THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE
                                FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES

                                    RESEARCH COMMITTEE
                      Minutes of the Meeting held on Friday 8 February 2008

Present:        Professor A Somogyi (Chair), Professor M Bartold, Professor C Crowther,
                Professor M Horowitz, Professor R Ivell, Professor H Morris,
                Professor T Nettelbeck, Assoc Professor S Robertson, Professor N Stocks

In attendance: Christiane Niess, Stella Richards (FHS Research Secretariat)

     The Committee approved the minutes of the meeting held on 7 December 2007.

    2.1 Actions
    Following are the points that were raised on the actions from the previous minutes, which were
    not specifically covered in the agenda items for the meeting:-
        Professor Somogyi advised of his intention to meet with FHS Centre Leaders on a regular
           basis. A meeting with the Leader, CORAL occurred prior to Christmas. The Secretariat
           was asked to schedule meetings with the remaining Centre Leaders.
Action: Professor Somogyi/Research Secretariat

           Professor Somogyi to discuss with the Executive Dean initiating strategies to secure
            regular Program Grant funding in the Faculty.
        Professor Somogyi to discuss with Dr Pitcher the FHS Research Career Development
            Committee initiatives.
           Professor Somogyi to raise at URC the process for the University to nominate a Thinker
            in Residence.
Action: Professor Somogyi

           Now that the budget for Endowment Fund income for 2008 is available, the levels of
           funding allocated to the internal Seeding and Small Grant schemes need to be determined.
           A decision on the 2008 Faculty Fellowships, including the Senior Visiting Research
           Fellowship is also required.
Action: Research Executive

           Professor Nettelbeck confirmed that to date there has been no request for further
            comment to the Faculty Internationalisation Committee on the FHS International
            Operational Plan for 2008.
           The guidelines for new policies aimed at improving the numbers of timely completions
            will be available at the March meeting.
Action: Professor Nettelbeck

    2.2 Contract Research Funding
    Professor Somogyi advised that the planned meeting with the Faculty Finance Manager and
    senior management from ARI Pty Ltd was again postponed. An alternate meeting date will be
    arranged to discuss issues relating to contract research funding.
Action: Research Secretariat

    2.3 Florey Lecturer 2009
    The field of nominations for the Florey Lectureship in 2009 was reduced to two national
    candidates, Professors Tony McMichael and Ian Frazer, both of whom have high reputations and
    work in areas that will attract wide interest. The Committee recommends to the Executive Dean
    and the Florey Medical Research Foundation that Professor McMichael be invited for 2009 since
    his area of climate change is hugely topical and Professor Frazer for 2010 or, potentially, for 2009
    should Professor McMichael be unavailable.
Action: Professor Somogyi/Research Secretariat
     3.1 Post RQF
     Professor Somogyi reported that just prior to Christmas Senator Kim Carr (Minister for
     Innovation, Industry, Science and Research) announced that the Rudd Government ceased
     implementation of the RQF. However, it was indicated that a "... new streamlined,
     internationally-recognised, research quality assurance process using metric or other agreed quality
     measures appropriate to each research discipline" will proceed. For the University, the RQF
     process undertaken last year has enabled identification of areas of research strength,
     concentrations and developing areas in order to provide those groups with continuing enhanced
     support, some of which has already been allocated via the Faculty Research Centres. It appears
     that the long term intention is for University strategic funding to be available regularly on a
     competitive basis for research Centres, Institutes or concentrations.

     3.2 URC Update
     Professor Somogyi reported that URC will hold its first meeting for 2008 on 11 February.

        3.2.1 APD Fellowships Summary Table—Discovery Projects commencing in 2009
        At the meeting held on 5 November, URC members raised concern that the University has the
        lowest success rate of ARC APD Fellowships across the Go8 and agreed that this was an area
        which required a focussed approach to increase success rates.

        An Australian Postdoctoral (APD) Fellowships Summary table, indicating the Fellowship
        types, major requirements and potential preferences in the selection process was subsequently
        forwarded to the Assoc Deans (Research) for promulgation to Heads of Schools and pre-
        circulated to the Research Committee for information.

