; PDP Case Study Final Year Visual Communication students were asked
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PDP Case Study Final Year Visual Communication students were asked


PDP Case Study Final Year Visual Communication students were asked

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									                                                           PDP Case Study

Final Year Visual Communication students were asked to produce a PDP to facilitate self-reflection and
        the planning of a body of work that would help them move towards their chosen career.

We suggest a notional 80/120 words for each of the sections 8 to 11 – the key thing is to not exceed 500
                                                in total.

1   School                                Art and Design
2   Level of Study                        Year Three
3   Programme / Subject Name              BDes Hons Design for Visual Communication

4   Author Name                           Drew McConnell
5   Mode of Attendance                    Full-time
6   PDP Model(s) Used
                                                                                                Tick All that
                                                      Advisor of Studies
                                                      Course Specific Skills Audit
                                                      ePortfolio                                     X
                                                      Continuous Online induction
                                                      Integrating PDP into Specific Module(s)        X
                                                      Project Supervision
                                                      Study Skills Programme
                                                      Other (Please Specify)

7   Method(s) of recording PDP activity
                                                                                                Tick All that
                                                      Online through the UU PDSystem                 X
                                                      Electronically, other than the PDSystem
                                                      On paper
                                                      Other (Please Specify)
8    How Personal Development was           Students in the School of Art and Design have as a matter of course, for a number of
     addressed before formal introduction   years, considered their position and produced a work plan and contract for their final
     of PDP
                                            year of study or major body of work. Approximately five years ago the Visual
                                            Communication course formalised the process through the introduction of a paper-based
                                            assessable PDP. They were asked to record their creative exploration and output; to
                                            review this activity; to evaluate their work; and to plan a programme of study based on
                                            their reflections. For the last three years these students have submitted their PDPs via
                                            the PDSystem. This year approximately 45 final year Visual Communication students
                                            produced PDPs as part of a first semester module — worth 20% of the overall mark.
9    Description of Process                 Students were introduced to the concept of PDP at the module introductory session. At a
                                            strategic point during the module they were given guidelines as to the possible content of
                                            their PDP, based on the paper-based models used previously.

                                            Later (via a ‘live’ demonstration) they were introduced to areas of the PDSystem which
                                            most suited their needs. At this time students were asked to share a basic e-portfolio
                                            with staff members in order to check that all students understood the PDSystem and the
                                            principle of creating and sharing a portfolio.

                                            They were then encouraged to submit at least one on-going portfolio during the semester
                                            for which they received feedback.

                                            Students submitted their final PDP (via PDS) one week before the deadline for their
                                            practical work.
10   Evaluation of Process                  How was the process evaluated ?
                                            The PDPs themselves were assessed as per the assessment criteria of the module. The
                                            three staff members involved dealt with issues regarding the PDPs and the PDSystem
                                            as they arose with individual students. Students either spoke directly to staff at seminars
                                            or tutorials or via email — especially during the latter stages of the process.
                                            What did staff learn from it ?
                                            Some students could clearly see the benefits of producing a PDP while others went
                                            through the process merely because they had to. This was reflected in the quality and
                                            depth of PDP content.
                                            One of the most interesting aspects of the PDPs was the range of extra curricular activity
                                            that the students undertook, thus giving a broader picture of the student.
                                               that the students undertook, thus giving a broader picture of the student.
                                               What did the students learn from it ?
                                               Those students who engaged in the process in a meaningful way found it useful from
                                               both an organizational point of view and from the opportunity for structured self-
                                               How might you develop / improve the process ?
                                               An earlier introduction (i.e. earlier in the course) to both the process and the PDSystem
                                               would be beneficial. This would help instil a culture of reflection and forward planning
                                               and would help to alleviate the fear that some students have when they encounter tasks
                                               such as this in final year.

                                               What are the key factors required for this approach to work ?
                                               It’s important that students can see the benefit of undertaking a PDP, even if it’s not
                                               presented via the PDSystem. It’s also important that the PDSystem is introduced in such
                                               a way that students can see the benefit of using it and not see it as “something else that
                                               has to be done”.
11   Resources                                 Do you have any resources that you are willing to share with others ?
12   Contact Details for further information
                                                   Name                            Drew McConnell
                                                   E-mail address                  aja.mcconnell@ulster.ac.uk
                                                   Contact telephone number        028 902 67316

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