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CHILDREN’S COMMITTEE                                            CHILDREN'S SERVICES

14/06/2001                                                      NOT EXEMPT

                                   HAND IN HAND 2001 - 2002

1      PURPOSE

       1.1     The purpose of this report is to seek elected members’ agreement to the
               priorities identified for the Children’s Services Plan ‘Hand in Hand’ 2001-2002.

2      SUMMARY

       2.1     This year’s plan represents a one year ‘rollover’ plan to 2002 prior to
               producing a new two year plan covering the period 2002 - 2004.

       2.2     A themed approach to the plan has been maintained with priorities identified
               under each of the six themes in ‘Hand in Hand’.

       2.3     Considerable progress has been made in relation to integrated planning
               across Council services since the first Children’s Services Plan was published
               in 1998. From this year through to 2004, specific priority will be given to
               further developing joint planning and service delivery with our partners in
               Health, Central Scotland Police, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
               and the voluntary sector.


       3.1     It is recommended that:

               •   Members agree to the production of a one year rollover plan covering
                   2001-2002, prior to the development of a new 2 year plan from 2002-2004

               •   Members endorse the summary of priorities contained in this report.


       4.1     ‘Hand in Hand’ Stirling Council’s first Children’s Services Plan was published
               in April 1998 to cover a three year planning period to 2001.


       4.2     In April 2000 a progress review of the first two years and year three action
               plan was published. This year in 2001, it is intended to produce a one year
               ‘roll over’ plan to 2002 before producing a new two year plan.

       4.3     A number of national planning developments have influenced this timetable.

               4.3.1   Firstly, as part of the development of the Strategic Framework for
                       Children’s Services, the Scottish Executive have appointed an Action
                       Team to consult with local authorities on how best to achieve effective
                       and integrated services for children. The Action Team are due to
                       report their findings in September of this year.

               4.3.2   Two further important developments                have   flowed   from   the
                       Government’s Strategic Framework:-

                       The publication in February 2001 of the ‘Changing Children’s Services
                       Fund’ with priority objectives:

                       •   Expansion of integrated early years services for vulnerable children
                           in deprived communities.

                       •   Advice and support for parents of vulnerable children in deprived
                           communities, including home-school links.

                       •   Support packages for children with disability or special physical,
                           emotional or educational needs.

                       •   Developing targeted education, prevention and rehabilitation
                           services for children and young people involved in or affected by
                           drug abuse.

                       •   Support packages for vulnerable children and young people at key
                           transition points, including access to psychological and psychiatric


               4.3.3   The formal launch later this year by the Scottish Executive Health
                       Department of the Children’s Health Services Template which
                       proposes an integrated planning framework for child health.

       4.4     Stirling Council wishes to take full cognisance of these developments before
               embarking on a new planning cycle, in order to maximise the opportunity for
               integrated planning with our partners. This year’s roll over plan, therefore,
               gives some progress information but in the main, aims to identify our priorities
               for the next year. It is anticipated that some of these priorities will run beyond
               this year and will be incorporated into the new two year planning cycle from

       4.5     The following priorities have been identified within a thematic approach:


               •   to continue to expand early years and out of school care provision

               •   to promote health education and welfare in all Children’s Services
                   establishments through a range of initiatives.

File Name: N:\DEMSUPP\NewDecisions\Children\Reports\1406handinhand.doc

               •   to develop and enhance the family support strategy.

               •   to produce an action plan following the mental health needs assessment
                   produced by the Centre for Health and Social Research.

               •   to develop a consistent health assessment procedure and recording
                   mechanism in conjunction with Forth Valley Health Board, Falkirk and
                   Clackmannanshire Councils.

               •   to develop a specialised health care and support services to very young
                   children affected by their parents’ substance abuse.

               •   to expand home and community based support and local fostering
                   provision to children with disabilities.

               •   to produce a comprehensive audit of the needs of young carers.

               •   to continue to reduce the numbers of children who require to be looked
                   after away from home.