     3.3 NHMRC
        3.3.1 2008 Postgraduate Scholarships, Training Fellowships & CDA—Outcomes
        The outcomes of the 2007 round of NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships, Training Fellowships
        & Career Development Awards for funding in 2008 were pre-circulated to the Committee for
        information. Following is the complete list of the Health Sciences recipients of these awards:

            Type of Award          Investigator's Name       Funding Total          Location
                Career                                                                CATH
             Development             Dr Maria Fuller            $362,000      School of Paediatrics &
             Award Level 1                                                     Reproductive Health

             Development            Dr Sandra J Hodge           $362,000
                                                                               School of Medicine
             Award Level 1

             Development            Dr Sandra J Hodge           $362,000
                                                                               School of Medicine
             Award Level 1

              Postgraduate          Dr Tanya J Little           $358,924       School of Medicine

                                                                              School of Paediatrics &
              Postgraduate     Dr Amanda N Sferruzzi-Perri      $321,684
                                                                               Reproductive Health

                                                                                School of Medical
              Postgraduate          Ms Renee J Turner           $265,734

              Postgraduate          Dr Darryl P Leong           $94,266        School of Medicine
             Postgraduate                Dr Ni-Hung Lin                 $94,266            School of Dentistry

             Postgraduate                Dr Hany Dimitri                $62,844            School of Medicine

             Postgraduate            Dr Benjamin K Dundon               $62,844            School of Medicine

             Postgraduate           Dr Rowena E Newcombe                $94,266            School of Medicine

       It was noted that the University returned a solid performance from a Go8 perspective
       ($3,546,250) and that the University has clearly outperformed other tertiary institutions in SA.

       Professor Somogyi asked that a comparison of the 2008 outcomes with those of the preceding
       years (2004 onwards) be prepared for presentation at the March meeting and that discussion of
       strategies for improving the success rates of these awards be included on the March agenda.
Action: Research Secretariat

       3.3.2 Equipment Grant Outcomes
       Following are the 2007 NHMRC Equipment Grant Outcomes, indicating the Faculty portion
       from a total NHMRC allocation of $455,803 and the additional FHS contribution:

            Applicant Team                School               Equipment Requested
                                                                                           Institutional Funding

         JG Semmler, MA             Molecular and          Human Motor Performance         $20,000
         Nordstrom, JB Pitcher,     Biomedical Science,    Testing and Rehabilitation
         G Todd, MC Ridding,        Paediatrics &          Isokinetic Dynamometer
         PD Thompson                Reproductive Health,   COST: $80,901.89
                                    and Medicine
         FUNDED                                            NHMRC: $38,000                  FHS $5,000
         JA Owens, WD Tilley,       Paediatrics &          SlidePath Digital SlideServer   FHS $17,000,
         RJ Norman, D Findlay,      Reproductive Health    Software, TMA Application       Paediatrics &
         EJ Rodgers, C Roberts,     and Medicine           Software, Image Analysis        Reproductive Health
         GA Wittert, C                                     Software Package, SlidePath     $5,000, Medicine
         Ricciardelli, SA                                  Server Hardware, including      $5,000, Hanson
         Robertson, DF Callen,                             Acer Altos R250 Server and      Institute $5,000;
         DM Keefe, AJ Sakko                                Hitachi TagmaStore              TOTAL $32,000
                                                           Universal Storage Platform
                                                           COST: $116,369.08
         FUNDED                                            NHMRC: $52,510                  FHS $30,000
         C Roberts, S Robertson,    Paediatrics &          Precellys 24 lysis and          C Roberts, S Robertson
         DJ Kennaway, JA            Reproductive Health    homogenization unit and         and JA Owens $7,100
         Owens, K Kind, D           and Agriculture Food   Accessories beads and tubes
         Russell, C Ricciardelli,   and Wine               COST: $17,776
         P Grant, KL Gatford, T
         NOT NHMRC                                         -                               FHS $10,000 *
         FUNDED                                                                            *dependent on Bonnie
                                                                                           Babes outcome
         L Mackenzie, P             Medicine and           MEA 1060-Inv-Bc-standard,       SMBS $10,000, FHS
         Sanders, M James, D        Molecular and          STG1004 stimulator and          $5,000-$10,000,
         O'Carroll, S Koblar, G     Biomedical Sciences    MEA 200/30iR-Ti-gr              Investigator
         Wittert, DA Saint                                 COST: $98,797.60                Contributions $10,000;
                                                                                           TOTAL: $25,000 -
         FUNDED                                            NHMRC: $48,000                  FHS $10,000
         DJ Kennaway, JA           Paediatrics &           Genomelab GeXP Genetic         FHS $8,625, PRH,
         Owens, GA Wittert, S      Reproductive Health,    Analysis System,               Medicine, Dentistry,
         Hiendleder, M Bartold,    Medicine,               Genomelab start kit, buffers   Medical Sciences
         RJ Norman, A              Agriculture Food &      standards etc                  $4,000, Investigator
         Somogyi, SA               Wine, Dentistry and     COST: $126,500                 contributions $7,000;
         Robertson, JG             Medical Sciences                                       TOTAL: $19,625
         Thompson, CT Roberts,
         R Gilchrist, R Robker,
         D Russell
         FUNDED                                            NHMRC: $65,000                 FHS $20,000
         R Morona, M Beard, J      Molecular &             Eppendorf                                      $47,725
         Paton, M Whitelaw, D      Biomedical Sciences     MastercyclerEPRealplex 4,
         Peet, A Evdokiou, A       and Medicine            Dell computer, and Kodak
         Zannettino                                        4000mm Pro Image Station
                                                           plus network software
                                                           COST: $158,375
         FUNDED                                            NHMRC: $55,000                 FHS $5,000
         C Rayner, R Fraser, M     Medicine                MMS Solar GI Stationary        Investigator
         Horowitz, G Wittert, C                            Motility System                contributions $28,000
         Feinle-Bisset, K Jones,                           COST: $102,669.60
         P Clifton
         FUNDED                                            NHMRC: $42,000                 FHS $10,000
                                                            NHMRC Total Allocation                      $455,803
                                                                      FHS Portion                       $300,510
                                                                FHS Contribution                         $90,000

