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					                          IOD West Midlands Region

                           Chairman’s Report 2008/9

November 2009

General Comments

The period since our last annual meeting has been to say the least pretty hectic,
dominated of course by the recession which really started to bite in the autumn of last
year and our activity has therefore been very much focused on helping members
through the downturn.

We have in particular concentrated on holding events which are directly relevant to
the issues members face and illustrated these with visits to successful businesses who
have seen their way through challenging times.

Additionally throughout this period we have worked closely with AWM ,
Government agencies and other business organisations to influence and deliver the
range of support needed by our membership.

Major Events

During the period since we last reported to the membership we will have held four
major events attracting in total nearly 1000 members and guests

         A lecture with Sir Ranulph Fiennes on November 13, 2008 : 400 guests
         A presentation from John Sergeant on May 13, 2009: 250 guests
         Annual Business Lecture at Worcester Business School with Director-General
         , MilesTempleman:150 guests
         Leading the Way out of Recession November 4 : 140 guests

Branch Events

We have held in the order of 40 smaller events across the region with the support of
our Branches and Young Directors Forum. Again most of these have been directed at
helping business in recessionary times

Looking forward to 2010 it is our objective to increase Branch event activity and in
Coventry and Warwickshire and the Potteries in particular we have new local teams
teams coming together to re-invigorate our local networks.


            We have re-focused our activities around a new Regional Policy group
            under Gary Cowdrill and continued to hold regular meetings with the
            Regional Minister to discuss economic issues affecting our region.We
            have been able to contribute to the Regional Economic Task Force.
       We have continued to hold regular meetings with the senior team at
       Advantage West Midlands, the Government Office for the West Midland
       and Birmingham City Council
       We are very proud of our achievement through John Rider’s efforts in the
       introduction of the West Midland Graduate Internship Programme.
       Working with the regional universities, Advantage West Midlands and
       JobCenter Plus we are now able to offer work placements. Graduates are
       able to claim job seekers allowance whilst working on an internship
       programme and continuing with their education .

Importantly we have been active participants in the West Midlands Business
Council and OneVoice and are now directly involved in the newly merged
organisation formed by these bodies ; Business Voice West Midland

   Hereford and Worcester

   The Hereford and Worcester Committee have organised a number of very
   successful events. The highlight was the visit of the Director General, Miles
   Templeman, who delivered a lecture to IoD members, students and staff from
   Worcester Business School. Previously Miles had visited both the Worcester
   Bosch factory and also Morgan Cars

   Coventry and Warwickshire

   Philip Cornwall stood down as Chairman and handed over to Martin Gower.
   We are very grateful to Philip who amongst other things set up the Coventry
   Means Business Programme with the University of Coventry which we are
   continuing with their co-operation.

   Martin is about to embark on a busy programme of local events which will
   give a wide ranging choice to Members during 2010.

   The Black Country

   The Black Country has remained a busy area for the IoD and early in 2009 led
   the way with a successful event entitled ‘Making the Most of Market

   The Potteries

   We arranged a factory visit to Michelin in Stoke on Trent and there will be a
   lecture at Staffordshire University on December 10 with Steve Burgin, UK
   President of Alstom as our guest speaker.

   The Young Directors Forum

   The Young Directors Forum continued to be a success under the
   Chairmanship of Clive Bawden. Over 350 young directors and senior
   managers from the region have attended events this year.
Highlights have included meetings with Mick Laverty (CEO AWM), Andrew
Mitchell MP and Malcolm Harbour MEP, participation in the national YDF
development programme and roll-out, and a nomination which enabled Clive
to attend the inaugural Young G8 Entrepreneur Summit in Milan in July on
behalf of the IoD.

IoD Midland

By the end of this year we will have produced four issues of IoD Midland and
have received excellent feedback. This is your local magazine so please do
not hesitate to contact the regional office if you are interested in making a
contribution. We hope you find the magazine interesting and welcome


I would like to thank all of you, our Members who have faithfully supported
our events, volunteered to help us with projects and responded to our surveys.
If you would like to get more involved please do not hesitate to contact our
regional director at the address shown below.

We would not exist without all the volunteer help for which we are very
appreciative and my thanks go to all our committee members and indeed to
John Phillips and Sue Hurrell in the Regional Office.


The challenge ahead ! All the very best and the IOD is here to help.

Remember what Churchill said ‘KBO’ !

Richard Boot
IoD West Midlands Region
One Victoria Square
B1 1BD

0121 632 2300

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