used in Key Stage 2. Students will work through a set of work sheets and will produce some flyers etc on specific areas of the
unit. This scheme of work will be made available to all TAs supporting students in ICT lessons

                                                        Relation to Programme of study

Exchanging and sharing information – 3a, 3b and 3c

Reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses – 4b

Breadth of study – 5b and 5d

                            Aims of the unit                                                          Relation to KS3

      To develop students’ skills in the effective use of word              Presentation activities including email use - students produce
       processing software.                                                  chat safety cards and posters on the illegal use of computers and
                                                                             then email teacher with attachment of their work.
      To allow students to explore the use of computers in society and
       understand the issues relating to the proper and legal use of         Word processing activity – Students complete skills based
       them at home and at school.                                           activities to bring together and refine information in a word
      To allow students to demonstrate their understanding of web
       safety by producing help and advice cards for use in a chat room      Web safety activities – Students share their views and
       as well as producing a poster on an aspect that relates to the        experiences of ICT and learn about the illegal aspects of ICT.
       problems associated with the internet (viruses, hackers etc)

                        Assessment of learning                                                   Assessment for learning

3a) Students produce a poster on one of the illegal aspects of ICT.          Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting
                                                                             evidence for use by students and their teachers to decide where the
3b) Students complete word processing activities to draw on and expand       students are in their learning, where they need to go and how best
their knowledge from KS2.                                                    to get there. The process of learning has to be in the minds of the
                                                                             students. Students should be aware of the ‘how’ of their learning as
3c) Students email their work to their teacher to show their                 they are of the ‘what’.
understanding of how email works.
                       Introduction to ICT at Pershore High School Scheme of work                                                    Key Stage 3
4b) Students complete worksheets on the safety of ICT and consider its
range and as a result share their views and experiences of ICT in class        In this unit of work pupils will be assessed in the following areas:
                                                                                     Group question and answer sessions
5b) Students work in pairs to answer questions on searching the internet.            Word processing skills test
                                                                                     Oral feedback used throughout this unit of work
5d) Students participate in group discussions where they will compare
their use of ICT with its use in the wider world.

Students also complete an end of unit assessment that draws on all of
their learning from this unit of work.

                                                              Language for learning

Students should understand, use and spell correctly vocabulary relating to computer systems, web safety, copyright laws, file management and
word processing.

                                                        Lesson activities overview
                   SEN                                            Standard                                 Extension (Gifted and Talented)
1 Welcome to Pershore High School                 Welcome to Pershore High School                     Welcome to Pershore High School

2 Being safe on the internet                      Being safe on the internet and being aware of       Being safe on the internet and being aware of
                                                  the illegal aspects such as viruses etc.            the ICT laws that are in place.

3 Searching on the internet                       What is the Internet and how do we search on        What is the WWW and advanced ways to
                                                  it?                                                 search for information.

4 Using word processing software                  Word processing activities                          Pupils complete more advanced features of
                                                                                                      word processing software

5 End of unit assessment quiz                     End of unit assessment quiz                         End of unit assessment quiz


                    In this unit of work there are links to both literacy and citizenship in the activities the students complete.

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