       Professor Somogyi confirmed that a series of seminars will be held in the first half of the year
       when leaders of successfully funded groups in the 2006 and 2007 rounds will talk briefly
       about the functionality and availability of the equipment purchased with NHMRC and Faculty
Action: Research Secretariat

        3.3.3 Australia Fellows
        The Committee was encouraged to support Heads of School and Centre Leaders with the
        identification of potential candidates in their areas for the prestigious Australia Fellows (both
        from Australia and around the world).
        [Secretary’s note: A Summary of Changes to Australia Fellowship Round 3 Policy Documentation is
        available at: The internal
        closing date for Expressions of Interest in this round of Australia Fellowships is 20 March 2008.]
Action: All members

   3.4 ARC
       3.4.1 Federation Fellows
       The Committee was asked to promote the ARC Federation Fellowship scheme in the
       respective FHS Schools. The School of Psychology is considering the submission of a
       Federation Fellowship application in the near future. The Assoc Dean (Research) would
       appreciate advice on any further potential applicants who are identified in the Faculty.
Action: All members

   3.5 Meetings with Heads of Schools
   Professor Somogyi reported that during December and the New Year separate meetings have been
   held with four Heads of Schools to discuss the School’s research performance in publications,
   supervision and completions. Meetings with the two remaining Heads of School will be arranged
   after the 2008 major national grant round closing dates.
Action: Research Secretariat

    3.6 Other Meetings attended for information:-
             December                                                January
             10: RQF; NHMRC Fellows Review                           21: Alumni
             13: NHMRC Equipment Assessment                          22:Executive Dean
             14: RAH Research Committee                              23: RQF Board
             15: Rick Russell; Florey Board & Management             25: Faculty Board & Executive
             19: CORAL                                               February
                                                                     6: BHI Planning
     3.7 Major Items for Discussion in 2008
     Professor Somogyi invited members to nominate major items for discussion and visitors to speak
     at Committee meetings in 2008. In discussion members made the following suggestions:-

                               Items                                         Visitors
              Faculty perspective & direction             Prof Justin Beilby
              Optimising relationships between the        Prof Howard Morris
              University & the Hanson Institute
              NHMRC Career Development,                   *A FHS staff member involved in the
              Fellowship & Scholarship insight            assessment process
                                                          (Prof Somogyi to discuss with Prof Owens)
              Research Strategy (including the            Prof Mike Brooks
              development of strategies relating to the
              retention of high quality researchers)
              Research Operations & Higher Degree         Prof Rick Russell
              matters (including fee waivers)
              Research Branch Update (including the       Mr Simon Brennan
              International recruitment of HDRs &         Prof Viv Burgess
              Postdocs (including information from        Prof Fred McDougall (or nominee)
              the China desks and other desks)            Sandy McConachy
              ARI Pty Ltd Update on activities            Mr Robert Chalmers (In second half of
              Articulation with School of Veterinary      Prof Gail Anderson (Commencing in May -
              Science on opportunities for growing        arrange meeting in second half of year)
              research potential 2009 & beyond

Action: Professor Somogyi/Research Secretariat

     4.1 HDR Completions 2007
     The official completion figures for 2007 have not yet been released. However the Faculty came
     close to achieving its predicted completions target in 2007 with some 74+ submissions by the end
     of the year that bettered all previous levels for completions in the Faculty.

