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					IT Support
GTS Geotech has a proven track record in designing and implementing innovative and cost effective UNIX and Windows system
solutions for the oil industry. We also have the strength in depth to deliver expert on-going support and administration, whatever
your IT environment needs may be.

GTS Geotech has grown to become the established leader in the field of outsourced IT support services. We provide a range of
specialist services from complete IT outsourcing, with customized Service Level Agreements to call-out services on-demand.
GTS Geotech provides companies with worldwide IT support solutions, available 24/7, on-site or remote.

                                                                       Whether as a one-of-a-kind project, ongoing
                                                                         support or a full outsource contract, our
                                                                            experts can:
• Domain specialists—unrivaled expertise in
                                                                                   • Administer your UNIX and Windows servers
  providing oil and gas IT solutions
                                                                                    and desktops

• Cost effective—significant saving on comparative                                  • Optimize your network and system
  services from key competitors                                                     performance

                                                                                    • Install and upgrade hardware
• Flexible, managed services—full outsource
  to a call-out on demand                                                           • Install and configure applications, databases
                                                                                    and operating systems
• Worldwide support solutions
                                                                                  • Define best-practice policies and procedures
                                                                                for backups, security, access control, disk
                                                                             usage, etc.

GTS Geotech is the largest independent supplier of applications and systems support to the oil and gas industry.       Europe    North America      Middle East Africa      Far East South America

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