Council “Talk-Back” at the Glenmore Centre, Shepshed

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					            Council “Talk-Back” at the Glenmore Centre, Shepshed
                                 19 April 2006
Charnwood Borough Council Panel:
Cllr Max Hunt, Leader of the Council
Cllr Betty Newton Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Housing
Richard Chester, Director of Change Management
And Karlie Thompson

About 50 residents attended the Shepshed Charnwood Borough Council Talk-
back at the Glenmore Centre on Wednesday 19th April 2006.
After a summary of Charnwood‟s work for the community the following were
among the topics raised in over an hour‟s question time to Council Leader Max
Hunt and Deputy Leader Betty Newton.

PRC Homes on the St Botolphs Road estate
PRC stands for Pre-cast Concrete, which some Shepshed homes are built from.
Although they have done good service it is Charnwood‟s intention to replace
these in the 10 year “Decent Homes” programme. Cllr Newton explained that
they were in better condition that many council owned properties but they were
being given as high a priority as possible within the £18million programme.
Gelders Hall: Anti-Social Behaviour & litter
There is a long-standing problem of litter and anti-social behaviour around the
Gelders Hall industrial estate. Investigations will be made concerning the various
responsibilities, and including the planning conditions laid upon the businesses
concerned to secure their premises.
Bench donated by SCPG
A bench on the Jubilee Walk had been damaged. Cllr Christine Radford offered
to look into this. Cllr Hunt said it was important that responsibility for
maintenance of voluntary donations of benches and such like was assigned to a
body like the Borough or Town Council where possible.
Charnwood 2021: Benefits to Shepshed
The advantages of a large and well-managed Country Park were described but
the concerns about the roads and extra traffic generated by new building were
At this point in time Councillors were concerned to maintain an open mind so
they were not „fettered‟ from expressing their views at the decision time.
Enforcing Planning Conditions
There is concern that conditions on planning applications were not being
enforced. If this is so action will be taken to redress this. Borough and Town
Councillors were encouraged to report specific concerns and officers would look
to improve communications where possible.
Buses clipping kerbs
His will be reported to Leics County Council Highways for action. It as
acknowledged it was a serious problem.
Why can’t Shepshed run its own affairs?
It was explained that schools, highways, care for the elderly, looked-after
children, refuse disposal, planning and many other functions would be beyond
the ability of Shepshed Town Council. However, the Government and councils
were working on schemes, dubbed „double-devolution‟ to give more powers to
communities. Plans would be announced in the summer.
One Way Traffic on Leicester Road and Charnwood Road
This was proposed and supported by several people in the audience. A written
response will be obtained from LCC Highways.
Motorbike riding
Illegal motorbike riding along the Black Brook and other locations is taking place
and disturbing the peace of residents in Shepshed. It is believed that youngsters
are arriving on site from other parts of the County too. This will be reported as a
priority to the Police.
Car Parking: Enforcement of Regulations
Cllr Hunt explained that the Leics Police had reduced the size of their team of
Traffic Wardens as they became Community Safety Officers. However there was
still a skeleton staff of Traffic Wardens and both CSOs and Beat PCs were
actively engaged in enforcement as their duties allowed.
The County was submitted a scheme for approval to manage car parking
enforcement (DCE) but this was not proceeding as fast as residents required. As
soon as County had a scheme in place, Charnwood would begin to manage it
alongside the new street management scheme.
Parking outside Oxley School entrance
This was a problem. Enforcement was needed. The School should have a
Travel Plan to improve the management of car parking. Charnwood would raise
this with the school.
Tree felling on Tickow Lane
Davis has felled some trees on Tickow Lane. These are not protected under a
preservation order, although it was believed that the LCC Highways could take
action. However it is further understood that under the conditions of the planning
consent the trees would be replaced and that planting would be considerably
extended. This was felt to be the most effective way of redressing the loss, but
further enquiries would be made with LCC.
Fly-tipping at end of Anson Road
This will be reported and dealt with. Further instances should be reported to the
Borough Council Call Centre on 01509 634567

Residents were thanked for attending and assured that all matters raised would
be followed up with the relevant agencies.

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