Top 10 tips for Email Marketing

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					Top 10 tips for Email Marketing
Email marketing is ideal when you want to reach potential clients or to set-up a communication
to your stakeholders, funders or donors. It is can be a very cost-effective solution for charities
and social enterprise and allows you to create a regular dialogue with your readers whilst raising
awareness of your organisation.

1.     Understand your readers
       It is important to make sure that you provide your readers or subscribers with the
       information they want. This will improve the click-through rates to your website and
       encourage people to read your next newsletter rather then select the "unsubscribe" link.

2.     Personalise
       Practice shows that personalised content produces the best results, with better open-
       and read-rates compared with the one size fits all approach. There are many email
       marketing software available on the internet that allows you to upload your contacts and
       personalise them.

3.     Do not leave an empty Subject line
       Always complete the Subject lines, otherwise, your email will not even get delivered or
       past the spam filters, make it interesting and inspiring.

4.     Do not use deceptive Subject lines
       The Subject line should pertain to the email and be informative enough to encourage the
       reader to open it whilst not being too long. It should not be in capitals, or contain
       exclamation marks, otherwise it will not get through the spam filters.

5.     Clear From lines
       The From line should clearly state your company's name or your name. This will allow
       the reader to easily recognize you and if they know of you or the organization, it will
       increase the open- and read- rates.

6.     Provide a plain text as well as an HTML version
       Most readers respond better to an HTML email but sometimes complicated HTML
       emails get blocked by the reader's internet service provider. Plain text, although not
       blocked as often, is simply not appealing but it is accessible to blind people. So the best
       is to send your email in both format. Again, many email marketing software allows you
       to send it both formats and can detect the preferred delivery method of the reader.

7.     Unsubscribe link
       You must provide the reader with the ability to request that you do not send any future
       emails to that address. These requests must be honoured. Also, it is best practice to
       get your readers to sign up to receiving your newsletter on a regular basis, this could be
       re-enforced by giving a permission option included in your email.


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Top 10 tips for Email Marketing

8.      Make it short
        Just like any web content, people reading your email scan the content to see if anything
        interests them. Remember, it is harder to read on screen and your readers is probably
        in a hurry so keep it short, to the point and ensure it is relevant.

9.      Be consistent
        You should be consistent with the frequency with which you send your emails. It can be
        one a day, once a week, or once a month but make sure you stick to it. The more
        consistent you are, the more your clients will become familiar at receiving your emails
        and this will help building your brand.

10.     Be creative
        Last but not least, unless you create a compelling Subject line your email will end up in
        the Deleted items box. More companies are sending out more emails, therefore less
        readers are responding to this form of communication. The first point of contact is the
        Subject line of your emails so spend your time as thinking of something interesting, as
        with press release, you can include a “call to action”.

Third Marketing provides services that are both affordable and sustainable, helping
organisations raise awareness among their key audiences, while building their long term
marketing and PR capabilities.

We are able to provide advice and guidance on how email and on-line communications can be
integrated into your marketing mix as a cost-effective solution so why not give us a call today on
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