    Professor Somogyi undertook to acknowledge in the next edition of the Health-E News the
    endeavours of Postgraduate Coordinators, Supervisors, the Higher Degrees Committee and the
    Secretariat in supporting HDR students to a timely completion.
Action: Professor Somogyi

     4.2 HDR Strategies for 2008
          4.2.1 Visiting Scholars Scheme & Research Expo 2008
          The Committee was advised that a budget of $50K has been allocated to the Faculty HDR
          Recruitment Plan in 2008. The School of Molecular & Biomedical Sciences and the Health
          Sciences are currently in discussion regarding the proposal to share the costs of targeted
          advertising interstate and in New Zealand. Selected applicants will be invited to visit
          Adelaide, potentially in July (SMBS) and in August (FHS). In the Faculty it is planned that
          the prospective students’ visits to meet potential supervisors will coincide with the
          FHS Postgraduate Research Expo. The aim of the scheme is for the visiting scholars to
          apply for an APA Scholarship through the University of Adelaide for enrolment in 2009.

         4.2.2 Guideline—Supervisor Correction to Thesis
         The FHS guideline for HDR supervisors regarding corrections to the thesis following
         examination was pre-circulated to members for consideration. The Committee endorsed the
         FHS guideline and asked that it be presented at Faculty Executive.
Action: Professor Somogyi

     4.3 2008 HDR Scholarships—Update
     An update of 2008 FHS HDR Scholarships was pre-circulated for members’ information. It was
     noted that of the 21 APAs offered in the Faculty 18 have been accepted. In addition, as at 7
     February 2008, a total of 28 students have accepted a divisional scholarship arrangement in the
     Faculty. In terms of the variances in the honours marking scheme, the Committee welcomed the
     prospect of a review of Honours assessment across the University.
     5.1 Qantas Researcher Travel Support Scheme—Round 1
     Seven applications were submitted in this round of Qantas Researcher Travel Support for review
     by the Assoc Dean (Research) and the Chair, FHS Research Career Development Committee.
     The rankings were forwarded to the University RCD Committee for consideration. The
     University is expected to announce the outcomes by mid February.
     [Secretary’s note: In outcomes released on 8 February 2008, two applicants from Health Sciences have been
      recommended for Qantas Travel Awards, namely Dr Lisa Jamieson (ARCPOH) & Dr Damien Riggs

   Professor Somogyi undertook to raise at URC the simplification of the QRTSS application form
   for future rounds.
Action: Professor Somogyi

    5.2 Postgraduate Travelling Fellowships—Round 1 (for travel 1/3/2008-30/9/2008)
    The closing date for applications in the first round of PGTFs is 26 February 2008 for HDR
    students in their third year of candidature to present at an international conference and visit an
    academic institution. The Research Secretariat will arrange for the review and ranking of the
    PGTF applications in addition to those applying for the Mutual Community Awards for which the
    Health Sciences is guaranteed a minimum of one award.
Action: Research Secretariat

     The School of Medicine Research Committee minutes of 5 December 2007 were pre-circulated to
     the Committee for information. The concerns expressed by biomedical entrants in the inaugural
     Postgraduate Expo (relating to a perceived clinical/public health bias) were noted.

     There have been no School Research Committee meeting minutes received to date in 2008.

   7.1 Research Committee Web site
   In March the Assoc Dean (Information Technology) who chairs the FHS Web Committee will
   present a written report to the FHS Executive Dean on a) the Research and b) the Learning &
   Teaching pages of the FHS web site. From a research perspective Professor Somogyi highlighted
   as a priority ease of access for potential students together with the ability to locate specific areas of
   research interests that link to potential supervisors. Committee members are encouraged to
   forward comments on the navigation and content of the research pages at:
   <> to Stella Richards in the first instance.
Action: All members

     Staff are encouraged to enter details on the Staff Directory, which is a centralised application that
     allows information to be stored and accessed centrally. Each University of Adelaide staff member
     is able to maintain his/her own information, which as a minimum includes contact numbers, email
     address, locale, and job role. However, some staff may wish to include additional information
     about their background, and research interests.

   For instructions refer: <>. There is also
   the facility to nominate as an expert in a field (Refer to the above link Promote Your Expertise).
Action: All members

     7.2 DFG Delegation to Australia
     Prof Kleiner, President of DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) will be visiting Australia in
     March/April for the information of researchers interested in Australian-German collaboration and
     potential for new funding opportunities.