               •   to provide a specialist integrated service to meet the care, education and
                   support requirements of young people with social, emotional and
                   behavioural difficulties.

               •   To review implementation of Access to Learning for All.

       4.6     Environment

               •   to provide a joint Housing and Children’s Services protocol for providing
                   accommodation and support to children, young people and families.

               •   to continue the planning process for the development of Castleview
                   Campus project with a view to completion in August 2004.

       4.7     Safety

               •   to develop a joint procedure with Central Scotland Police in regard to
                   dealing with historical allegations of abuse.

               •   to develop an action plan on the recommendations from the Scottish
                   Executive review of child protection committees.

               •   to review the inter-agency child protection guidelines in conjunction with
                   Falkirk and Clackmannanshire Councils, Forth Valley Health Board and
                   Central Scotland Police and Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
                   and panel members.

               •   to review and develop the Safe Schools Initiative to include road safety,
                   safe routes to schools and cycle routes.

       4.8     Justice

               •   to continue to support and fund the work of Barnardos Freagarroch project
                   and the Matrix project.

File Name: N:\DEMSUPP\NewDecisions\Children\Reports\1406handinhand.doc

               •   to develop a protocol with Central Scotland Police on the detention of
                   children and to review the use of police warnings and referrals to the

               •   to produce an annual report of the Central Scotland Young Offenders
                   Strategy which will bring together management information held by the
                   partner agencies in order to compile an accurate audit of activities in the
                   area of youth crime.

       4.9     Opportunity

               •   to develop a strategy for implementing the Citizenship policy and
                   Children’s Rights and Responsibilities in partnership with children and
                   young people.

               •   to develop inclusive play opportunities, particularly for vulnerable children.

               •   to continue to enhance educational opportunities through raising
                   achievement and social inclusion strategies.

               •   to develop an action plan on the recommendations contained in the
                   learning with care report (joint HMI and SWI Inspection of the educational
                   experiences of looked after children).

               •   to develop further Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the New Community Schools in
                   Wallace, St Modan’s and Bannockburn clusters and continue to take
                   forward Excellence Fund programmes.

       4.10    Transitions

               •   to complete the development of the site at 84 Glasgow Road along with
                   the provision of 2 self-contained flats for preparing young people for
                   independent living.

               •   to progress plans for premises to provide accommodation, support, drop-in
                   and information and advice services to young people as part of the Youth,
                   Housing and Aftercare Strategy.

               •   to implement the “Skills for Life” programme for young people preparing for

               •   to produce a protocol with colleagues in Community Services to deal with
                   the transition of young people into adult services.

               •   to continue to improve further education, training and job opportunities.

               •   to develop joint working with the “Compass for Life” Team in supporting
                   young people.


       5.1     The service development priorities outlined in this paper support Stirling
               Council’s aims of social inclusion and quality services. They also support a
               number of strategic plans across a range of Council Services as well as those

File Name: N:\DEMSUPP\NewDecisions\Children\Reports\1406handinhand.doc

                of our partners in Health, Police, Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration
                and the voluntary sector.


       6.1      Consultation has taken place with the Children’s Service Plan Core Group
                which involves representatives from Children’s Services and Community
                Services within the Council, as well as Forth Valley Health Board, Central
                Scotland Police Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration and panel
                members. It is anticipated that a conference will be organised later in the year
                to consult with young people on the preparation of the new two year plan for


       7.1      The development of these priorities are contained within existing resources for
                the year 2001-2002.


       8.1      Stirling Council Children’s Services Plan Hand in Hand (Review of Progress 2
                Years On Year 3 Action Plan 2000)
                Changing Children’s Services Fund (Consultation on Priority Objectives and
                Mechanisms for Allocation of Funding - Scottish Executive February 2001)
                Children’s Health Services Template (Draft Scottish Executive March 2001)

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File Name: N:\DEMSUPP\NewDecisions\Children\Reports\1406handinhand.doc