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Consumer Financial Services and Analytics Professional with consistent track record of developing data-driven
strategies that drive profitable growth with exceptional strengths in project management, outstanding analytical
expertise, and exemplary talents in Internet technology, database administration and Statistical Analytical Software

Core Competencies
  Web Analytics                        Business Systems Analysis           Test Plan & Execution
  Financial Analysis/Forecast          Strategic Planning                  System Integration
  CRM                                  Competitive Analysis                Team Leadership

Technical Background
 Languages:       SAS (Mainframe/PC), JCL, HTML, COBOL
 Database:        DB2, SQL, MS Access
 Software:        COGNOS, WebTrends 8.x, Business Objects MS Office Suite, Epiphany, Actuate
 Platforms:       UNIX, MVS, Win 9x/NT/3.x, MS DOS


HSBC North America – (1994-2008)                                                  Chicago, Illinois
2006 – 2008 VP / Sr. Manager Web Analytics and Reporting - Credit Card & Retail Services
        Oversee the web reporting (MIS), analytics and system infrastructure initiatives for all Credit Card and Retail
         Merchant branded web sites
        Successfully developed and managed customer life cycle email marketing campaign generating an
         additional $2MM in cost savings per year.
        Head technical team to build global Web Analytics reporting and tracking solution utilizing tools such as
         WebTrends, SAS and COGNOS
        Conduct Financial analysis and forecast models to determine revenue growth, cost savings and online
         enrollment penetration for 25 branded web sites
        Analyze the performance/ROI online marketing campaigns and brand-based initiatives
        Drive overall marketing and technical budget for entire eBusiness unit
        Oversee strategy for enhancements and modifications to Data warehouse and CRM
        Drive analytics strategy around site specific Key Performance Indicators and brand-based experiences

2001 – 2006 Marketing Manager eBusiness - Consumer Finance Strategy
        Play key role in managing Ecommerce Data, reporting (MIS), and CRM and system Infrastructure initiatives
         for Ecommerce Marketing using such tools as SAS, WebTrends, and COGNOS
        Enhanced integration, selection criteria and Negotiation of rates with third party Mortgage lead providers,
         resulting in over $50 million in incremental loan receivables
        Conducted profitability analysis on online B2Bmarketing expenditures. Efforts resulted in over $25 million in
         loan receivables with no incremental cost.
         Analyze performance of e-Commerce lead sources (e.g. HFC.com, Benefiicial.com, and 3 party lead
         providers) across multiple fulfillment channels by monitoring lead volume and conversion.
        Directed the development and execution of Consumer Lending’s e-commerce strategy and partnership
         programs generating in excel of $1.1 billion in annual receivables from internal web sites and external
         partners (over 100% growth year over year).
        Conduct customer segmentation for on-line registered customers in soliciting Real Estate and Credit card
         products and on-line services
        Proactively contribute to administering Consumer Lending e-Commerce partnership programs and technical
         interfaces, and in forecasting e-Commerce lead allocation to sales teams
        Successfully developed and manage customer payment due and past due e-mail alerts for HFC.com and
         Beneficial.com, significantly improving the online customer experience as well as fee revenue.
        Oversee content for three branded web sites (HFC, Beneficial, and Householdloan.com), consistently
         ensuring enhancements adhere to industry best practices and regulatory requirements.
Focal Communications                                                                                  Chicago, Illinois
2000-2001 Manager - Data Warehouse Architecture
      Headed software selection team in evaluating and choosing sales commission tool; recommended software
       streamlined functions and reduced annual FTE, administrative and systems cost by $1.2M.
      Played a key role in developing data warehouse to successfully meet analytical and reporting needs.
      Adeptly supported Sales Commission, Fraud, Accounting and Cost Assurance applications.

HSBC North America (Household)                                                              Prospect Heights, Illinois
1998 to 2000 Sr. Business Systems Analyst - Technology Services
      Exhibited outstanding versatility in providing technical system consulting, and spearheading application
       development and system implementation efforts.
      Reduced CPU costs by improving efficiency on mainframe environment, benefiting customer end users.
      Performed data warehouse and data mart development using OLAP tools such as SAS, DB2 and COGNOS,
       and created web-based reports using HTML and JavaScript.

1996 to 1998 Department Manager, Data Processing/MIS – Automotive Services
      Proficiently supported automotive division MIS involving 8 regional branch offices.
      Recruited, interviewed and managed 12 employees in Credit Data Processing department.
      Developed and implemented standard reports to expedite Collections delinquency functions.
1994 to1996 MIS Sr. Analyst - Mortgage Services
      Applied expertise in statistical analysis and other software applications to formulate profiles, queries, and
       reports for customer service end-users.
      Built process for more efficient reporting using tools such as MC Access and SAS

IBM                                                                                                Wood Dale, Illinois
1991 to 1994 Manager - Customer Service
      Swiftly resolved escalated customer situations and spearheaded enhancements to account solicitation
       tracking and application filing procedures.
      Demonstrated solid leadership talents in training analysts and managing four Customer Service Specialists.

Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration – Robert Morris College, Orland Park, Illinois

People’s Choice Award; MVP Award; Outstanding Achievement Award; Pat on the Back Award

                                       References Available Upon Request

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