     7.3 New Developments in Open Access Policy in the US & Europe
     The Director of the National Institutes of Health shall require that all investigators funded by the
     NIH submit, or have submitted for them, to the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central
     an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed manuscripts upon acceptance for publication to
     be made publicly available no later than 12 months after the official date of publication.
   Professor Somogyi agreed to write a summary of the new developments in Open Access Policy in
   the US and Europe in the next Health-E Newsletter.
Action: Professor Somogyi

   7.4 SA Science Excellence Awards
   It was expected as the major research university in South Australia that the University of Adelaide
   would perform strongly in the State Government run SA Science Excellence Awards. Despite
   having put forward high quality candidates and representation in most categories, no University
   staff succeeded in winning any category. Professor Somogyi asked that the Committee and Centre
   Leaders be asked to review the 2007 Guidelines for the SA Science Excellence Awards at
   <> with a view to suggesting potential
   nominations to Professor Somogyi in the first instance for forwarding subsequently to the Office
   of the DVC & VP (R) by the end of February 2008 to ensure potential applicants are advised when
   the 2008 nomination details are available.
Action: All members/Research Secretariat

   The next Committee meeting is scheduled for 7 March 2008 from 8.00 am to 9.00 am in the Felix
   Bochner Meeting Room (Rm 519, Level 5, Medical School North). Thereafter meetings have
   been scheduled on the first Friday of each month for the remainder of the year.

   7 March           4 April         2 May           6 June           4 July 2008         1 August
   5 September       3 October       7 November      5 December

                                                        PROFESSOR A SOMOGYI
                                                        Chair, Faculty Research Committee
Actions: Research Committee Meeting 8 February 2008                  Responsibility

      To report at a future meeting on the outcomes of discussion   Andrew Somogyi
       with the Faculty Finance Manager & Director, ARI Pty Ltd
       re: issues relating to contract research funding;
      To meet with FHS Centre Leaders (excepting CORAL);
       To discuss with the Executive Dean initiating strategies
        to secure regular Program Grant funding in the Faculty;
      To recommend to the Exec Dean & the Florey the
       recommendation for the 2009 Florey Lecturership;
      To present guideline on Supervisor Correction to Thesis
       at Faculty Exec for endorsement;
      To discuss the FHS Research Career Development
       Committee initiatives with Dr Pitcher;
      To raise at URC the process for the University to
       nominate a Thinker in Residence;
      To raise at URC the simplification of the QRTSS
       application form;
      To acknowledge in the Health-E News the efforts of staff
       involved in 2007 HDR completions & to write a summary
       of the new developments in Open Access Policy in the
       US and Europe;
      To finalise visitors/items for discussion at RC in 2008.
      To present at March meeting guidelines for new policies       Ted Nettelbeck
       aimed at improving the numbers of timely completions.
      To discuss future levels of funding allocated to the          Research Exec
       Establishment and Small Grant schemes in line with the
       levels in previous years & the future of the Senior
       Visiting Fellowship scheme.
      To comment on FHS research web site & to add                  All members
       individual information to the Staff Directory;
      To review 2007 guidelines & nominate potential
       applicants for 2008 SA Science Excellence Awards;
      To advise the Chairs, School RCs to contact the FHS
       Assoc Dean (Research) if additional assistance with
       internal School grant review is required (ongoing);
      To identify in their areas potential candidates for
       nomination in the NHMRC Australia Fellowship & ARC
       Federation Fellowship rounds (ongoing).
      To oversee the initiatives in the Research Career             Julia Pitcher
       Development Committee in relation to the email follow-        (ongoing)
       up survey; web development and the document to the
       DVC & VP(R) re: career and career development issues.
      To inform FHS researchers post launch by the UoA of the       Research Secretariat
       Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research;
      To arrange meetings between remaining Centre Leaders
       & the Assoc Dean (Research);
      To follow up re: 2009 Florey Lectureship;
      To prepare comparison of 2008 NHMRC CDA, Fellows
       & Scholarship outcomes with those from 2004 onwards
       and include on March agenda discussion of strategies for
       improving the success rates of these awards;
      To contact Centre Leaders to request potential
       nominations for 2008 SA Science Excellence Awards;
      To arrange series of Equipment Grant seminars;
      To arrange the review & ranking of PGTF applications;
      To assist with arranging visitors to attend RC in 2008;
      To assist in the production of a brochure re: the FHS
       Research Centres to be used as a marketing tool