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3 keping Paket DVD HYPNOSIS IN SELLING diambil dari Live Seminar 3 Jam yang dibawakan oleh Doktor
Johanes Lim, di Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jakarta. Membahas tentang CARA MENDAPATKAN 8 TRANSAKSI
hanya dengan kata-kata (tanpa alat tanpa obat, tanpa musik, tanpa bantuan tools apapun juga) Massa
bisa dipengaruhi emosi dan prilakunya, sehingga bertindak aneh-aneh dan lucu-lucu!
BAYANGKAN, jika orang bisa disuruh melakukan hal konyol, apalagi hanya disuruh membeli?! GAMPANG!
Sedangkan HADIAHNYA (kami katakan “Hadiah”, karena memang paket hadiah ini tidak kami jual,
melainkan kami berikan sebagai hadiah, bagi yang membeli DVD HYPNOSIS IN SELLING) adalah sbb:
                348.000 Email Address Indonesia (MASIH VALID, DAN TIDAK DIGANDA GANDA SUPAYA
                 KELIHATAN BANYAK); email address ini berbeda dengan yang ada di paket 8 ebook
                 Johanes Lim
                230.000 database bisnis Indonesia; 11.000 Direksi dan Fax perusahaan menengah
                 besar Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya
                Software Pengirim Fax Massal untuk dipakai sebagai Fax Marketing
                Software Pengirim Email Massal tanpa hosting
                Puluhan Ribu Mailing List untuk memasarkan produk/jasa Anda secara gratis
                Software Pengirim Milis Massal
                Software Pemeriksa Validitas Email
                Software Pelacak Asal Alamat Email
                Software Classified Extreme
                Software Ads Blaster
                Software Instant Booster
                Script Auto Responder
                Software Adwordiser
                Software SEO Detective
                Cara Ampuh Ranking Dalam Search Engine
                Software Article Submitter
                Ribuan Website Template
                Software Website Submission
                Sofware Untuk Mendownload apa saja
                Software Pembaca Ebooks & Audio Books

   Software berisi 54.000 Quotes (kata inspirasi) dari Ribuan World Famous Leaders sepanjang sejarah
    modern, yang bisa di sort berdasarkan Subject atau Author, seperti:
                John F Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Kahlil Gibran,
                 Goethe, Alexander Graham Bell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Luther,
                 Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Og Mandino, Carl Jung, Soren Kierkegaard, John
                 Wesley, Albert Camus, Mother Teresa, George Bernard Shaw, Les Brown, Victor Hugo,

        Better is not enough when getting the best is possible (Johanes Lim)                            1
                  Napoleon Hill, Oprah Winfrey, William James, Walt Disney, Zig Ziglar, Abraham Maslow,
                  W. Clement Stone, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Ford, dll

    1.        AUDIO BOOKS Anthony Robbins - Awaken The Giant Within - Cd1 (1CD)
    2.        AUDIO BOOKS Anthony Robbins - Lessons in Mastery (6CD)
    3.        AUDIO BOOKS Bob Proctor - Success Series (12CD)
    4.        AUDIO BOOKS Brian Tracy - 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires (1CD)
    5.        AUDIO BOOKS Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Achievement (6CD)
    6.        AUDIO BOOKS Dane Spotts - Mind Power Secrets (1CD)
    7.        AUDIO BOOKS James K. Van Fleet - Subconscious Mind Power (6CD)
    8.        AUDIO BOOKS Jim Rohn - Attracting Success (2CD)
    9.        AUDIO BOOKS Nicholas Boothman - How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less 1-4
    10.       AUDIO BOOKS Randy Thomas - Success and Positive Thinking - Hypnotist Guided (1CD)
    11.       AUDIO BOOKS Richard Bandler - Neurosynchronizer (2CD)
    12.       AUDIO BOOKS Richard Bandler - Time Out of Your Mind (Time Distortion) (1CD)
    13.       AUDIO BOOKS Tom Hopkins & Laura Laaman - The Certifiable Salesperson (4CD)
    14.       AUDIO BOOKS Zig Ziglar - Keys to closing (1CD)
    15.       AUDIO BOOKS Zig Ziglar - Sell Your Way To The Top (2CD)

    1.        Mind Powers: How to use and control your unlimited potential
    2.        78 Important questions every leader should ask and answer
    3.        101 Realmoney questions
    4.        Conquering consumerspace. Marketing Strategies for a branded world
    5.        Franchising and Licensing, two powerful ways to grow your business in any economy
    6.        Proactive Selling. Control the process, win the sale
    7.        Systematic Process Improvement
    8.        Automatic Millionaire Workbook
    9.        Teambuilding avtivities for busy managers
    10.       Business writing for result
    11.       Total Email Marketing
    12.       Planning under pressure
    13.       Chaos organization and disaster management
    14.       Coaching mentoring and Managing Breakthrough Strategies
    15.       Covert Hypnosis
    16.       The Business Start-Up Kits
    17.       Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants Breakthrough
    18.       How to control your brain and will
    19.       The Management Bible
    20.       Do It Yourself: Advertising and Promotion
    21.       The 7 Irrefutable Rules of small business growth

