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					After your baby is born

Most mums want to go home as soon as possible after having their baby. Early
discharge is encouraged which could be within hours of having your baby. Your
community midwife will continue your care at home.

You can travel home in your own transport. When going home please arrange
for a car seat to be available to ensure that your baby can be transported
Your community midwife will visit you regularly when you get home to make
sure both you and baby are well. If problems develop once you have returned                                   ROYAL HOSPITAL
home your midwife or GP may feel you need to be readmitted to hospital.

Special Care Baby Unit

Should your baby require any specialist treatment he/she will be transferred
and cared for in the Special Care Baby Unit at RAH Paisley.
                                                                                                          Rankin Maternity Unit
Dunoon and Rothesay
                                                                                                          Contingency Care Plan
If your delivery was planned for the Rankin, contact RAH, Paisley on 0141 580
4262 (Labour Suite, RAH Paisley specialist unit) when in labour.
Accommodation will be available for birthing partners while you are in labour or if
you are admitted when no suitable transport is available for you to return home.

Getting to the RAH, Paisley

We are working with partner agencies to arrange for additional road signage to the
RAH, Paisley from Junction 29 of the M8 motorway and for additional public
transport from the Inverclyde area to the RAH for visitors. Extra ambulance cover
has been arranged for emergency transfers.

If you have further questions about how these changes affect you, please contact
your named midwife or Inverclyde Royal Hospital on 01475 633777 and ask to be         Contingency maternity service arrangements will be introduced at the Rankin
transferred to the maternity unit pageholder (1701).                                  Maternity Unit from 31 October 2003. This leaflet outlines how these plans will affect
                                                                                      you during your pregnancy/delivery and gives you contact numbers to phone should
                                                                                      you require further advice.
                                                                                      Early Pregnancy Assessment Service will remain unchanged and will continue to
The recent review of maternity services within Argyll & Clyde is awaiting             run between 8.30am-9.30am for women experiencing bleeding/pain up until the 20th
approval by the Health Minister. This will determine the future of the service.       week of pregnancy. Women who experience early pregnancy loss and require
                                                                                      theatre treatment will continue to be cared for at the Rankin Maternity Unit.
At present however due to the difficulty in recruiting junior medical staff at
Inverclyde Royal Hospital a contingency plan has been put in place to ensure all      Gynaecology services: all planned inpatient admissions, day cases and outpatient
mothers already booked into the Rankin Maternity Unit receive the highest             services will continue at Inverclyde Royal Hospital. Emergency inpatient admissions
possible level of care during this time. The contingency arrangement is               will go to RAH Paisley.
effective from 31 October until further notice.
                                                                                      Special Needs In Pregnancy Service: this service will continue at the Rankin
This means that most births and antenatal overnight admissions will                   Maternity Unit.
take place at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Paisley including all those
requiring specialist paediatric, obstetric or anaesthetic care. Many of               Preparation for Childbirth Groups: these classes will continue to be arranged and
the staff who have been involved in caring for you at Inverclyde Royal Hospital       run by Rankin midwives within the unit.
will still be involved in your care at the RAH.
                                                                                      Community Midwifery Service: this remains unaffected by the contingency plan.
However, women whose pregnancies are assessed as low risk may choose to               You will visit your midwife at your GP surgery as before and your community midwife
deliver in a midwife-led community maternity unit based at Inverclyde Royal           will visit you at home as required.
Hospital. This leaflet give details of the services offered both at RAH Paisley and
at Inverclyde Royal Hospital.                                                         Care During Labour

Care During Pregnancy                                                                 Consultant-led care: if you are going to deliver at the Specialist Unit at Paisley
                                                                                      please contact 0141 580 4262 (Labour Suite, RAH Paisley) when you think you
Antenatal Clinics will run as normal at both IRH and within GP clinics. IRH           are in labour. If you go into labour after 8am, Friday 31 October, you will
obstetricians and midwives will staff clinics as before. As your antenatal care       now deliver in RAH Paisley.
should be relatively unaffected you will still have contact with the named
midwife whose name and number are written on your hand held records.                  Community Maternity Unit : the Community Maternity Unit at Inverclyde will be
                                                                                      based at the Rankin Maternity Unit and be staffed by midwives specialising in the
Ultrasounds will continue to be carried out at the Rankin Maternity Unit              care and delivery of low risk pregnancies. If you have arranged with your midwife to
Ultrasound Department and you should keep any appointments already                    deliver in the Community Maternity Unit please contact 01475 656030 (Labour
arranged.                                                                             Suite, Rankin), when you think you are in labour.

Day Care admissions will be carried out at the Rankin as before.                      Your midwife or obstetrician may feel it necessary to admit you to hospital if
                                                                                      problems occur during your pregnancy. If this is required arrangements will be made
                                                                                      for you to attend day care at the Rankin Maternity Unit or to be admitted to the
                                                                                      specialist unit at the RAH, Paisley.

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