          Better is not enough when getting the best is possible (Johanes Lim)                        2
22.       Step by step Intellectual Capital Management
23.       The New Science of Marketing
24.       Management Development
25.       Managing Cash Flow
26.       Marketing Insight from A to Z
27.       Process Improvement for Effective Budgeting and financial reporting
28.       The Leadership Challenge
29.       The Portable MBA
30.       Competing in a Service Economy
31.       Meeting, a Leadership Fable
32.       Decision Management: How to assure better decisions
33.       Managing Knowledge for sustained competitive advantage
34.       Organization Development at work
35.       Organizing Change
36.       Performance based Management: What every manager should do to get results
37.       Exemplary Leadership
38.       Finance for the Non Finance Manager
39.       The Managers’ guide to performance reviews
40.       The Sales Success Handbook
41.       Time Management
42.       When the market moves will you be ready
43.       People focused Knowledge Management
44.       Pick Stocks like Warren Buffett
45.       Coaching Competencies and Corporate Leadership
46.       The Logic Of Success
47.       The Psychology of mastering the markets
48.       Ultimate Selling Power
49.       Enterprise wide change superior results
50.       Essentials of research design and methodology
51.       50 Power Questions
52.       63 Killer Marketing Strategies
53.       As a Man Thinketh
54.       100 Action Principles
55.       Born To Win: Ideas for winning the game of life
56.       Instant Cash-Flow
57.       The Power of Concentration
58.       Achieving Dramatic Growth
59.       Earn Twice as much with half the stres
60.       Getting to the core of your business
61.       How Dumb People become rich
62.       How to Hypnotize People and other living things
63.       The Ultimate Million Dolar idea generator
64.       From Invention to Innovation
65.       Professional Development Coaching for Your Success

      Better is not enough when getting the best is possible (Johanes Lim)            3
66.       The Manifesting Mindset: Strategies for Deliberate Attraction
67.       Mastering the Art of Self Hypnosis
68.       Making Your First Million Dollar
69.       Mind Reality
70.       Using the Power of Positive Thinking
71.       The Positive Approach
72.       Know Your Own Mind
73.       The Science Of Getting Rich
74.       Spiritual Marketing
75.       The Ultimate Time Management Guide
76.       Transforming The Mind
77.       Global Economic Trends
78.       How to WOW! Your Customers to keep them for life
79.       Profit Focused Supplier Management
80.       A Survival Guide for Trainers and Business Managers
81.       What every New Manager needs to know
82.       Cash Rules
83.       Erickson: Initial Experiments Investigating the Nature of Hypnosis
84.       How Era, Values, and Defining shape leaders
85.       Hiring and Keeping the Best People
86.       Leading Quietly
87.       Managing Change and Transition
88.       Marketing Essentials
89.       Value Sweep: Mapping Corporate Growth Opportunities
90.       Working Identity
91.       Playtime to Paytime: How to make money from your hobbies and ideas
92.       How to think like the greatest high-tech Titans
93.       The Professional Services Firm Bible
94.       Adapt or Die
95.       Financial Risk Manager Handbook
96.       Getting an Investing Game Plan
97.       Investment Performance Measurement
98.       Managing Projects in Organizations
99.       Energize Your Workplace
100.      Managing Risk in Organizations
101.      Marketing Your Consulting Services
102.      Reframing Organizations
103.      Project Risk Management Guidelines
104.      Brian Tracy’s Success Mastery Academy Workbook
105.      Building Financial Models
106.      Risk Management and Capital Adequacy
107.      Stock Options and The New Rules of Corporate Accountability
108.      The Personal Finance Calculator
109.      Understanding Stocks

      Better is not enough when getting the best is possible (Johanes Lim)     4
    110.   Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
    111.   The Discipline of Business Management for Financial Advisers
    112.   Know Your Own Mind
    113.   NLP: Using your brain for a change
    114.   The McKinsey Mind: Problem Solving Tools
    115.   Valuation: Measuring and managing the value of companies
    116.   The McKinsey Way: Top Strategies to help You and Your Business
    117.   The Warren Buffett Way
    118.   The Winner’s Circle
    119.   The Goal Achiever
    120.   Transforming The Mind


       Better is not enough when getting the best is possible (Johanes Lim)   5

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